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  1. either the Dan Wesson V-Bob Duty Treat or Les Baer TRS I have sitting at Steve's. hoping my permits are done before I die from old age so I can actually enjoy them. that P7 is a beauty
  2. I think there was one for sale on the bullpup forum not too long ago
  3. I met Gunny at an airport. nice guy John Wick.
  4. Same here. A spare LPK for each rifle and 1 backup complete BCG.
  5. I know. Was obviously just joking...
  6. can we show up with 80% lowers?
  7. 1911's got me hooked and they'll start multiplying before you know it RO was my first and it's a sweet pistol
  8. Hey medved did you make sure to fully clean the threads before applying the loctite the first time around? I use an alcohol soaked q-tip to clean out any residue before using blue loctite and its been perfect. Make sure the alcohols evaporated before applying a small drop and youre good to go
  9. HE - what hybrid plate setup would you reccomend? Are they lighter than traditional ceramic lvl 4?
  10. I dunno... there are too many youtube vids ive seen that i care to remember but ive never seen 762x39 do that on ar500armor branded plates. It was always a much larger cartridge. You sure you didnt mean m193? Speed is what defeats armor and 55gr m193 is faster than 62gr m855. Lvl 3 steel plates wont stop m193 but lvl 3+ will due to a higher speed rating. Jesus these things are so damn heavy. Need to exercise lol
  11. I forgot i even had plates till i saw this notification lol. Youre probably right about the spall, but from what i recall "extra build up" only split up like how you described from being hit by something along the lines of 308 AP or 30-06 AP rounds multiple times but i could be wrong (ar500armor brand). I dont remember seeing the coating breaking up by more "common" rifle calibers (556 or 762x39) but its been a while... my wife bought me those ar500 lvl 3+ plates during a black friday sale several years ago Would your DKX level III plates stop 556 rounds out of a 20" barrel? If i could do it all over again id get ceramic lvl4 and be done with it.... im stuck with these smelly heavy ass ar500 lvl3+ plates
  12. Someone at colt really didnt give a shit about their job lol. Bad blow to the supplier. Id be pissed as hell too theyre probably sitting on or are about to receive boat loads of components that will go nowhere
  13. astigmatism is why I stopped using red dots... on a good day it's a small comet. on a bad day it's a huge blurry mess primary arm's prism scopes got great reviews. the vortex prism scopes are good too
  14. what is this broke back mountain...??