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  1. No, I am no longer associated with the NJ2AS other than as a member. Health and family had to take precedence, unfortunately. And thank you for understanding. I appreciate that. Frank
  2. Sorry PK90, that was a complete misread on my part. I have deleted my previous comment. Part of the problem is that I don't know the ID's of all the people on NJGF and it has been a while since I was on. I do apologize for my previous comment and I hope you will accept my apology. Frank
  3. Just so that there is no confusion - I haven't been on NJGF in quite a while which is why my profile and signature were outdated. I have since changed my profile to reflect my current situation. I have not been President of the NJ2AS since the beginning of 2015. Alexander Roubian is the current President and I have nothing but good wishes for the success of the NJ2AS. I have no vested interest in whether or not people join, rejoin or stand on the sidelines. If you are looking to work with an organization that has the potential to make a difference in NJ (if enough people get involved), the NJ2AS is a great choice. This is not because I said so, it is because *IF* you want it to be successful and are willing to put in the effort, you can *MAKE* it a great choice. Nothing happens by accident. It takes a great deal of work and commitment to effect change. However, it is possible. It has happened over and over again in states where human rights oriented individuals have gotten involved. Those people who didn't like the way I ran things are entitled to their opinion. I wasn't all that thrilled myself. However, very few people actually had any real knowledge of what the work entailed. Be that as it may, someone else is running the organization now, and I am sure that if you want the NJ2AS to be successful in restoring the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms in NJ, Alexander would appreciate your help. I remain active to the extent I am able. Frank
  4. Disagreements are bound to occur. Until you actually have the responsibility of running an organization like the NJ2AS, you can only guess at the amount of effort that goes into it. The leadership does its best to guide the organization towards completing its mission. That is first and foremost. All of our resources are expended with that mission in mind. Again, this is a non-paid, all-volunteer leadership team. No one is a professional organizer and no one claims to be. We do the best we can with the resources we *DO* have. The more people with talent who decide to get ACTIVELY involved in achieving our goals, the more likely it is that we will overcome the obstacles erected by the three branches of NJ government to suppress our RKBA. Unity is appreciated, but unity with activism is what is needed to get the job done. Let's all be honest. Many of you don't like the NRA, NAGR, SAF, ANJRPC, the NJ2AS and so on because you can't agree with 100% of what they do or how they operate. You name the 2A/RKBA organization of your choice, and I will find people who disagree with their policies. If that is the basis of your argument for NOT getting involved, than let's face it - you are simply looking for excuses instead of solutions. Hey, y'all can do what you want. I believe in individual Liberty and Responsibility. But you lose any sympathy I may have when *ALL* you do is complain. There are plenty of organizations to join. It doesn't have to be the NJ2AS, but only each of you know whether or not you are actively involved, or if you have thrown up your hands in disgust and given up. If that is where you *ARE* at, we don't want you anyway. There is enough negativity to go around already. The rest of you, please send a few bucks to the candidates of your choice ASAP. Especially Congressional and Senatorial candidates. The Senate especially is infested with anti-gun maggots. We need to find them alternative employment and replace them with those who understand the human right to Life, Liberty, Property and Prosperity. We have not seen that for WAY too many years. AND PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE! Thank for your ears, Frank
  5. The NJ2AS is looking for individuals with the strength of character to actually contribute something of value to the mission of restoring the exercise of our right to keep and bear arms. Simply complaining about it (while it is certainly easier) will change nothing. Saying "I can't wait to get out of NJ" is simply an excuse for inaction. If everyone in this forum, the NJ2AS, ANJRPC, NJSFSC, the hunters and sportsmen and so on were willing to get involved or even to VOTE, we would have a very different state. How many of you will be responsible for Cory Booker continuing to represent NJ because you couldn't send $5 to Bell or be bothered to get out to vote in a few weeks? You want to fix a RAT HOLE - first get rid of the RATS!
  6. Well, while Dan is using Excel to make pretty pictures, We will be doing what we always do. We will be developing additional campaigns to overcome the conspiracy between the three branches of NJ government to suppress our legitimate right to keep and bear arms to protect and defend our Lives, Liberty, Family and Property. Please keep in mind that the NJ2AS is currently the ONLY all-volunteer, grassroots, RKBA organizations in New Jersey.
