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  1. can't go wrong with RS regulate. very solid gear
  2. Looks pretty sick. not sure how you think all of the other 200+ movies aren't 'legit'? he does action/comedy... and he's jackie chan lol
  3. I would say the closer you get to the GWB in north jersey, the worse it gets... I live right by there ask me how I know lol. Hate this area. 3 months if you're lucky up here nowadays
  4. what a shame. Hope this doesn't happen to Long Shot in Secaucus
  5. I wouldnt mind holding till ogam is up.
  6. Sweet! Thanks rob!
  7. Ill take it
  8. I've been searching for one too. No luck so far. The griffin QD blast shield work on standard milspec A2 flash hiders... maybe there's some room to make it fit an FSC556?
  9. #3 = Les Baer TRS ??
  10. Its nighthawks stippling. This can be seen on a lot of custom 1911s nowadays
  11. Yup. pretty sure all tavors can be converted righty to lefty or purchased in either configuration. I just converted my right hand Tavor SAR to lefty
  12. nice!! I bet it's silky smooth
  13. Very true... a chrono would be required to really verify. I'm only using posted velocities for M193 which is my main cheap range ammo out to a max of 100 yards for now. Thanks again guys - much appreciated
  14. Are Ballistic AE and MD Ballistics iphone apps? My android/google playstore doesn't show any results matching those names
  15. Thanks guys. I just used www.shooterscalculator.com to get some quick figures and it gives a lot of info. I have strelok on my phone but it gives me a headache as well so I resorted to my laptop and just printed out a few charts. I guess I'll go with my original plan and set a few targets POA > POI (-1.5") to mimick a 100yard zero and verify once I can get to an actual 100 yard range lol