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  1. Great to deal with. Item arrived next day exactly as described. Thanks!
  2. No. Primers are intentionally set back in order to decrease the chance of detination if dropped. Older rounds such as the 45/70 Government have flush primers and were one of the last cartridges designed that way I believe for that exact reason. Don't worry, your 1911's firing pin will have no problem reaching those primers!
  3. Great to deal with. Highly recommend. Cheers!
  4. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks, dgp1000
  5. What gets me is why ammoman.com think they have the best deals in country when almost every deal they email me can be beaten EASILY almost anywhere else online! Shame as they are in NJ and I'd happily do the 50 mile drive, if only it was worth it!
  6. +1 for cguiro - Great to deal with, no problems at all. Would certainly deal with again. Thanks!
  7. Well if you have to have one, you have to have one! I decided on a 16" surplus barrel "Surplus Ammo & Arms 16" Carbine H-Bar 300 Blackout Stainless Steel 1:8 AR-15 Barrel" for $199.99. I've completed a nice standard 5.56 configured carbine lower so when the barrel arrives I just need to finish up the upper and have somebody pin and weld a brake on to it for me. TK, Let me know how you how you get on with your build and once completed how it performs and I'll relay the same info for you. Thanks all, David.
  8. If its good for a Garand it'll be fine in an 03A3. Garands are more sensitive to pressure being semi-automatic than bolt action rifles. Too much pressure in a semi-auto can cause all sorts of problems, some of which are dangerous so if the vendor is promising these rounds are good for garands, they'll be adequate at the least in any other rifle.
  9. That's a great looking setup you have there. I have everything I need but a stripped upper receiver and a barrel. I'm trying to keep the cost down as low as possible on this one and was hoping to find a barrel for <$200. Why are you going with an 18" over say a 16"?
  10. Well it sounds to me like if I built one of these I'd use it a lot since I'm not seeing much in the way of negative feedback and the above info has some really interesting facts. Thanks TM! Can anybody recommend a barrel manufacturer that's on the cheaper side? I'm looking at CMMG barrels right now. Has anybody had any experience with these? Also, I know there are variants of this round out there such as the "Whisper" and the 7.62x40m Wilson Tactical which I know is not quite identical but is also worth a look. Of all of the variants, is the 300 BLK the only version that has been SAAMI recognized? I don't particular want to build a wildcat that I'll need to buy a ton of brass for before it's phased out.
  11. I'm looking for thoughts and opinions on a 300 AAC Blackout upper build. Reason behind the build is I have a lot of .308 bullets in various weights that I reload for 30-06. 308 Winchester/7.62 NATO, 300 Win Mag, etc so ammunition would not be a concern. I'm likely going to use this for short range target shooting/fun at the range. Let me know if you have any experience with this caliber and what you think of it. Also, if anybody has a link to a cheap but reliable barrel please share. I'm not sure what length is best in this caliber for fair to descent target shooting but would like something that can keep 5 rounds in to a 2-3" group at 100 yards. I already have a .750 gas block, YHM hand guard, upper receiver (+kit), gas tube, muzzle break, roll pins and all other parts so just need the barrel. Thanks fellas, dgp1000
  12. If somebody would like to purchase the brass and bullets together I'm sure we could work out a good price. Let me know: [email protected]
  13. WTS 45 CAL .458 Hornady Bullets 4 full boxes of Hornady #4507 (50 per box) http://www.hornady.c....458-500-gr-DGS & 3 full boxes (50 per box) + a box of 39 Hornady #4504 http://www.hornady.c...-.458-500-gr-RN For sale or trade. Any and all offers considered. I sold my 458 Win Mag rifle so no longer need these. email me at [email protected] for questions and/or pictures. Location: 07010 Thanks
  14. Have one box of brand new never loaded hornady 458 Win Mag brass for sale: http://www.hornady.com/store/458-Win-Mag-Unprimed-Cases And 87 once fired, deprimed, resized and ready to load mixed head stamp 458 Win Mag brass cases. Will trade for 357 Sig, 6.8 REM SPC, 204 Ruger or 308 Win brass or loaded ammo. Or will sell for the right price, make me an offer! Thanks, David.
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