  7. No one receives a salary.There are no paid employees. All expenditures go to pay suppliers such as printers, UPS, Postage, Paper and Office Supplies, etc. If we attend an out of state rally or conference (something that occurs infrequently), attendees are reimbursed for their room and board and expenses. Most of the expenditures are for meeting space rentals, promotional materials, legal fees (i.e. Operation Establish Compliance), and especially for campaigns like Billboards and the Shaneen Allen campaign. The NJ2AS keeps tight control of its financial information because frankly, we do not wish to share our strength with our enemies. I think that is an extremely prudent way of conducting an organization with a mission such as ours. There will always be individuals will cast aspersions and use innuendo in an attempt to cast doubt on a legitimate organization. Perhaps they are aligned with the other side, or perhaps they have a personal ax to grind. What you will always find in these situations in the lack of any factual information. How do I know that? Because there isn't any. The cost of membership in the NJ2AS is so low, and membership is completely voluntary. You aren't required to join in order to belong to a range or club. We do not require any particular level of involvement (although we *DO* encourage it) If a disgruntled individual happens to be under the misguided impression that this is not the organization to join, I encourage them not to become a member. For those who understand why we operate as we do, and who have been paying attention, We welcome you with open arms.
  8. To answer Dan's question. A financial report is distributed to the leaders of the NJ2AS to review Quarterly. We also use a CPA to make sure that we are in compliance with all applicable state laws and that the funds are used to promote the mission of the NJ2AS as stated in our mission statement. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our CPA at George D'aloia CPA, 2204 Morris Avenue, Suite 202, Union, NJ 07083 (908) 687-7503. Thank you, Frank Jack Fiamingo
  9. For me, it is a simple decision. Booker will take us down the exact same road as Obama. The people of NJ cannot afford to have the failed mayor of Newark representing them in Washington. It is quite bad enough as it is. I personally believe that Jeff Bell can BEAT Booker *WITH* the support of gun owners. There comes a point where regardless of whether or not you agree with a candidate on all the issues, if they stand on the correct side of firearms ownership rights, you have to support them. I am asking *ALL* NJ gun-owner voters to examine their hearts and wallets and come up with a donation to help support Jeff's candidacy. He wants to be able to run a TV add and needs our support to battle against the Booker money. "I AM A GUN OWNER, AND *I* VOTE"! https://bell2014.com/donate/
  10. I just wanted to contribute a few words about what a being a "grassroots" organization like the NJ2AS means. It means that the organization is run on passion. No one gets paid. It is an all-volunteer society of amateurs doing their best to make the right decisions about how to fight those who conspire to suppress our right to keep and bear arms. No one in the Society claims to be a genius or to have all the answers. We don't. That is why the more members we have, the better the chance that a new member might have a skill that will make a difference. By definition, grassroots is "of the people". This is not an excuse, this is something to be proud of, and we are. Where there are people, there will always be differences. We try to overcome our differences and move forward. I think we have done a reasonable job for a bunch of amateurs. Hey, thanks for listening. Frank
  11. Please do! If I can make a suggestion, come with the idea of contributing your ideas. The thing that will help make the NJ2AS work even better is an infusion of new ideas from people who are passionate about their rights. We welcome everyone and how you will bring your ideas with you. The NJ2AS is an all-volunteer organization. No one gets paid for their participation, so every dime goes back into moving the mission forward. Of course, along with this approach comes the reality that we are all amateurs trying the best we can to have an impact. Thos of you who happen to be particularly politicallly asutute can be a HUGE help as can those who have good organizational skills or other talents. In any event, we look forward to meeting you. The Dec 3 mweeting should be a good meeting to attend since we plan to quickly review our progress so far, discuss our goals for the future and encourgae an interactive discussion of how to approach the most pressing issues including these ridiculous delays we are all facing when applying for FIDs and P2Ps, and of course - CARRY!
