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  1. I can't think of any NJ judge that would make as much sense as that...
  2. Hopefully your friend installed the free apple app "iphone tracker" - that way he can lock his phone, erase everything on it, and track exactly where it is.
  3. Anyone watching 60 minutes right now? Lara Logan is talking about her sexual assault ( / attempted murder) in egypt. Makes my god damn blood boil thinking we are helping these peices of **** get "freedom" meanwhile they can do this fucked up ****. I can only imagine what I would have done if I was there with a gun...
  4. Yep, again more nonsense from NJ. What did we really expect? Big question is, when is a judge going to actually sit down and listen to oral arguements rather then bickering back in forth in letters?
  5. After reading the reply from SAF, I can't wait to see what NJ is going to say back, it's going to be priceless They know they've lost without even starting, I feel bad for the lawyer assigned to defend this :thsmiley_deadhorse:
  6. So where was this kind of ban "successful in the past" .....yeah that's what I thought
  7. More than half of CA allows you to carry (non dem controlled counties) and much of the state of NY allows you to carry as well (except the immdediate NYC area). I guarentee NJ will be the last state to allow carry since we are bent over by our dem judges / mostly dem politicans.
  8. Thanks for the info, I'll def be going! When the blue angels were down in Annapolis, MD for the graduation ceremony we happened to be sailing a ~45' sailboat in the area the day before the show. We were about ~2 miles out and were hailed on the radio, we were asked if we could hang out in the immediate area for the next ~1 hour. It turns out, the angels were using our boat as a target to practice on lining up their passes in front of the college. We dropped anchor, got out our lunch and watch for an hour as F-18 jets shoot by not but a few hundred feet above us. Of course the next day we were one of hundreds of boats watching the show and celebrating the Navy graduating class!
  9. As soon as she started "signing" (howling, dying, croaking, whatever you call it), I muted the TV. Pathetic we have come to this
  10. When I was out in the seattle area, I couldn't believe how many bald eagles I saw. Here in NJ, I've seen two in the manchester area.
  11. Go figure... With elections coming up, don't expect any Dem to come near anything gun related even with a 10ft pole.
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