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  1. Great show. Great cast and some of the cleanest Crown Vics around.
  2. Great series. Welever is very watchable.. Played Silas Adams in Deadwood and the IRA guy Jimmy in Sons of Anarchy.
  3. Nice car...but... gonna hang onto the wife's 99 Crown Vic with 82,000 Just luv old farts cars..... comfort and room. Good Luck.
  4. Back when I was in my early twenties (in the very early 60's) I really dug some of the German WWII weapons. Did finally get a Luger,a P-38 and a Schemiser MP40. Regrettably all long gone. Would still like to get a M1918 Browning B.A.R. This was my baby in the service. It was just sooo John Wayne. Being 83 I'm not sure I could lift it now.... but thats what the sling was for, right! Agree with the praise for the Model 19. My 19-3 is my oldest and most reliable revolver. Gotta keep dreaming....
  5. Was never really good at math but.... My HiPower goes from 13 rounds to 10 = (-3)... But if I buy 10 rounds mags for my Springfield Loaded 1911 = +3 Am I even???? (sarcasm -On)
  6. SOLD WTS Firearms Int'l Model D 380 auto. Quick History.. Designed by Star & Colt/F.I. for possible manufacture as the Colt Pony. Colt backed out and F.I. manufactured the pistol between 1973 and 1977 after which Iver Johnson took over. This pistol has the Colt Serial number CPA011226. The CPA standing for Colt Pony Auto. This is an all steel, locked breech, scaled down 1911. Rear adjustable sight. Finish... about 85%. Check the pics Grips... Walnut checkered grips with F.I. Medallions in great shape. Barrel... 3" with a very good bore Dimensions.. 6" long 4 1/4" high and 1 1/4" wide at the grips. Magazines... Come with one original flush mount grip and a second new Colt Govt 380 mag which extends slightly. Issues........ FTE's. Usually the first several mags work fine but then will consistently get an FTE in each mag. This occurs with both mags and will all different ammo. Cycling rounds manually it seems to work fine. IMHO.. Probably worn extractor. But I am positively no expert. Appears that NUmrich has parts. ..Bottom line.. This little, all steel, 1911 fits so nice in the hand, is pretty accurate and has low recoil and it needs a good home. Reason for selling... Need cash for next purchase... a Browning 1911-380 Black Label Pro Compact which fills in the family between the Buckmark and the Hi Power. Have seen a couple of these sold on GB in the $400 plus area. I am asking $200 as it has that FTE problem.
  7. Just bought a new pistola at RTSP around 1:30 this afternoon. Rec'd e-mail from RTSP at 3:30 that NICs cleared. Looks like they are back up.
  8. Old fart wheels. V8, RWD. Just the way God intended. and a big ass trunk for toys....
  9. Why "Holy Cow". 83 going on 35. Our toys keep us young. Besides, you never know what an "old fart" is carrying in the big ass trunk of that Crown Victoria!!!.
  10. Similar experience. I'm in my 80's and worked for over forty years at Newark Airport, so my hearing wasn't great,but not too bad. About 3 years ago I was at a trap range and the instructor was saying something to me and I couldn't make out what it was. At that time I was using my old airline ear muffs which worked pretty good.. So I broke the seal on the left earpiece and one or two shots went off next to me. I didn't notice anything wrong til the next day. Had the ringing (tinitus) and it sounded like people were mumbling and I had difficulty making out what they were saying.. The ringing was moderately bad and it lasted for about three months and then finally went away. So, if you aren't having trouble understanding what people are saying, you should be all right. Unfortunately for me I still have trouble making out what some people are saying. Apparently, I blew out all those fine little hairs in my left ear, so if people aren't speaking clearly,or mumbling or swallowing their words I usually get one word out of three. Had to get hearing aids but they are mostly just amplifiers and really don't help with speech clarity, no matter what anyone says.. All the best... Sounds like you should be OK Kenny
  11. Will have to defer to God, AKA John Moses Browning . Want my B.A. R back. (May not be able lift it 60 years later but that what the bi-pod is for.) and my 1911.
  12. Old Dog, Thank you for your service should really be Thank you for the sacrifice you made for our country. A belated but hearty "welcome home". and you have more friends than you know. Wishing you all the best.
  13. That was tough----blowing out those 242 candles on the cake. Semper Fi
  14. Hi Griz, Saw a note about the firing pin. Good catch. Will check it out, just out of curiosity. As this is just going to be a range toy to play around with, it won't be carried loaded. Hope to get to the range sometime next week to check it out. It does fit my hand so nicely. All the best, Kenny
  15. Any time, John. All the best, Kenny
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