  12. I apologize for taking so long. The NJ2AS has grown so rapidly that it has been extremely difficult to participate in all our Facebook Groups, Twitter, our website and still have time to post here. I have been looking for an "APP" that would consolidate some of this so that I could somehow participate in all the venues that have an interest in RKBA. Nothing so far. If someone has a suggestion, please let me know. I realize there are some significant advantages to "forum" like environments over "Facebook", especially in being able to track and participate in different "threads". That is damn near IMPOSSIBLE on Facebook. The more people we have participating, the faster stuff gets pushed to the bottom. It would be GREAT if there were something that had the "reach" of Facebook and Twitter, but the thread tracking and search capabilities of a forum.
  13. Yes, it is completely understood that we all want the option to protect and defend our lives, or families, our neighborhoods, our communities our state and our nation, if necessary. The problem we face is how can we overcome the unreasonable bias that has become DEEPLY embedded in the political culture of our state. You will not see me pretending to have the answer. That is why I am looking for your help. I am not begging for money, I would rather have a winning idea *ANY* day. The question is HOW do we remove these obstacles imposed by the three beranches of NJ government? Perhaps together we can come up with an approach that works for NJ. Anyone who thinks that the NJ2AS is not open to workable ideas has not been paying attention. So, come and participate. You don't have to be a member to attend our meetings. You just have to be sincerely interested in furthering the mission of removing the obstacles to our natural human right to keep and bear arms.
  14. This is far from a dead issue, but it makes sense to have a definite plan in mind before we forge ahead with the idea of mass submission. The question we haven't been able to answer adequately is - What Next? I don't think it is enough just to annoy anyone. Our ultimate goal is to succeed in removing the obstacles imposed by the three branches of NJ government on the right to carry. The question is always how best to accomplish that goal. We will be meeting this coming month on Dec 3 in Toms River to discuss this subject. We would appreciate your participation. We will CONTINUE this discussion as we have meetings throughout the state moving them to different locations each month. The details of these meetings can be obtained from our webstie www.nj2as.com. I realize that it seems like forever that we have been waiting to exercise what SHOULD be an obvious right. Unfortunately, the state of NJ has taken a relatively hard-nosed position on this for so long, it has become embedded in the political culture. We have to find a way to overcome this misguided bias *OR* win in the courts. So far, seeking redress in the courts has not been very fruitful, so I think we all need to go back to the drawing board. If you want to share your ideas on how to proceed, please attend the meeting on Dec. 3 or one of the subsequent meetings. This will remain a topic for consideration until it has been resolved in our favor. Thanks.
  15. I just wanted to jump in quickly and mention that the New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS) would be willing to help organize a seminar on "Search & Seizure And Your Rights". There does seem to be a definite interest among the participants in this group and others. If Shane can find an appropriate expert on the subject, we would be willing to arrange the venue and organize the registration for the event. Obviously, we will have to determine the costs involved and decide from there. However, I don't think that should create any problem as long as enough people are willing to preregister. Great idea Shane! Frank
  16. Hi all, I just want to clarify a few points. This particular Rally being held on Friday February 8, 2013 is not an "empty holster" Rally. We are not attempting to make that statement at this time. That is not to say that we WON'T have such a demonstration in the future. The theme of this Rally is LIFE, LOVE & LIBERTY - meaning, the intention of the Second Amendment is to preserve our PREEXISTING right of INDIVIDUALS to protect our OWN LIFE, that of our LOVED ones and our LIBERTY! Basically, I ask that for this Rally, we attend just as we would if we were coming to work. If you wear jeans, wear jeans, if you usually wear a suit, please do that. The people of this state must understand that *WE* are *THEM*. We are no different. We are NOT knuckle-dragging yahoos, we are sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunt and uncles. We are normal people who happen to fervently believe what the framers believed that, in order to maintain their FREEDOM, the people MUST have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and that the government SHALL NOT INFRINGE upon that right. For over two centuries, the right to keep and bear arms has helped to keep this country free from force both foreign *AND* domestic. Our Constitution is NOT just an ancient piece of paper that has somehow lost its significance over time. It contains the very PRINCIPLES upon which this Nation was FOUNDED. Fundamental PRINCIPLES do not change over time. So, I apologize for going on, but the members and the leaders of the NJ2AS and I personally, have worked EXTREMELY hard putting this Rally together for the purpose stated above. I do not wish to give the MSM the opportunity to focus on one or two people who have their own agenda and twist their coverage to fit their own preconceived notions. There is nothing inherently wrong with "camo" or a holster. I am just trying to demonstrate the fact that the Second Amendment is NOT about guns for the sake of guns, it is about Arms for the sake of LIBERTY! Thank you, Frank Jack Fiamingo President - NJ2AS
