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  1. You know it was actually magazines cause otherwise they would have called it a 'clip' sale!
  2. Don't pay that much. The Aimpoint Pro always goes on sale around the $360 mark every couple of months. I got mine for $364 or so shipped, I don't remember where now, but the deal always comes up. I've seen it as low as $350. For some reason its' always the Pro. Look at slickguns.com Be patient and save yourself $100 or so.
  3. Is this as good deal? Remington 11-87 Sportsman (Black Synthetic Stock) - 28" 12ga or 26" 20ga - $399.98 after $100 Mail In Rebate I"m not familiar with 11-87 prices. Good starter for a Semi Auto Shotty?
  4. I'd say 9mm is the phillips head screw driver then. Pretty much does most things and you will always reach for it. That's some variety right there. Probably are one of those guys with a wall mounted spice rack in your kitchen with all kinds of crazy stuff.
  5. Those are like the two calibers I"d never buy. LOL. .357 sig cause it's expensive and brass is too rare to reload. 40sw cause I suck at shooting it.
  6. No, not a caliber debate. Enough of those already. The question is more do you like to stick with one particular caliber? Or do you like to change it up? I have a friend who likes to have a different caliber for each gun he buys. As for me everything is 9mm except for my 1911. I personally just really like 9mm. No interest in 40sw. 45 is nice but I find my 1911 suffices for that (for now). How many different calibers do you guys run?
  7. Ask around people you know and shoot with first. You'd be surprised how people "know somebody who knows somebody" who is interested. I like to deal with friends or people I'm familiar with first. I agree with the others. Not worth losing hundreds of dollars selling to a dealer. Would not want to see you get ripped off or a fellow member not get a good deal.
  8. Maybe the new HK VP9? Just a thought. Supposedly that new Arsenal Strike One is suppose to be out this month or next. I have my eyes set on that. Revolver is a nice choice and I'd say go for it with at least one of your permits. Totally different shooting experience and a nice new trigger to learn discipline on. Let us know what you decide.
  9. The heat molded one on for my 1911 was a bad fit. Left a mark on my 1911. Sent it back and then it left a mark on the other side. I'm pretty sure it can be fixed with a blow drier and honestly I've not heard of others having this issue. Think mine was just a fluke. The injection mold I find to be way more consistent.
  10. I like the Revolution a lot. Have one for my G34. Honestly do not see why their premium $80 model is any better. Functions the exact same and is adjustable. Just a quarter of the price. Can mount paddle or Tek-Lok. I would start with that for sure.
  11. I didn't have this issue on my TRP, but I did with my rounds and other 1911s. It was the exact same issue. Rounds were "tight" going into the barrel. Could not figure it out and it did end up being the crimp. I basically set it by first setting my COL to where I wanted it to be with zero crimp. Then I would turn the crimp die down maybe a 1/16" turn at a time until it dropped into the barrel of my TRP with absolutely no resistance. That is what I found factory ammo to do so I just tried to replicate the same. With too little or too much crimp the round would not seat all the way into the barrel, or would do so with resistance. After this all the rounds feed awesome. I am using a Lee Pro 1000, Berry's copper plated 200gr flat point bullets, I am not an experience reloader by any means, but I hope this advice helps.
  12. I knew there had to be a trade off somewhere. Thanks for the input.
  13. The Lyman turbo is the model I was looking at On NatcheZ. I did not know it didn't polish. Thanks. Heard it was great for gun cleaning. True?
  14. I looked up the details of some sonic cleaners. Claims it can do 900 9mm casings in under 10 Minutes. Plus it supposedly does a more thorough Job than tumbling. Also can used for gun parts. So with all that why would anyone tumble? Unit Is around $100 which isn't crazy. I currently tumble and thought about switching To sonic cleaning. But there has to be a catch. For those of you in the know and/or with experience What are the pros and cons? Is it worth the Switch?
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