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  1. There are tons of these out there, you might get lucky and find someone who will go higher, but as others said you realistically have a 500-550 pistol.
  2. Keep an eye on buds guns, he does a lot of PD trades and they show up from time to time.
  3. Vertec's are becoming increasingly scarce, it looks like those that have are hanging on. It's a great pistol, I think it's the best iteration of the 92/96. They where made in stainless and mags are available, they use standard 92 magazines.
  4. I doubt it, I don't think they do walk ins. I'm fairly sure you can buy direct thru their website though
  5. I'm not sure, I've never used slip2k.
  6. If the barrel was centered in the slide it would bind and lock up as the slide moves rearward and unlocks.
  7. Ballistol is a great cleaner but breaks down as a lubricant. I'm a grease fan and use TW25B exclusively. I've found it to be perfect for lubricating the action as well as the contact areas and the frame rails. A bonusis that its made right here in NJ and I like supporting our local guys.
  8. You really can't go wrong either way. The Beretta is a time tested design, they are rock reliable, durable and accurate. The SIG has the same attributes just a very different manual of arms. I'd go to a range that has rentals and put some rounds down range and see which one works best for you. Hell, ,if you shoot at Brick Armory, you're welcome to try mine.
  9. Steve did a transfer for me last night, fast, competent and a super nice guy. I'd use him again in a heart beat
  10. SIGInst

    Sig P228 VS P229

    They are simply different model pistols, 228 is a carbon steel,pinned breech block slide, while a 229 is a stainless one piece slide. In the same caliber, magazines will interchange throughout 226/228/229 Of course 228/9 mags will not fit a 226 they're not long enough. Recently production 229-1 have unique magazines that will not interchange with older guns.
  11. I'll go in a little different direction here... I've had a few Taurus 1911's go thru my classes and I have to admit they've run pretty well. No question, you get what you pay for, they have some rough spots and the finish isn't great but, if you're just looking for a casual plinker and the round count is going to stay fairly low, I'd give one a look. Now, if your plan is to run it hard, put lots of rounds thru it, I think I'd look elsewhere, long term durability may not make you happy.
  12. SIGInst

    Sig SP2022

    Check your PM's
  13. Great find, sweet pistol and I have to think pretty rare in .38 Super. Enjoy it.
  14. First +1 on the Midway Competititon Bag, they'd be good at twice the price. The large one is about $50 shipped, hard to beat. For contents, good eye and ear pro, make sure you have some foamies to put under your over ear protection if you're on an indoor. Some basic tools to fix little things, maybe some parts for the common stuff that might go south. also lube and some cleaning wipes. FIRST AID gear. Gunshot wounds happen on the range, you don't want to rely on anyone else for the right gear. I never go near a range without an IFAK http://www.tacmedsolutions.com/store/Products_Detail.php?ProductID=56 I also routinely carry some Benadryl, Tylenol and sunscreen. A couple of pens, something to write on, a sharpie or two, whatever you need to fasten targets depending on your range. I like 3m spray adhesive I keep a pair of leather work gloves stashed in a pocket, you never know when you might have to move target frames or steel. A good flashlight or two Spare knife There's probably a bit more, but that should get you started
  15. There's no reason why it shouldn't, the basic silhouette of the 92 didn't change until rails and brigadier slides showed up. Jump on the Beretta Forum and search around, you should find a great deal of info on your gun. It is pretty rare, nice grab.
  16. The pin that goes side to side is the "Firing pin locater pin." the one you're seeing on top secures the new style extractor. If you turn the slide over you'll see the bottom of that pin. Driving it out from the bottom allows you to remove the extractor and springs.
  17. Mike, I'm out of town doing an armorers school, if no one saves you by saturday, get back to me and I'll put it back together for you.
  18. If you can swing it, any Emerson variant with the wave is a slick option. I'm partial to the Commander but blade style is personal and he makes enough to find something you like. He also makes most of his knives in a reduced size if you don't like a larger knife. They don't sell directly on eBay, but I see them all the time. You could also look at the Spyderco Delica with the wave feature, Emerson allows Spyderco to use the design and those go for around $70. Great knives.
  19. Tony, You might be a little early, most of the new stuff is introduced at SHOT in a few weeks. I'd be surprised as well if you didn't see more commemoratives especially with the resurgence the 1911 has been seeing lately.
  20. The frame is the same, just a grip change.
  21. +1 Does everything I need.
  22. I guess we can agree to disagree. I carry a j frame pretty regularly as a back up to my full size carry guns (SIG 226 or 229) and shoot them enough that I have two and they require a gunsmith once a year or so.
  23. I think we're talking about two separate issues, reliability and proficiency. I agree a defensive weapon must be fired enough to ensure it's absolutely reliable. Beyond that we need to train heavily with anything we intend to use to save our life. Doesn't matter what it is, we need to be able to make it work, hit what we need to hit and do it all on demand under stress. The only way to ensure you have a reasonable chance of doing that is to train hard with your carry guns which, coincidentally, will also test their reliability. Running a few hundred rounds thru a carry gun without any hiccups and holstering it for the next six months just ain't gonna get you through the the night.
  24. I have to disagree with that notion. If it's a pistol you've designated for self defense, you should be shooting it...a lot. That whole "carried often, shot little" adage is nonsense. And its Glock all day if we want it to hold up to a dedicated training regimen.
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