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  1. Same here... lots of love for the TRP I've done quite a bit of modifications/hand filing on my stainless version - here's a after/before shot: and another.... Very reliable, accurate, and absolutely love the 20lpi front strap checkering. With all the work I've done to mine, feels like a completely different gun, but they are awesome. Edit: I think the carbon steel and stainless base TRP's can be had used for around or maybe even under $1k. If I'm not mistaken, Springfield honors transferred warranties as well (lifetime).
  2. Yeah they're definitely way different than anything I was used to as a kid. In Odyssey, there are certain places on the maps where the game pays homage to some of the original NES/SNES Mario Bros games which I thought was pretty cool.
  3. Done. Also in for the raffle if it happens.
  4. Mario Odyssey is great my 6yo loves it. Luigi's mansion 3 is also coming out in early 2019 I think. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is also good. Just got this for my son but the gameplay is very different. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/mario-rabbids-kingdom-battle-switch
  5. This online raffle service could work...https://rallyup.com/pricing/?price=raffle No fees for donors except for "tips" and credit card processing fees Or this place... https://raffles.ticketprinting.com/How-It-Works/ (Raffle River) No fees for donors except credit card processing fees - no mention of a "tip" Or just pick a name out of a hat lol
  6. nice to see another AK variant post! great pickup
  7. fine choices all around
  8. Ive wanted a cz527 for a while now... the set trigger feature looks fun and the reviews seem to be great. the fact that its built for steel cased 762x39 makes it easy on the wallet too for a fun plinker most if not all cz products are great in general.
  9. sounds like an awesome time...
  10. tupperdore all the way! so cheap and easy to do
  11. cant go wrong with a mak90 or sar-1 either as factory built rifles.
  12. love me some kennedy fried chicken! not too many of them in jersey but was my go to spot in queens
  13. ^ This. As a smoker, you never realize how much it stinks until you're on the opposite end...
  14. I agree with the above for quitting cold turkey. Ive been cigarette free for exactly 13 months now with no turning back. After over 15 years of smoking, it was hard as hell to do but so worth it. Life changing experience and it made me feel like I could do anything. Just woke up one morning and made a strong willed decision to quit for my family. Cut the first craving, the second, third, and kept chugging until days, weeks, then months passed by. Once the first month is down, it gets easier and easier... just understand that the withdrawl symptoms can get pretty intense (migraines, anger, body aches, etc...) but remember that its temporary and worth the fight. Most important factor is not giving into any excuses your mind might be telling you to sneak a harmless smoke. All it takes is one slip up and you're back to square one. Good luck bud. You can absolutely do it. edit; ive also tried vaping (for several years) but in all honesty you're still committing yourself to the nicotine addiction and the cravings will never stop. Mind over matter.
  15. I bought during that sale when these triggers first came out. Even though they stated a long wait time, I still got mine within 1.5-2 weeks of ordering... that is not bad at all and they still apologized for the time (and it comes with some cool swag) Larue is a great company to do business with and their products are quality. There are usually a bunch of used MBT's on other forum classifieds too if you can't wait that long