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  1. Ask the judge to have the restrictions removed on the grounds of self defense. It's worked for others
  2. This is a great example of why things are out of control in this state. You are federal allowed to remove any of your guns from this state. So how is it any of the states business where you go when you leave this state. Why do you have to stop at a range? Maybe your coming from family in PA and you were shooting on their property. If I go to PA I usually am carrying concealed. I could give a crap about stopping at a range parking lot just to make it "legit". Don't over complicate things and make this state any more retarded.
  3. I see no problems. Either stop is a range. I don't believe the law goes in to detail about having to be a pistol range. Honestly me personally I could give a crap. Both stops are a range as far as I'm concerned. I know there will be people who freak out over this one. Enjoy your day and don't drive like an ass. Problem solved
  4. If you want to do it on the cheap look at a Red Ryder BB gun. Granted they are pos compared to years ago but for $40 it's light and she should be fine to cycle it on her own. At $40 it's also not a big loss to buy a pink one.
  5. ^^^^^^ Why wasn't this posted in the hot deals section? Unbelievable. Sad part is they are charging that much because some jackass is buying it.
  6. Have somebody install a whistle tip in the exhaust. That's the hot ticket. Edit just in case you didn't realize I was joking. You could look at a chip for the computer or tuner though.
  7. Well something else to spend money on, thanks!
  8. Wait you shot all 6 rabbits? Really?Pics or I call bs. I know how much you love that station.
  9. Knuckle Sandwich all depends on the area, style and how much pressure there is from them. Privacy type fence 5' would work. If they can't see what's on the other side they won't jump it. If it's any kind of fence with openings 6-8' A smaller area and neighbors without a fence it's easier to go next door and you can get away with less.
  10. One other idea to put out there. It's possible that when they did your last reading a number was read or entered wrong. If the bill is way off of normal for you I would call your provider.
  11. However you get rid of them if you don't fill their holes in somebody else will move in. Typically a groundhog will look for an existing den before making a new one. Don't just fill with dirt though. