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  1. This has never been mounted or fired. I got it with the ambition of building a hunting rig - which never came to fruition. Incredibly clear glass, just have no need for it. Asking $500 shipped - I'll throw in a 3D printed throw lever for it as well.
  2. So since the new limit went into effect, I had to adapt and overcome. I printed an adapter to make my hexmags effectively 10/30s w/o having to buy new mags. This little piece glues onto the bottom of the plastic hexmag insert limiting the mag to 10. I'm selling these for $7 each shipped - half the price of new mags and will ship right away. https://imgur.com/a/hK6Nf01 Never posted an ad in here for something I made but trying to help out my fellow commie state gun owners.
  3. Let me know what you got. If it's not threaded, I need to factor the cost of threading into the equation. This is going to be a suppressor host, so I need the threads. Was trying to avoid extra work.
  4. Looking for that barrel you decided to take off and replace. Let me know what you guys got. Trying to keep it cheap as this will be a beater gun.
  5. Cleaning out my gun room, bc wtf else am I going to do? All prices are net to me and include shipping, so +4% if paying as g/s. 1.55" Scope Cover $12 https://imgur.com/WiFL26k 1.605" Scope Cover $12 https://imgur.com/6O7x1p8 Hogue Revolver Grip for SW K & L Frames $25 https://imgur.com/vLrfBp2 4x 3" Picatinny Rail Sections for dickmod Keymod $12 each https://imgur.com/3uR6my0 1" Scope Rings $17 https://imgur.com/2oh5L6u VFG w/ Buttplug(?) for Pic Rail $25 https://imgur.com/8WFhdxN 1" Scope Rings w/ Riser $17 https://imgur.com/thuzKdW Glock Mag Light Holder $20 https://imgur.com/BrFn8P7 Bag O' Pic Rail Covers $25 https://imgur.com/PE5uvS8 Hornady Press Conversion Bushing $7 https://imgur.com/HdbqO0d Kydex IWB Sig 320 Holster $50 https://imgur.com/H2b3XYQ & https://imgur.com/xJrVmms Since I'm no longer in NJ, meeting up FTF is rather difficult. But I'm including shipping in all my prices and will get stuff out same/next day.
  6. Can this be converted to 9mm w/ just a barrel? I don't really need this.... but what's another handgun?
  7. I have a few AR Mag Racks and Pmag couplers ready to be shipped today. They hold 5 mags fully loaded. $20 shipped for 1, each additional is $16. Coupler - $15 for 1, $12 for each additional Pic: I offer a 6 month no BS warranty on anything I sell. If for ANY reason it breaks within 6 months of your purchase, I will replace it just for the cost of shipping. No questions asked. Here it is in use:
  8. I'm cleaning up some of my stuff and funding my Form 1 purchase. All prices are shipped and net money to me (please add 4% if not paying via friends/family). MFT Stock - mounted but never shot and sat in safe - $50 KAK Shockwave 1.0 Brace - brand new - $35 AR Plastic Handgaurds - taken off new builds, never used - $20 for both of them Will likely add some stuff as I clean up my room. Here's a picture of my sad doggo for motivation:
  9. Always a day late. I'd given you $250 for it =) If all else falls through, I'll take it.
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