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  1. Oh man, that's awful. He's a great guy and did ALOT for us shooters
  2. Hey guys, Since dicks dicked around and stopped selling shooting stuff...i been on a long hopeless quest to find clays this week. I don't know if the market changed on clays but I was paying $6 for 90. Today i paid $26 for a box of 130 by my club. I later remembered Solomons in farmingdale. I went there wednesday and there was a sign on the door "closed until further notice" After a Google search, it says "permanently closed". 1. Did something happen to Gene? He was a longtime friend of my late uncle and ata shooter Jim Steinhart. 2. Where else around freehold/howell/Jackson/etc has clays in stock. Thanks guys
  3. I found some new clues after taking the grips off. - Made in spain marking below hammer. - There is a " F A " mark on the grip frame. - a stamped # "16 " on one side of butt. - a stamped # " 21 " on other side of butt. any info is greatly appriciated Thanks Joe Cerillo
  4. Hey guys! Been a while, My father passed away a few years ago, and one of the things in his gun cabinet was this old .38. From what I remember he said it was my grandfathers or great grandfathers service pistol from Plainfield pd. I’m not 100%. the only marking I see are an fn mark on the barrel and what looks like a standing lion engraving. And a 4 digit serial # on the butt. I’ll attach pics, any info would mean a lot. Thanks guys!
  5. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but with this being said, i could order the adjustable AICS stock for my Remington 700 ? And get the barrel threaded for a break? If so, my day just got even better
  6. When i was an F&I manager for Sansone Auto i was getting 2.9% as a buy rate and 3.9% as a sell rate for 60 months through Wells Fargo on a regular basis. Keep in mind i gave them hundreds of thousands of dollars in business every month. In turn i get lower rates. But remember.... its all based on your credit Pm me and we can talk further about this
  7. I cant begin to tell you how cool your slide cuts look, Very jealous
  8. Gun is falling to fire, but not leaving any primer strikes on the primer. manually cycling the bolt ejects a live round. Following the Carolina shooters supply video's drill out rivets remove trigger group and replace with g2 trigger install BHO (Bending the edge of the spring arm *Via CSS instructions*) drill and tap bullet guide for correct trunion, file down mag release. install buttstock. etc. I didn't touch any gas tubes. i will wipe parts, re-lube every part and try again Sunday or Monday. Possibly a mag issue, i need to try it with a different one monday too and hopefully its only that
  9. Its from a place called mountain armory . http://mtnarmory.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2 If you call they have the 15/20's too
  10. First test fire...FTF... First 2 shots were good, then i manually cycled every shot with the bolt,ejecting rounds with no primer strikes, though you could hear the hammer dropping. I'll have to do some investigating and research on this.
  11. regarding the 10 rd g34 mags. I have a hard time getting the 9th &10th round in every time into the mags. Any way to fix/adjust this. Ive had this for 2 years, the springs have to be broken in by now
  12. yr/make/model ? There is an interruption in power flow. There will always be power to the radio, even when the car is off. unless something is cross wired or missing a plug.
  13. Finally COMPLETELY finished... This was alot of fun 15/30 rounders 15/20 rounders
  14. I use Wilson 47T 10 rounders. Yes they're expensive but they won't let you down.
  15. And my santa in brown is a shooter as well.
  16. I have the nylon plugs still, you wouldnt happen to know what size drill bit to use would you? For now ill do that, but still i am going to order the CSS internal block receiver with the holes in it
  17. I have the ace block, that came with the ace stock when i made my order for css. but the screws are to long to sit flush against the flat metal.it looks like it needs to be drilled and tapped for it to work
  18. Picture this, but without the 2 internal holes on each side for the screws This is what i need to order friday, along with a new trigger guard
  19. I'll post a pic when I get home from dinner. The block is solid. No holes or anything in it
  20. Grinded and shined up rear tang installed the internal receiver and buttstock. BUT....The 4 holes that are to be held in with the small screws are not threaded, and the screws wont go in. (The 2 above the grip) so it seems i need to drill 2 holes on each side to attach the set screws to hold in the sides of the internal block receiver.
  21. As i read more into it...it seems i must grind off the rear tang to fit the stock. As for the stripping of the pistol grip hole. maybe i can just re tap it and save the $40. i added a few washers for now and have 1/4'' of screw in there but i want to do it right Any idea what size the pistol grip screw is so i can buy a tap in the morning?
  22. I have to order another trigger guard and get a long alen wrench. i stripped the hole trying to get the pistol grip on. Kicking myself for halfassing it. Now the stock seems very strange the way it mounts. i dont think i did it right. the directions were bad for the stock But it looks cool
  23. got it! used fishing line to pull down spring. Pics up tonight
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