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  1. ugh hope not to mix too many different kinds of alcohol lol
  2. Welcome to the forum
  3. it shows the code on the pic lol... "mbusset" works at checkout. hell of a deal
  4. I'm betting it was a really bad magazine causing the issues on that m16
  5. there are a bunch of 4K tv's I've been seeing BF ads for. so tempting!
  6. I need to grab some cheapos too. Down to my last fuente
  7. LOL god damn! I can just imagine the weight fully loaded
  8. that thing is a monster.
  9. Banshee is nice. Are you going to wait for black friday deals? Im sure there will be a ton
  10. Thats a great price for lvl 4
  11. Plus ceramics are expensive... ar500 lvl3+ with build up coating and a spall guard are GTG in my book.
  12. HE will tell you not to get steel armor in 5...4...3..2..1...
  13. makes sense to stock up on cheap online ammo now. the rebate program from federal is a great start
  14. I prefer BCM stuff as well. It's very reasonably priced and well made
  15. Any update on this range? I called their listed number several times but never got an answer.