  17. THANK YOU GUYS for participating. These newly proposed bills are a DIRECT threat to the rights protected by the Second Amendment. If you want to have the GREATEST impact, make sure that you contact all the member of the Senate Law & Public Safety Committee. I will ask Rich to post their emails. Now I know that everyone is terribly bust, and this next request is asking a LOT, but think about how important our RKBA really is - IF YOU CAN, please write a HAND-WRITTEN letter to at LEAST the committee Chairman. You have NO idea how SERIOUSLY they take those letters. The reason is that people RARELY take the time to do it and one hand-written letter is taken as if it represents 1000 people. This is not a myth. Anyway, if you can - it will help tremendously. Thank you,
  18. Manny and Jennifer of "THE BULLET HOLE" are GOOD FRIENDS of the NJ2AS and support EVERYTHING we do, ESPECIALLY the rally being held on Friday February 8, 2013. If you have heard anything to the contrary, it is *FALSE*! Manny was into gun-owner-rights before most of you were even born. We don't have time for this kind of distraction. You have *MY* personal assurance that "THE BULLET HOLE" is entirely supportive of our Society. If anyone tells you different, just shut them down.
  19. Those of you who have been following the NJ2AS v. NJSP case know that the ACLU filed a similar case after we filed ours (In Re Adoption of N.J.A.C. 13-1E-3) and the ACLU case was subsequently consolidated with ours. They are still two separate cases, but will be heard at the same time and it is accurate to say that we are a party to the consolidated appeal. There was a story today on the front page of the Star Ledger about the ACLU case, but no mention of us. Of course, the story would have been far more interesting if they would have discussed how the ACLU and a gun owners' rights organization were on the same side of the issue. The ACLU challenges a bit more then we do, because we are focused on the specific new rules that allow the NJSP (in their opinion) to withold releasing the NJSP Firearms Investigation Guidebook and the ACLU are looking to overturn several provisions of the new rules exempting broad categories of Department of Law and Public Safety documents including the same rules that we are challenging. The thread on our case is here (which includes the ACLU brief) http://njgunforums.c...__fromsearch__1 The article can be seen online here: http://www.nj.com/ne...it_alleges.html Although it would have been nice to see NJ2AS on the front page, we are still very happy that the case is getting the attention that it deserves.
  20. Guys, THANK YOU ALL for you generosity and more importantly for your trust and support. Ryan, thank very much for kicking this off. We received over $400.00 in donations from our friends due to your post. I have to apologize for my absence from njgunforums. my responsibilities as President of the NJ2AS take up a great deal of time. In an effort to expand our reach, I have been posting a great deal on our Facebook Group Page, maintaining our web presence, scheduling speakers for our events, promoting our campaigns such as Operation Establish Compliance, our OPRA initiatives and the campaign against Assembly Bill A1216, and many other things. But I haven't forgotten where I came from. For those who don't know the story, njgunforums is the birthplace of the NJ2AS. About this time 2 years ago a bunch of us guys from njgunforums had enough of bitching about how bad NJ gun laws were and we decided to try and do something about the situation. We realized then that it would not happen over night, but we decided to do what we could to make things a bit better while we grew our number large enough to exert some influence on our legislators. We discovered that NJ Laws cut both ways and started taking advantage of the fact that so many town were not in compliance with the statutes as written. We started holding monthly meetings throughout the state and brought in speakers like attorneys Evan Nappen, Dan Schmutter, Scot Bach, David Jensen and even Alan Gura. We have had the Gun Rabbi - Dovid Bendory of JPFO and Rev. Kenn Blanchard - AKA Black Man With A Gun as well as presentations by trainers such as Rob Pincus, Chet Wilson, Cameron Green and Anthony Colandro, We have even had some media personalities such as Paul Mulshine of the NJ Star Ledger and on July 18, 2012 we will be featuring DENNIS MALLOY of NJ101.5. The NJ2AS was the first organization in NJ to ever hold a bi-partisan dialog on the right to keep and bear arms with Senators Michael Doherty and Jeff Van Drew. We also began to make some friends within the legislature on both sides of the aisle. In order to continue to be effective we must continue to grow our numbers. In the end, it is the votes we can generate that will finally remove the obstacles that the authorities of NJ have imposed upon our RKBA. Your donations of money, time and talent will allow us to demonstrate to the one million plus firearms owners of New Jersey that TOGETHER we *HAVE* the power to make the necessary changes. Thank you all again, you guys are all part of the solution. Frank Jack Fiamingo Proud President of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society "NOW IS THE TIME!!!"
