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  1. JoeTK37

    686 SSR .357

    Hopefully late this week or next. This damn work stuff keeps getting in the way.
  2. JoeTK37

    686 SSR .357

    Nope not yet. Hopefully soon
  3. JoeTK37

    686 SSR .357

    Well it finally came in a few weeks ago but I haven’t had time to take pictures or get it to the range yet. But is sure is pretty...... I was looking at revolvers for a long time and couldn’t figure out what I wanted. Thanks to the help on this forum I came up with a list of the things I wanted, tapered underlug(just for looks), 6-shot, 4” barrel, smooth trigger and that landed me on the Smith and Wesson 686 SSR
  4. I took Bob's advice..... I just kinda followed my heart and went with what I had initially been drawn to. 4" SSR, has the looks I want, true 6 -shooter, competition legal if I ever go down that path. Pics and follow up when it comes in
  5. Does anyone have any thoughts on a standard production gun(Smith and Wesson) vs. a Pro Series or Performance Center? id like an awesome trigger. But I’m not opposed to doing work myself if it’s doable. Projects like that are fun.
  6. Range just for paper. I've got other options for HD. The only other use i could see would be a slim(but possible?) Problem bear on the property.
  7. Ok, ready use my next permit and pick up my first revolver. Im torn between a 686/+ or a 627. It’s going to be a range toy. I’m leaning towards a 4-5” barrel. These are the models I’ve narrowed it down to. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts And of course I can’t figure out how to load the pics from my phone because the files are too big. So here are the SMith and Wesson part numbers 178014 627 4” Pro 11760 686+ Performance Center 5”
  8. After the wait permits are finally in. I want to pick up a sub compact .380 semi and then a .357 revolver so far this is what I’m thinking I haven’t shot any of them and would love feedback from any who have .380: Kahr CW380 for the ultimate in pocket size fun or a G42 for something a little more shootable. This is just a range toy since there’s no way to carry here. I love the idea of something as tiny as the Kahr(and like that it’s a little more unique), but maybe the Glock is more customizable and pleasant to shoot? .357: this is just because a big honking .357 is cool and I’ve never owned or shot a revolver I’ve narrowed it down to the Smith 686 really digging the new Performance Center models though they’re probably overkill for a 3-4time a year range visit, maybe something more like the SSR but who knows love the hear thoughts, thanks!!
  9. I picked mine up January 2012 which was after the magazines had been updated. I have two, but in that 1000rds I've literally never had a misfeed. My only malfunctions have been: 3 failures to fire, all in the same batch of Winchester Super X. My Marlin XT-22 bolt gun wouldn't fire them either 2 double fires. When it gets super dirty it'll sometimes let two fly. A quick cleaning and it's back to normal. The ejector used to be a weak point. So I picked up a volquartsen piece when I got the trigger. The trigger takes 10min to install. The ejector more so I was too lazy to do it. No issues to this point. Aside from the Winchester all the ammo I've put through it (AE, Federal, CCI) has shot flawlessly. Most accurate for me has been the Federal 36gr CP LRN. Indoors with a bipod off the "bench" at 75yds I can group 5 under an inch which I'm really happy with(im still pretty new at this)
  10. I have a 597 with about 1000 res through it. I swapped the sear for the Volquartsen which reduces the trigger pull by about 50%. LOVE the rifle. Its an 18" HB model (From Dicks, GASP). Its reliable, extremely accurate and different. I didn't want a run of the mill 10/22. So far I'm thrilled with it. Any questions let me know
  11. Keep us posted on this one. It has me quite intrigued
  12. I was into electric heli's for a while. Never got into gas. I ran nitro monster trucks for a while. Sucked at tuning. If my heli's were gas they fall out of the sky when they stalled
  13. How much weight did you save by making the switch?
  14. I've got the same upper. I'm pretty happy with it. The function has been flawless and the SS12G2 is extremely light, although not the easiest to mount picatinny accessories to. The only change I made to the upper was a swap to a BCM charging handle, really just because I like the look better. I went with a Vortex Sparc. Now I haven't been able to shoot it past 50yds, but off a bench with the RDS I can get a pretty tight group, standing off hand rapid fire I can move around the corners or a target paper with ease. I was looking to keep my first AR somewhat budget and it worked out great, although it started a little bit of an addiction.
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