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  1. I use the Wicked Edge System. Edge has a mirror polish that you can most definitely use to shave. https://hp-tactical.com/products/wicked-edge-pro-pack-i
  2. I realize this is a very old thread. But, the itch to build something has started again. Are cannons legal in NJ or are they destructive devices? I would assume that under .50cal and with a barrel greater than 16" its a a muzzloder rifle. How about a golf ball cannon with a 16" barrel? On the smaller side. How about one designed to fire .17 pellets or BBs with a couple grains of BP and having a barrel thats no more than an inch or 2 long.?
  3. What I should have asked is. Where can I find 9mm full size steel CZS.? So far I found 1 in 40. I usually pay very near wholesale for my guns. Now I am actually considering paying up to retail or I. Some cases a little over msrp.
  4. son of sam


    I like mine. My son snagged the 1st one I had. So just bought another. They are a little pricey. FYI- for those of you who don't know about it. The clip loader from McFadden is amazing for 22/45 and other rimfire mags. Takes a couple of seconds to load a mag.
  5. I would like to progress along with her. Shame there are not more shoots closer to SJ. Plan on hitting Old Bridge. But, it's almost 2 hours from Buena. We have competitions at South Jersey Shooting club, they are more fun level. Safe and good practice I checked out the training link and sent them an email. Anyone know approximate cost of classes with them?
  6. My daughter and I shot a local Club match. She is hooked, I like all Shooting games so no problem getting her to them. I will compete also. She has a lot of natural ability. I have been Shooting all my life. While I am a pretty good shot, I am not an authority on Shooting sports. Are there trainers available to get her started on the right path? Plan to set up some steels and get a timer to build her speed. Somehow I feel like there is more to it in order to get those 2sec times. Lastly. Is there a website that lists all the steel challenge matches or do I need to follow the websites for each range in the area?
  7. Awesome S&W. LGS has had one for a while. I have been considering for some time but other buys always seem to get priority. I have a 460xvr with a Trijicon RMR. I would not go with a cheep red dot like a venom. Recoil on magnums is punishing. I trashed a weaver handgun scope after a few shots.
  8. Many states have passed constitutional carry laws, NH is the most recent. Do these laws extend to non-residents? Does anyone know of an app or website that lists the gun laws regarding carry? I am waiting on my Utah NR and it would be nice to know with some degree of certainty what the local laws are prior. For that matter it would be nice to know if you must disclose without being questioned that you are carrying. I really hope this comes to our great state soon. Maybe CC will want to make a name for himself before he leaves office.
  9. $1000 is a hard budget to make a decision. Think about a CZ75/85 and a brick of ammo to go with it. I love my Kimbers, but none of them were in that range. Some great wheel guns like a 686 at that range Shotgun, for a grand your not in O/U range. Min $2500 for anything nice.
  10. More of a question (not trying to hi-jack the thread) than advice. Per my other post I have some predisposed ideas about home defense and defensive layers. I am under the idea that speed and violence of response/attack is key to victory. So if my alarm goes off in the middle of the night I have pre-conditioned my response to be as fast as possible and as violent as possible to the intruder. This is not necessarily using a firearm.
  11. I havent found a holster yet. As of now I plan to carry in the small of my back with some kind of IWB. Open to suggestions. I like this also. But, somehow not very practical. lol
  12. I have used duracoat several times. Mix and sprayou with a harbor freight airbrush. Good stuff imo
  13. I would agree with Smokin50. Except, you (I assume) are not a trained and experienced gun fighter.The chances of you getting at your weapon, determining a safe shot and actually pulling it off while in a state of terror are slim to none. The idea of birdshot or safety slugs is to minimize collateral damage in such an incident. It helps with the safe shot equation.Any hunter will tell you how quick the chance for a shot goes to hell. Anyone you pull the trigger on is likely going out the closest exit after the first shot unless you drop them. Our job in any SD situation is to stop the threat. The BG diving out the door or window is still stopping the threat. Dont fall into the idea that you will drop a BG and be the hero on the news. I keep a can of bear spray handy. Alarm, dog, bear spray or gun is my line of defense. This is my $0.02 only, and its worth every dime you paid for it. Its worth your while to talk with someone like SMOKIN50. Especially if they are offering. @SMOKIN50- is that offer open to anyone?
  14. I want to use my PA63 for carry (Outside of PRNJ) and need some suggestions for SD ammo in the Mak. FMJ is available anyplace but the SD stuff is a little hard to come by. 9x18 in comparable guns with comparable ammo has slight advantage over 380acp. But its my choice because I like the PA63/Walther PP/ Makarov platform. IMO its perfect size and in the case of the alloy frame PA its lightweight and accurate. 7 rounds doesnt bother me. Even in a GF situation I feel thats enough to get to safety. Also Euro police have used the round and platform for decades with success.
  15. I have never actually hunted the season. Last year I bought permits, scouted a couple of days. Then, no time to actually go hunt. Owning a business is a pain in the ass. Hoping to get out this year. if I havent already missed out on permit dates. Who else is going? Any tips for the new turkey hunter?
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