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  1. Damn that sucks. Sgammo was always my go-to for cases....
  2. BJJ + yoga is fantastic for older individuals with joint/flexibility issues. Building core strength and increasing flexibility is life changing as age progresses
  3. Nice to see several taekwondo practitioners. I've practiced, competed, and taught most of my younger life and also dabbled a lot in Muay Thai. Having hand to hand experience absolutely changes your perception of social situations and can be a huge confidence booster. Learning in a full contact setting also gives you a nice edge if you're ever in a position to use it. After a bad back injury, which ironically wasn't training related, I had to give up the lifestyle for a while, but the intuition you gain is always there. In hindsight, I wish I had focused on Muay Thai over all else as a kid. It's much more effective on the street compared to other traditional martial arts.
  4. In my experience, shipping leadtimes can vary but they're a great vendor overall.
  5. That's what I'm wondering too. Sounds made up
  6. How much for the complete upper?
  7. Nice! Let us know how it is. I'm so tempted as well
  8. Mike @ Tier 1 Defense does great work
  9. Same here. All the reviews are great and it's designed for use with steel cased 762x39 on the cheap
  10. Great job. I doubt I could even clearly see a playing card at that distance
  11. Nice! Dan Wessons are an amazing buy
  12. quitting was definitely a life changer. never again
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