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  1. lol. The owner told me only 2 or 3 guys showed up last time I might be back there on Monday if they're open
  2. I use nothing but poverty ponies. Can't beat the value
  3. looks good - nice pick up
  4. That sucks... however, in my experience companies rarely honor price change differences. Wholesale is a different story, but on the retail end I never see it happen.
  5. anyone ever think Taran looks like Eugene from the walking dead?
  6. Would recommend looking into a Larue MBT trigger
  7. this is what I ordered for indoor http://www.sgammo.com/product/wolf-or-wpa/1000-round-case-wolf-mil-spec-762x39mm-125-grain-fmj-copper-jacket-non-magnetic- I brought yugo surplus brass to shoot but its a pain in the ass cleaning up after firing corrosive ammo
  8. nice pick up. Im guessing you need to check bolt gap on the 32 just like the 91s?
  9. GT is a negative... which is a huge bummer but the wolf polyformance isnt mich different in price
  10. ill be sure to say hi next time. Longshot is definitely a great facility and the owner is a really nice guy. Look forward to spending more time in that 50yd range and the upcoming live fire simulation. to be clear on ammo, I confirmed with the owner that steel case ammo is fine as long as the bullet isnt bi-metal or steel core. so for you AK guys wolf polyformance with copper jacket is GTG in 762 and hornady 5.45 as well.
  11. geez that's a lot of money.
  12. Excellent advice Bob - thank you. I'm heading out to LongShot's 50yd range in about 30 minutes or so if anyone else happens to be heading that way. I'll likely be the only asian guy... with a blacked out Mak90 and 20" AR. Come say hi
  13. Really?? Damn this was on a brand new SS barrel... I don't have anymore IMI, but will try with other m193 later today and see if it's still green lol.
  14. I've had great luck with IMI ammo as well. Strange thing is that my last batch of IMI M193 produced green fireballs out of my 20" AR. IMO... american eagle is incredibly dirty firing ammo