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  1. Got a pic and price? Ok, let me work on some numbers, thanks for the info.
  2. Let me try to come up with a number, still not 100% sure it will work, it might but I need to check with a buddy who knows shot guns more than me.
  3. Can you snap a couple pics? I'll check if they are interchangeable
  4. Hello all, As the title implies I'm looking for a Remington Model 11 12GA barrel with a cuts compensator. Thank you, Sam
  5. Hello all, I'm looking for a trench gun, would prefer something from WWII, would also consider a riot gun. Thanks, Sam
  6. Hello all, I'm looking for a 1895 Winchester, I'd prefer it to be in 30-40 Krag but I'm open as long as it's not black powder. Thank you, Sam
  7. Mrs. Peel, as a few others have said, if I had the time, I'd be at the calling location, but work is difficult to pull away from. I did however donate money to Kim. It's not much but hopefully it will help. Take the gun conversation off the table at Murphy's tax plan scares the hell out of me. My health insurance is going up next year by $7K because of Obamacare and I'm not even enrolled in the ACA, but I got hit with the Cadillac laws. I won't be able to afford to get sick if Murphy wins.
  8. So this thread is a few months old but I ended up buying a used 1987 27-3 with a 8 3/8" barrel. I wasn't looking for anything longer than a 6" barrel but I couldn't pass up the price.
  9. Honestly, I think another range in the area will do well. GFH is expanding because they are busting at the seems during the weekend. There's still going to be over flow and this new range can pick it up. Plus I live one town away in Pequannock and I know a bunch of people in town that can't wait to try this range out. You'll also see people coming from Riverdale, Pompton Lakes, Lincoln Park and parts of Wayne. It's easier to get to then GFH from these towns.
  10. I buy there all the time. They have a lot of used and milsurp inventory. I've never had an issue with anything I've purchased from them, new or used. Sorry to hear about tjs3023's experience. They've always done right by me. And I also buy from Tom at Oakridge, great guy as well. I was just there last week putting money down on a new milsurp piece.
  11. I've heard that about the Nambu, which is why I'm staying away from that.
  12. I'm open to a luger of sorts but not my first choice.
  13. Well if you do consider selling it, I'd like to hear more about it
  14. Rahway had a Nagant as well but for a little more than that.