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  1. I bought a P2000sk 40cal with a LEM last week... shoots great.. i love the trigger.
  2. Wow I almost went there yesterday afternoon and went to Bullethole instead. I wonder what happened.
  3. ptbr321

    Pure Sex

    How would you compare a HK45 to a P220 .45 Sig??
  4. ptbr321

    HK p2000sk

    I shot a HK P2000SK 40cal a while back and liked it. I havent seen one in a while in any of the local shops. What are your feelings of this gun and what would be a close comparison (size, quality) to this sub-compact gun. Has anyone seen one in any shops in jersey? I want to get pricing and want to hold it again to make sure its comfy. Thanks
  5. Hey whats up guys? I've been told that Magnum research is bring back the baby eagles in the next few weeks. I was thinking of getting one of the polymer compact 40s. Anyone handle these or have any experience with them? Are the compact small enough for conceal/carry? Anyone have a ETA on exactly when who and will carry these guys? Any advice is appreciated.
  6. I bought my ruger last week on Bud's site. I got a call from my CC saying that someone tried to book 2 hotel rooms with comfort inn, 2 airline flights using cheaptickets.com, and a bunch of small charges to some place called "Business Tools" on Thursday. Since the amounts were unusual and plentiful they suspected fraud. They immediately declined the charges and sent me a new card. I contacted Buds since I only use that card for groceries and gas and got an email from them that there system was hacked. It was a pain in the a** but luckily the CC company spotted it immediately and took care of everything for me.
  7. I used Buds $534 plus 35 dollar transfer fee from Legend Firearms(marlboro nj). Most people were soldout (vinny, and a few others I called). Buds is good since they ship almost same day and its usually next day or two day shipping for free. I don't like to wait for guns once I make my decision. Buds actually has a GP100 4inch used on their website right now for $459. I probably wouldn've bought it if it was listed a few days ago.
  8. Thank you all for your assistance. I just picked up my gp100 4inch stainless. I got a deliverly of 10 boxes of 38special and 10 boxes of 357 mag from cabelas. I'm ready to blow things up. Let me know if anyone wants to test drive it.
  9. Wow. I can hear that song "I'm proud to be an American" playing as I read your post. It does seem that people are buying a lot of ammo lately. Some of the sites I normally use are sold out or increasing prices.
  10. I've been looking to purchase 38SPC and 357 rounds. Looks like a lot of places are sold out. Anyone come across any specials online for either of those calibers? Seems like the prices of ammo have gone up.
  11. Im curious also. Did you get an answer?
  12. I went yesterday. They had a decent collection of handguns with a decent supply of Sig Sauer guns. There prices were very high and there transfer fee was $75 plus a 15 dollar NICS fee which is much higher than any place I've ever been. They had a few handguns that were almost 200 dollars more than the prices at Buds. I tried to negotiate and they didn't seem to want to budge at all. The staff was friendly and spent time going over each gun. It's unfortunate since the shop is very close to me and I was hoping would be a little more reasonable with pricing.
  13. It's just upsetting when you read the NRA website and you see other states getting more gun rights and we continue to keep none.
  14. Ira from legend firearms is selling them. He sent a bulk email about it recently
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