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  1. probably has a carbine tube and buffer. if the magpul stock is the same length as the ace entry, then what you have will fit as is
  2. do you have a fake adjustable stock.....as in one that looks like it can collapse but doesnt; or do you have a regular, plain looking, full size A2 stock, as in one you see in movies on full size M16s, mostly before 2000. posting a pic would be helpful. either way, you can easily convert from full size tube to carbine tube easily.
  3. cornwell is 100% US made kobalt is mostly import, but has some US made things. they do have a good lifetime warranty though.
  4. do you have a full length tube and buffer, or a carbine length and buffer.
  5. is that a rail on the bottom of the stock....for a monopod or sling adapter i guess?
  6. ive noticed the news has been reporting douchebergs illegal mayors against guns as an 'anti gun' lobby instead of 'gun control' lobby. even the liberal MSM is openly and blatantly saying what we've known for years. they are entirely anti-gun, not just pro gun control.
  7. thats exactly how asinine the laws are, and exactly why i specifically have cheaper guns i keep for HD, and not my favorites.
  8. should also include that there is no such thing as an 'assault weapon'. the term was made up in 1989 by the media, and its entirely open to interpretation. 'assault rifle' exists and has been regulated since 1934.
  9. too bad the hazmat fee is almost as expensive as the primers
  10. obviously thats what i meant. if its a FTF private sale, it doesnt have to be at a gunshow. the antis think gunshows are free for alls.
  11. fast shipping, no problems, buy safely
  12. just general information, the 90% came from a jan 2013 new york times poll of 1110 people asking 'do you think people should go through a background check to buy a gun at a gunshow.' needless to say, EVERY person who buys ANY gun at ANY gunshow in the country already goes through a background check. so not only are the polls skewed, it shows how blatantly ignorant people are.
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