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  1. "When I see Bin Laden with his AK-47, I got nervous. But what can I do, terrorists aren't fools: they too chose the most reliable guns." "I'm proud of my invention, but I'm sad that it is used by terrorists," he said on a visit to Germany, adding: "I would prefer to have invented a machine that people could use and that would help farmers with their work — for example a lawnmower." - Lieutenant General Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov
  2. Make sure to check state laws. Some states haw "contigous states" laws in that residents of that state may only purchase in bordering states, and residents of bordering states may purchase in that state. For example. Residents of New Mexico can purchase a long gun in TX, OK, CO, UT and AZ, and residents of TX, OK, CO, UT and AZ may purchase a gun in NM. But a resident of, say, Nebraska (or any other state) could not purchase a long gun in NM. Many states have laws like this, I know North Carolina and Ohio do.
  3. Yes, though the story would been a lot shorter. It would have been one of those little crime story blurbs they post and the guy would likely have his gun and permit taken away and facing all sorts of charges. They would throw the book at him and then pick it up and throw it at him again. The media would also have a little field day with it and use it as evidence of why "people shouldn't be licensed to carry guns"
  4. You can only inherit firearms in NJ if the previous owner is deceased and that person's will specifically states what gun and who it is to be given to.
  5. Yes, but your example is not valid IMO because: A driver's license, although technically a privilege and definitely not a right, is basically "shall issue" - unless you don't have ID, don't know how to drive, or have done some gross violation(s) of road laws, you are given a driver's license if you go to the DMV and fill out papers for one. So, for someone to be "not even supposed to be driving in the first place" they must first have done something wrong to warrant having lost their license. Not only that, but each of those violation(s) to take someone's license away they got a trial for the charges against them in which they could contest the charges and prove their innocence if they did not do anything. As for gun permits, the only reason you or I can't have one, the only "crime" we ever committed to not be able to have one, was being born east of the Delaware River and not wearing a badge or having a massive bank account.
  6. Don't you love it when laws have no consistency? FACT of the matter is, you got lucky, because NOTHING in NJ law allows you to obtain a firearm without an FID. The prosecutor let you go. Simple as that. YOU. GOT. LUCKY. Quit making little comments.
  7. $74 for a retired cop. Felony prison time for anyone else. Sounds about right! EDIT: LOL at the negatives, I guess the truth hurts? Leave your loaded gun unsecured in YOUR car at a rest stop sometime. See what happens when an officer finds it. Don't worry, I'll write you letters while you're in prison
  8. American solders were murdered by foreign soldiers, not the guns they used. Guns are inanimate objects and have no political ideologies.
  9. Then you got extremely lucky because that is not how the law is worded at all. Go play the lottery too while you are at it. Also, age of the rifle has no bearing on the law, as written in NJ law, a 14th century Arqueus and a brand new Barrett .50 are (legally speaking) the same thing.
  10. Tactical is a mindset, not an equipment list.
  11. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday AK-47 Happy Birthday to you. You are without a doubt the most beautiful 63 year old woman of all!
  12. So, what do you value more, your hi-def TV or your wife? Plain and simple, her stepping outside was the dumbest thing she could have done. No idea why you're getting all pissed at me, ten other people are all saying the same thing.
  13. +1 no idea why this guy is proud of his wife. Yeah she got the alarms set and the doors locked and the guns loaded.... .....right after she left herself and the house wide open for a burglary
  14. How about a "Sorry Bill Akins, I didn't know what I was talking about" ?
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