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  1. jermz1987

    Ruger Mini-14

    I’m looking for a Mini 14 as well, was gonna sell or trade my RF Other for one. The Other is great and all but I have 2 other ARS, I recently got to fire a mini 14 tactical at the range and absolutely loved it. I would trade my Other for one, finding anything priced reasonably now is a pain in the arse. Very fun rifles.
  2. Anyone have experience with these firearms? I am really tempted. There is something about them I really like. I already own a 2 Glock 19s and would probably sell one if I got the MR920. Is it worth the hefty 1k price tag? Or would I be better off using my permit for the Kimber Custom II I have always had my eye on. I also looked at the zev oz9 but with those prices it’s a no go. The MR920 uses Glock mags and I have read nothing but good things. Just wanted to see if there are any owners on here.
  3. Looking for a couple boxes of 30-30 so I can try out my Winchester 94. I could also trade you some 556. Let me know. Thanks.
  4. Oh there isn’t enough room on the table for All my ammo. I just wanted some boxes in the pic for dramatic effect.. lol
  5. My updated contribution. These are 10 round mags. I just want a lever gun next.
  6. I put the Wilson Combat ghost ring sights on my 870 with the WC plus 2 and a side saddle. Would eventually like a shorter stock on mine.
  7. Got mine from Jack. Got to shoot for the first time yesterday. Great firearm. very fun to shoot.
  8. Just built this one a few weeks ago. Probably going to sell it. Spikes tactical lower with Windham Weaponry upper. Not sure what it’s worth though. Lol
  9. I appreciate the offer I forgot to include in the original post I am seeking a 12g model. Thanks.
  10. Long shot but if you have one you want to sell let me know.
  11. hmmm Sounds like a good idea. The wear gives it a little character.
  12. Got a new spring and follower today and the issue is fixed.. Here is a pic of the shotgun by the way. Its a LEO trade in Police Magnum I purchased for 300. The finish is pretty bad for the internals are mint and the action is like butter. Im probably going to order a new barrel without rifle sight for it. Then Maybe have it re parked. My dream is to send it in to Vang Comp to get some work done.
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