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  1. Frank from NJ2AS posted a message on facebook that I used as an email to his list of reps. I can provide the letter and list of reps if anyone wants it. I sent it out last night and got an interesting and very good response today. The reply came from Elaine Turner on behalf of Asm. Michael Carroll
  2. If you do go with the Cx4 I would recommend some non-magnification glass and if your a bigger person I would look into the shoulder inserts to make it a little more comfortable
  3. I got a Cx4 in 9mm just over a year ago. I love it. Switched the magwells and mag release over to a 92 series to use the same mags as my 92fs. You wouldn't regret getting the Cx4, if you can find the right price of course, not sure what they are going for these days
  4. Yeah and it really sucked because I put in the paperwork on my 21st birthday. But it is what it is really, just cant wait to leave this state There is one in Burlington county as well. 5 total
  5. Probably but they never even contact the references for P2Ps. I think they were just jerking me around, I had to go to Internal Affairs to get it through.
  6. Wow thats crazy. My P2Ps took 6 months when I applied in April.
  7. Welcome neighbor! I am from WT as well, if you have any town direct questions just shoot me a message!
  8. Philly has horse cops as well. I see them here at school all the time. They were out when we had a mini riot after making the sweet 16 last year. Nobody wants to mess with a horse. Also I've been told the horses are trained to walk by bringing their feet up high, not sure what the exact purpose of that is but that's what I was told. Its also pretty awesome to see an animal walk past city traffic that is taller than most SUVs
  9. The trigger isn't the greatest but you get used to it. You can always upgrade that stuff with Sierra parts
  10. I have the Beretta Cx4 Storm in 9mm. Right now it's by far my favorite gun, bit pricey right now I think. And I just bought a 92FS so I changed the magwells in the Cx4 to accept the same mags
  11. Just got an electronic NICS check done by Plumstead on Wednesday. no ssn
  12. 2006. Crew 717E5, strange how I still remember that. Was 14 and a life scout when I went
  13. Thanks, glad someone recognizes the cattle brands
  14. Just got this yesterday. Will post more pictures once it's done healing. First tattoo for me
  15. Got the call that they are done today Submitted for 2 P2Ps on April 4th Thats 182 days
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