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  1. I ask this because i had a little incident coming into the country at Boston airport earlier this month, i had some Glock internal parts and the CBP officer was asking what were those parts and what for so i answered them honestly. he ended up calling NJSP and my local PD. in a few minutes he had the info he needed and asked me how many handguns i owned, i replied then he just said yep and walked away... so my fears were correct,all handguns purchased here ARE in fact registered...
  2. Had this question for a while now, I'm aware that if you move from out of state you're not required to register your weapons but are handguns bought here registered?
  3. Where are you locaded? There's a gunsmith in Millville that charges 25+16. He charges a lower fee for any additional transfer... John Torelli Jersey Small Arms 8568255766
  4. I would expect this kind of shenanigans from Vegas not NYC...
  5. I would had kicked him on the chin! Do bears have chins? Doesn't matter because I would have shot him on the FACE! If he tried anything funny.
  6. I planed on going to one of these churches to see what people would turn in but was hesitant to go. Aperantly they collected hundreds.. http://www.thedailyjournal.com/article/20130608/NEWS01/306080014/Guns-off-streets
  7. Glock 23, my first. It will stay with me til the end...
  8. We dont have the fastest Internet connection in the world, that alone tells me something about this fellow.
  9. Is anybody interested in saving some of these dangerous weapons from the hands of cops? The buyback is propose to be held next month In Millville, Vineland and Bridgeton. http://www.nj.com/cumberland/index.ssf/2013/05/three_cumberland_county_church.html
  10. Regulat-JW black Special-Chivas 18 And 21
  11. My former mayor signed it, don't know if the current one did...
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