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  1. Same deal for moving? I have to re-apply because the address is different I guess...
  2. Whippany (part of Hanover Township) took 21 days for my initial purchase ID. Also took 21 days for 3 separate pistol permits each, these were all done back in 2009-2011. I moved to Rockaway last year and haven't submitted anything there yet.
  3. I have one of these shift knobs on my 2006 Corvette: Corvette Shift Knobs
  4. To me, it sounds like you went to a place with a good gunsmith that has proven himself to you for years. However, he hired some help that doesn't have his art nailed down yet. The owner may have just been busy with his personal life when you showed up since you didn't have a set appointment. Is a bad employee reason enough to turn away an otherwise good shop? I don't know this place, never been there, but I am looking for a good smith to do a trigger job on a 1911.
  5. RonJitsu is my cousin. I'm going to attempt the next event in January with my 1911. All I ever shot with it is paper so far! ~Chris
  6. But you are correct. Hardened steel does not machine well. It's much easier to abrasively cut it. A surface grinder with a rotating collet holder would be ideal for extreme precision.
  7. www.practicalmachinist.com great for questions and information. You'll need to find a real machinist to study under. There are many people and teachers that think they know what to do.
  8. M1911 folding knife from Ultimate-Equipment (Canada)
  9. I heard stories about people getting arrested because their flight was re-directed to Newark Airport. When they landed and received their handgun from checked luggage they were arrested because they lacked a NJ FID card. I was under the assumption that you should always have your FID card with you when you have a gun off your property (range, gunsmith, just bought one, even buying ammo at the store for a pistol requires my FID card [Dicks Sporting Goods]) Am I right or misinformed once again? Thanks!
  10. I'm willing to make a trip with the GF to let her see the 239. It's better than spending hundreds on a gun she won't like! I'm not looking to modify my 226 because I like it the way it is. It is stock except for Hogue grips right now and suits me perfectly.
  11. I have a SIG P226 and my girlfriend likes to go shooting with me. She likes the 226 better than my 1911, but says the 226 is a little too big. I want to get a 239 so she can have a more size-friendly pistol to use at the range. I've called the bullet hole, every Ramsey store, and another place to see if they have one in stock. No luck. She wants to just hold the gun to make sure she likes it before I buy one. Does anyone around here have one or know a store that has one in stock? I would happily meet someone at a local range to see the pistol in person. Shooting it is not necessary. Thanks! ~Chris
  12. I got a 226Rail in January. It came with two 15-round magazines in 9mm standard. That's the maximum allowed in NJ anyway. I put a Hogue grip on it which improves the feel and comfort quite a bit for only $16. I ran it with some white gun lube for a while and switched to Slide Glide from Enos and it noticeably reduced felt recoil which improved follow-up shots slightly. I liked the Sig 226 so much that I also got a Sig 1911 stainless last month. It's just a good!
  13. I caught a show last night since my TV is always on History Channel. I think it was about Nostradamus predicting 2012 but I passed out in the middle around 1:30am. It was new so I liked watching it since a lot of the H channel shows are re-run several dozen times per year.
  14. WCLW


    Use a Dremel, dude, but with steady hands! or if money is no issue, buy a computer controlled laser engraver/printer and put your mark on any s**t in sight I got a laser engraver for my business. It's controlled through the computer using a driver that the computer sees as a printer. I want to engrave one of my guns but I'm not sure what to put on it.
  15. Open the picture in Paint. Click the "Image" toolbar on top of the program, Click "Sketch/Skew", type in your desired percentage, make them the same number so it stays proportional. Hit "OK". "File", "Save". 50% / 50% makes the image half the size. You can also make it larger by going above 100% but it will be pixelated and blurry. Paint also downsizes the file so it is faster to load on the internet but decreases the detail a little. It's good to use for internet images.
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