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  1. But worth it? Meaning are they asking top dollar for museum quality pieces? Not that I can afford or collect pieces like that.
  2. Hello all, I stumbled across their website the other day and for milsurp, they look like the have a nice selection. Anyone here shop there and if so how are they? Thank you, Sam
  3. Yep, I was there last week and bought a Winchester 1917, Joe is a great guy to work with.
  4. I was reading a few threads were people were coming out and saying the top break action was never designed for these modern loads and will eventually fail and take part of your hand with it. So that doesn't sound pleasant at all. I get their point and I understand by the nature of the design it may not be able to handle hot loads. For me, the $1K price tag for a reproduction that might not come out of the safe that often is a hard pill to swallow. I might just skip the idea of the 45LC and stick with finding a top break in 38 or something else like that.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'm not dead set on this but I'm looking for a top break design, I also wanted something in 45LC. I figured if I can get both in 1 gun, I just killed two birds with 1 stone. While looking, I realized that 45LC and top break are hard to come by.
  6. Hello all, I got a couple of revolvers on my wish list and one of them is a No. 3 Russian, Schofield revolver in 45LC. Does anyone own one of the reproductions for Uberti and if so what are your thoughts? The price tag is a little steep but is it worth it? Thank you, Sam
  7. Hello all, I'm looking for a Martini action gun in a caliber that's still available. I'm located in Morris county. Thank you, Sam
  8. Bump, still looking
  9. Hello all, I got a shopping list, hopefully someone has the items I'm after. I'm in the market for 3 rifles. A 1917 from WWI, Eddystone would be great but I'm open to any make, not sporterized guns however. A Rolling block in 7MM Mauser would be perfect but I'm open to other calibers, except for 22 and 32 RF. Lastly the real odd duck, a revolving rifle or carbine but not a Rossi Circuit Judge and no black powder. Let me know what you got, Thanks, Sam
  10. Ok, final update on my DE. After G&S fixed the slide issue and made a new spring for the slide catch (the original one was broke) I tried the new ammo I got from Ventura and the gun is working fine now. The only issues I had were do to me not having a tight enough grip on it. But once I readjusted my stance and grip it was fine. I got 50 rounds through it and it shot remarkable accurately even with my grip not being perfect for the gun. So again, thanks all for the help and advice!
  11. Thanks all !
  12. Hello All, I've been thinking about getting a S&W in 357 and I like the specs on the model 27. I see that S&W is still making the model 27 but is it as good as an older one? Or is the new one better than an older one? Right now I'm just window shopping so I'm not putting money down on anything, just getting ready for a future purchase. Thank you, Sam
  13. Thanks Tony for the help. Yeah, I agree there's a learning process on this pistol. The only problem is that learning process isn't cheap Ventura Munitions makes a load specifically for DE's. They are out of stock now but I'm thinking about buying a box of that. Good thing is, what ever my DE doesn't like, my 29-3 has no problem with so nothing goes to waste.
  14. So an update to the DE saga. I was able to run 2 magazines worth of Hornady with almost no issues. The first round fired each time wouldn't put the gun back into battery, but I think it was on me. Other than that, no issues. I also used a new factory original magazine. I switched to Fiocchi and had a bunch of issues with cycling and going back into battery. Also as the gun got hot the slide would not stay open. So yesterday I dropped it off at a reputable gunsmith who saw that where the slide lock interfaces with the slide is rounded over and worn. He said it's an easy fix and he's also going to give it a detailed check to make sure everything is working correctly . It seems this gun really likes expensive ammo and does work very well when running it. I don't think I have all the bugs worked out yet but I'm getting close.