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  1. why open that can of worms...?
  2. someday an M1 garand will be in my safe...
  3. Speaking of hangovers... Ever since I quit smoking, my hangovers aren't nearly as painful as they used to be. I don't get buzzed/drunk nearly as fast either.
  4. ugh... that's one number I don't want to know for my own sanity spent $4k on 1911's alone last year lol
  5. Thanks for the tips. I did notice the lawn gets a bit discolored at times when it doesn't rain as often. I'll be raising the blades asap lol. Great tip on keeping the weeds down too. Had no idea grass height had any effect on those suckers. Our front lawn is sprawled with weeds this year... pain in the ass
  6. damn I've been cutting our grass WAY too short... thank God for our gun forum to show me the light on lawn care LOL I always kept it at 1-notch from the lowest/shortest setting thinking it was better to keep the grass short and not cut as often.
  7. Nice- How's that blast shield working for you?
  8. 34/35... didn't know the origins of the word "ballistic"
  9. if internet ammo sales are banned and things get rough... we should all go in on a pallet if it's feasible from a neighboring state
  10. Yes! The Keg is a great spot... I really don't know how they do up their prime ribs but it's magical...
  11. Wasn't there another thread not too long ago regarding a similar situation? What a shitty situation... I hope it works out to your wife's favor. The other driver sounds like a complete tool. If you're pulling into a parking space, how fast do you need to be going that you can't step on the brakes? I've had plenty of instances of people exiting their cars as I'm trying to pull in and nothing bad has ever happened... not even remotely close... When I was involved in a he said/she said minor collision a while back, I was advised by the officers to head down to the station and write out my own report even though an officer had already completed his paperwork at the scene. This helped tremendously in court
  12. I have a ton of the IMI 556 and it shoots great. Mine have been clean burning and no issues at all. For me, any steel cased ammo burned incredibly dirty... It was worth it to spend some extra coin to avoid having to clean the gun more often
  13. If anyone is ever up in Toronto, I'd highly recommend The Keg which is right by the Toronto international airport. They have the best prime rib I have ever had and a gigantic beer selection. It's a bit pricey but so worth it... Locally, the wife and I enjoy a place called Cliff's Steakhouse in englewood cliffs. Their ribeye and filet mignon are delicious
  14. Yup... I've noticed for sale signs all over town in recent weeks Good for you Howard! Wish I could leave this place too
  15. Oh man I would love to get back to the DFW area. So much great bbq ... Bartley's and Off the Bone come to mind