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    Same as the rest of you, I'd wager. I am a former 11B. I was a Cold Warrior. I served under President Reagan. I got roped into some 19 series stuff too - you know how that goes. I'm into Machinery, Welding - TIG mostly, Carpentry, Electronics, The Outdoors, Field Craft, Mil History & Small Unit Tactics. I'm a gadget freak ... and kind of a geardo too I guess.

    These days I make the electrons that keep your lights on and refrigerators running.
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  1. So, yeah, I'm dragging this thread back to life ... cuz I'm wondering if Kurt is still Great. Anybody have anything done recently? I have a Commander-sized S&W 1911 that needs a trigger job and some slide work....maybe even a new slide, since I'm not really into the fish scale serrations that S&W's puts on their 1911's. Also, does he do DuraCoat? What about bluing and parkerizing? ;P
  2. OK, thanks. I tried texting him...no response. I'll try email...
  3. So I'm trying to find out if Jeff C at Wortendyke Arms is still doing transfers ... and I run across this: http://archive.northjersey.com/news/owner-of-gun-shop-accidentally-shoots-himself-in-midland-park-1.1434724 Yikes Has anyone done a transfer with Jeff since this incident - 16OCT2015 - ?
  4. LOL ... a case of "this guy doesn't know how good he has it ... dope ..." .......this is me leaving well enough alone... Guys, again, thanks for the replies.
  5. Thanks for replying. I have lived all over North Jersey. I don't believe I have ever been asked to complete that form. Some of the other guys at work are "gun guys" too. We all live in different towns. Nobody else is asked to submit that form. It cost's 20 bucks to submit that thing to the NJSP. My buddy in Franklin pays that out of his pocket every time he applies for a set of P2P's. So, he pays the state 20 bucks and his town 6 bucks (3 permits) every time he wants 3 P2P's. By contrast, I live in XXXX. Every time I want a set of 3 P2P's it only cost's me 6 bucks. I go to the PD with a completed form 033, a five and a single. Once a year the detective has me complete a new Mental Health consent form. That's a freebee. That's it. Which town is out of whack???
  6. A buddy of mine lives up in Franklin Borough - up in Sussex County. Every time he applies for a handgun P2P they have him go on the NJSP website and submit a 212A... "Request for a Criminal History Record Information for a Noncriminal Justice Purposes". Are they out of line up there in Franklin or what? If so, what can he do to get them squared away?
  7. I'm not on here too much anymore, but I just wanted to stop in and take this opportunity to... LMAO!!!
  8. ...dug out the Model 19 Everything else I have... That big 4506 is a real anchor, but it's also a dang laser. I'm always surprised by it when I drag it out to the range.
  9. Yep - thanks guys, I got figured out.
  10. My Model 29 Leupold scope. Hogue grip. All S&W otherwise. ...360PD 100% S&W. This little J-Frame is as light as a feather. Truly remarkable. ...M&P45 A few things done to this... 10-8 sights, polished APEX FSS & Trigger Kit. I removed the thumb safety. The light is a Surefire X300 Ultra. I've got a minty Model 19 stored away. I'll dig it out...
  11. I have photos saved to my Photobucket account. I can copy the URL from that account. I can click on the "Image" button and open the dialog box here on the NJGF. I can paste the URL address into the box. ...but I cannot get any further. I can't even close the dialog box once I open it. When I try to close or cancel, I get a message that asks me if I really want to close the dialog box. I can click on yes, but the box still stays open. I have to refresh the page in order to get away from it, lol... ...any help?
  12. I grew up in Pequannock. I always used the same two friends as references. The PD only mailed out the questionnaires for the first set of P2P's I applied for. The initial set took three weeks...maybe a month. After that, it took a week or so to get a set of P2P's (I always apply for three at a time). Naturally, I eventually moved out of town. Now it takes a month or so to get each set (still apply for three at a time, lol...). Just like Pequannock PD, my current PD only sent questionnaires out the first time. I applied for a set of P2P's and did the address change thing at the same time.
  13. If you think the trigger is ok now, you'll be blown away if you install the APEX trigger. I tried one in my full size 9 first. I now have them in my 9c, Shield and both .45's. Adding the APEX trigger system and 10-8 sights really transforms these guns.
  14. I've bought all sorts of modified PMags from Midwest PX. Hell, I've even got a few for guns I don't own...yet (*coughMATENcough* ...get after 'em Ty! Daddy needs a KeyMod 7.62 gun!). Every one of my MPX/Magpul 5.56 mags work great. "Flawless" is the word I'd use. I've also got two cut & riveted aluminum mags from Bushmaster. The method used to modify each mag is a little different (one is very old). They both suck donkey dick on the town square. I use them for malfunction drills ... the only thing they can be counted on nearly 100% of the time, lol......frackin' Bushamster
  15. HA! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of this every time I see some goofy screwball put ketchup on a hotdog. It is a target indicator. That's right ... ketchup on a hotdog is for anti-social, short-bus-ridin' nutjobs. It makes Dirty Harry angry. Get with the program, you perverted window lickers. Ketchup is for burgers and fries. ...sheeesh...