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  1. Great pistols, ultra reliable and durable but with two primary issues. The factory sights kind of suck and the front sight is integral, so changing it is difficult at best. The most significant thing to be aware of is that the pistol is not drop safe unless the safety is on. It isn't equipped with a firing pin safety so if it's dropped on the hammer or muzzle with the safety off it's likely to discharge.
  2. You will not hurt the pistol in any way by using those mags and it's quite possible they might function with a reasonable degree of reliability though it's unlikely. Typically .40/.357 will not function in 9mm mags while 9mm "might" work in .40/357 mags. Again, no harm to the pistol whle you wait.
  3. If you guys decide to venture up there and need some guidance on course selection, hotels, places to eat, whatever, shoot me an email.
  4. The decocking lever on your e2 shouldn't be any different. While SIG is marketing the E2 separately, the reality is that it's a grip panel. Changing from standard grips to an e2 requires the grip and a different mainspring strut and spring. Besides the decreased trigger reach it also eliminates grip screws, which any SIG shooter knows have a tendency to...disappear. As for the triggers... A short reset rigger really has nothing to do with the trigger, it's a change to the sear and firing pin safety lever which decreases the trigger reset distance, quite dramatically. It doesn't change the dimensions of the gun or the trigger reach. A short trigger doesn't exist, it's actually a thin trigger. The difference here is that the trigger is machined with less material front to rear and does decrease trigger reach. I honestly wouldn't shoot a SIG, regardless of grip configuration without an SRT package, it makes that big a difference. As for the grips and triggers, you can mix and match e2 grips/standard grips/Hogues, whatever with or without a thin trigger to get the feel your looking for. All my carry/teach/whatever guns are set up the same. Crimson Trace Mil Specs, short triggers, SRT package. And to answer your original question, yes, any aftermarket grip that is designed for your gun will fit, you will need grips screws however. The e2 grips are kind of a bear to get off,if you need some guidance shoot me an email.
  5. Any of the three brands you mentioned should run fine in your 226. Given the current cost of ammunition if one of those is available a few buck cheaper per box, that would be my choice.
  6. The NRA has always provided solid training at reasonable prices. They have a strong cadre of instructors and you won't regret starting there.
  7. Once again the Sig Sauer Academy will be presenting several programs at the excellent Pocono Pistol Club. http://www.poconopistol.com. 10/16 Low Light Pistol Operator (8 hr) 11/13 Concealed Carry (4 hr) 11/13 Close Quarter Pistol (4 hr) 1/8/2011 Shooting On The Move (8 hr) There are also 3 slots remaining for Speed Shooting 1 on August 21st. 2010. To register or for details including pricing, contact Kathleen Randolph at the Academy 603-418-8181 Feel free to ask questions regarding curriculum here, I'll do my best.
  8. Leather with a non metallic is going to be tough. I wear a Wilderness traveler whenever I fly and love it. It's far from a cheap nylon jobbie, it's nyl;on reinfoirced and I've used it on the range many times.
  9. SIGInst

    beretta 92FS

    No difference, it's been a number of years since the 92 was produced in Italy, production was moved here to satisfy one component of the original military contract. Actually the "dash" is a bit more than that. It has a dovetailed front sight, allowing sights to be changed either for height or composition. More importantly on he upper end it can be armorer converted from FS (slide mounted de-cocking,safety) to G (Slide mounted, spring loaded de-cocker) to DAO. Standard 92/96 FS guns can't be changed, you buy and FS or G that's what you stay with. As for lower, it's alloy, just like the original 92. The grip frame, however, is more of a stud that allows snap on grip modules so the user can readily change the size, and texture of the grip. The 90-two is a pretty slick piece, definitely the pick of the litter in Beretta's right now, imho. Correct, the numbered part of the designation denotes caliber, 92=9mm, 96=.40, 98=9x21(Europe only, although a few made it here.) The letters indicate function, FS=Slide mounted safety de-cocker, G=SLide mounted, spring loaded, de-cocking lever, D=Double action only, DS=Double action only with slide mounted safety (pretty rare) Stainless 92/96's are cataloged as "Inox" guns and are stainless steel uppers only. The loeers are the same alloy, just hard chromed.
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    Hey Paul, Good to hear from you. Well... sorta/kinda. I took the frame from that gun as well as a 92G Vertec slide and sent them down to Ernest Langdon when he was building guns as LTT. He fitted a 4.7" Barsto barrel, Heinie front sight, Novak rear sight, his speedbump trigger and trigger job and finished the whole thing in teflon. I shot that gun exclusively for about two years before I started with SIG and put close to 70g's thru it. I still have it and it's easily the slickest Beretta I've ever handled. How's that 625 running? I should have kept that one That 21 was pretty slicked up to, I think I had done sights and a Barsto on that one, didn't I?
  11. I thought that gun looked familiar That one runs like a champ.
  12. SIGInst

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    Great pistol and fairly rare, they didn't make a ton of them. The custom shop at SIG turned my standard 226 into a kinda/sorta SCT. They added an Elite slide (I like front cocking serrations) and a few other goodies.
  13. The Scorpion is a great rig. I have a ton of custom holster but I carry a Scorpion every day.
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    Hey All, just discovered this forum, it's nice to know NJ firearms owners have a place. I'm an instructor for Sig Sauer and have done a few classes at Gun For Hire, hopefully we'll be doing more in the future. If anyone has any Sig or training related questions, feel free. Rich Verdi Instructor Sig Sauer Academy
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