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  1. Looking to sell my Holosun green optic. Got this a few weeks ago. Decided to go with a LPVO. Never used. Just put it on the rifle to see if it worked. Comes with original box and what came with in it. Asking $250 firm picked up at local Walgreens safe pick up area. Or 280 shipped to you. I’ll take PayPal if you want it shipped. I’m located in Hightstown NJ 08520. First I’ll take it. Gets it.
  2. SPF….If the deal falls through I’ll repost. Thanks for looking guys.
  3. Looking to sell my Walther PPK/S. 380acp.This is the latest model. Beautiful stainless finish. Has 40 rounds through it max. Everyone loves a James Bond gun. Only reason I am selling is I want a rifle. Price is 750 OR best offer. Comes with 140 rounds off ammo 50 of which are hollow points. Also comes with a holster and 2 magazines. Buyer must have valid FID and license. We can meet at a ffl of your choosing. Willing to drive 30 minutes or so. Buyer pays transfer fees Having trouble uploading pics. if interested DM me and I can text you the pictures.. thanks
  4. jermz1987

    Ruger Mini-14

    I’m looking for a Mini 14 as well, was gonna sell or trade my RF Other for one. The Other is great and all but I have 2 other ARS, I recently got to fire a mini 14 tactical at the range and absolutely loved it. I would trade my Other for one, finding anything priced reasonably now is a pain in the arse. Very fun rifles.
  5. Anyone have experience with these firearms? I am really tempted. There is something about them I really like. I already own a 2 Glock 19s and would probably sell one if I got the MR920. Is it worth the hefty 1k price tag? Or would I be better off using my permit for the Kimber Custom II I have always had my eye on. I also looked at the zev oz9 but with those prices it’s a no go. The MR920 uses Glock mags and I have read nothing but good things. Just wanted to see if there are any owners on here.
  6. Looking for a couple boxes of 30-30 so I can try out my Winchester 94. I could also trade you some 556. Let me know. Thanks.
  7. Oh there isn’t enough room on the table for All my ammo. I just wanted some boxes in the pic for dramatic effect.. lol
  8. My updated contribution. These are 10 round mags. I just want a lever gun next.
  9. I put the Wilson Combat ghost ring sights on my 870 with the WC plus 2 and a side saddle. Would eventually like a shorter stock on mine.
  10. Got mine from Jack. Got to shoot for the first time yesterday. Great firearm. very fun to shoot.
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