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  1. HFT runs a full page ad in American Rifleman. Time to let the NRA know.
  2. They are state residents. It's not the state government it's the mindset of this state.
  3. It's a cheap trick by Christie. I would have rather had him pardon Brian Aitken.
  4. A police department making up the rules as they go along? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. All of the bills say a license from "a" state which could be read as a license from any state. The only mention of residency is where you can't use an out of state permit to carry in your own state. So, yes, you would be able to use your non resident Florida permit to carry in NYC, Philly or Boston for example. Also to get it to pass, attach it to something and hide it good. It will pass if it's done right. However republicans don't want this to pass. They want Obama to veto it so the NRA can go say Obama vetoed it and raise money for 2016. These are professionals not amateurs.
  6. The Hispanic origin thing originated in the bush era and spanned the entire federal government.
  7. I live in Sussex County. Even at the height of the market houses were slow to move. Besides my wife is in love with this house and doesn't want to move out of the NYC area because her kids (outside the marriage) and her job is here. She'll lose her pension and benefits if she quits to move.
  8. I did it last year and it really isn't complicated but it's not as simple as say PA or FL. It's not a simple one form with class certificate and you're done. You need to take their specific class and qualify (which really isn't hard though). You can do the online app at any time and schedule your fingerprints at any time then you have I think a year to take the class and send in your paperwork to DPS. That's how most instructors recommend doing it. But you need the online app confirmation before you can schedule your prints. Out of state there's a bit more with the timing to avoid multiple trips. They use your DL picture if you're a resident. I like their system. You get feedback on the process and it's all tracked online. They are also pretty fast, people are getting them in like 7 days now.
  9. I have a house in NJ and sales have been slow in this town.
  10. Hope this gets some attention rather than being buried. But this bill is a much needed fix for FOPA. Write your congress critters. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20150116/interstate-transportation-of-firearms-and-ammunition-bill-introduced
  11. Do you have a Utah CCW or other permit?
  12. Good luck. If you want info on how to get a CHL let me know. The process is a bit involved but it's worth it. They actually tie it in to your driver license. I love Texas. I wish I could live there. I'd be in hog heaven.
  13. There's a nappen lawsuit ongoing for this but expect her to rework the agreement once Nh non res for us is restored.
  14. Sadly you're right. However a depressed housing market will keep the productive ones who own homes in the state. I think what can change NJ apart from a complete revolution is action on the federal level. Courts or congress, and both are looking like long shots now. So those of us who want to enjoy freedom will have to move. I swear I am never going to own a home ever again. It keeps you anchored and under the thumb of laws and policies that are detrimental to you.
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