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  1. hmmm Sounds like a good idea. The wear gives it a little character.
  2. Got a new spring and follower today and the issue is fixed.. Here is a pic of the shotgun by the way. Its a LEO trade in Police Magnum I purchased for 300. The finish is pretty bad for the internals are mint and the action is like butter. Im probably going to order a new barrel without rifle sight for it. Then Maybe have it re parked. My dream is to send it in to Vang Comp to get some work done.
  3. No dimples. Im using the Wilson Combat Follower. I looked and it has no dimples.
  4. No its a Police trade in model.
  5. I purchased a police trade in 870. I ordered a factory 870 +2 extension. When it arrived I installed it, The Issue I am having is that sometimes I can only load 5 shells. No matter how many ways I install the spring, tap the coupler, and do every trick in the book it still binds. I tried 2 different followers with the same issue. I tried using a Wilson Combat Spring and follower and it works perfectly. Only issue is the Wilson Spring is pretty short. Short in the sense that I can load 6 shells and push a 7th a little less the halfway in the tube. It cycles fine with no issues and does not bind. My question is this. Am I ok using this shorter Spring? Or will it cause issues when I go to shoot the gun?
  6. They have one for sale at Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters. They seem to always have one in Stock.
  7. I tried craigslist and posted on a facebook page dedicated to lost animals, So we shall see. If no one claims him in a week Ill probably look for a good home. I would love to keep him but I don't have the time to give him the attention he deserves. No name yet yet.
  8. I hope thats not the case. I feel bad for the little guy. He craves attention. I have to be careful becuse not to step on him because he litterly follows me everywhere.
  9. So a ferret came up to me in my yard. It wont stop fallowing me. I took him and checked every house on the block looking for the owner. No Luck. called both police stations and left info with no luck. He is deffently someones pet. He is way to freindly and actually uses a box I set up for him to go to the bathroom. Its been a few days with no one coming forward. Id hate to give him to a shelter that will euthinize him. Any advice? I do not know the first thing about ferrets. I purchased some ferret food. If I cannot find the owner. Anyone interested in a ferret?
  10. I made my folks pause it so I could show them the grip, they looked at me like. You pause our shit again and you are dead.
  11. from what I have read the knife is made by Kiku Matsuda,
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