  21. The New Jersey Second Amendment Society Presents ANJRPC Vice President and NRA Board Member Bob Viden Many of you know Bob as the owner of Bob's Little Sport Shop in Glassboro, NJ. Bob has been a 2A/RKBA advocate for decades. An uncompromising defender of the Second Amendment, he has spent a lifetime in the trenches, speaking out against anti-firearms ownership attacks and promoting the safe use of firearms both in the US and internationally. He actively testifies for gun rights and serves as a political strategist/columnist for pro-gun candidates. Bob has agreed to share the wealth of his experience and his vision of the future of 2A/RKBA in NJ with our members and guests. He will also conduct a Q & A session which has become the hallmark of the NJ2AS monthly meetings. Please be sure to attend and bring a friend or family member to this FREE event. REMEMBER - things will change in New Jersey when *WE* MAKE them change. It is up to us, and the more of *US* there are, the better. We will also be conduction our ongoing non-resident CCW processing program in conjunction with our friends from Gun for Hire. Please visit our website at www.nj2as.com under EVENTS for more information. Thank you Viden.pdf
  22. We will be in Winslow next month on June 13. I will post the information within the next few days. Those who CAN make it should consider coming tonight. Dan has a lot of up to date pertinent information.
  23. Operation Establish Compliance continues to gain ground. Our attorney, Daniel Schmutter will discuss the current and future status of our signature campaign. The meeting will be held this Wednesday May 23, 2012 at Gun For Hire Training Center on 75 Rutgers Street in Belleville, NJ at 7:30PM. At this point most of the Police Departments in Monmouth County have agreed to comply with the prohibition against additional forms. The only remaining town is Long Branch and we are working on it as we speak. If you know of any towns in Monmouth County that are still not in compliance with the state firearms statutes with regard to additional forms, please let us know and we will address it. We are moving on to Ocean County. We believe that we can move much more quickly than we have been able to in the past due to improved techniques. In the meantime, please be sure to let us know about infractions in your community so that we can address them in the near future. You can report infractions to us at [email protected] Thank you for your past help. I hope that you will all continue to participate in this successful program. Here is a partial list of the towns that have agreed to discontinue their use of these additional forms. More towns are being added regularly: Egg Harbor Township West Long Branch Hopatcong Asbury Park Manalapan Bayonne We are involved in talks with Newark, NJ and have begun our investigation of Jersey City. Although we don't expect complete success over night, rest assured that we are working continuously on this and other procedural problems with the processing of firearms ID cards and handgun purchase permits. The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol clubs is also working on resolving some of these issues. Together with other 2A/RKBA organizations, we expect to increase the pressure on NJ authorities to reverse their suppression of our legitimate rights. Your help, participation and financial support is needed. If you are not already a member of the NJ2AS and the ANJRPC, please consider joining one or both. Become part of the solution. The greater the number of firearms owners we represent, the more the three branches of our state government will have to listen to our legitimate complaints. Please join us for the meeting this Wednesday. Please visit our website at www.nj2as.com for a list of upcoming events. Bob Viden will be speaking at June's meeting in Winslow, NJ. Dennis Malloy of the Dennis & Judy show on NJ101.5 will be appearing at our meeting in Toms River in July and Assemblywoman Alison McHose is scheduled to address the group at our August meeting in Belleville. As you can see, we are making a sincere attempt to rotate our meetings throughout New Jersey in an effort to address all your questions and concerns. As we continue to grow, we will try to reach out to more areas throughout the state. We have grown from the 10 original founders who started the N J2AS in July of 2010 to thousands of members and supporters in less than two years. We are making a difference, but we can do more with your help. Thank you,
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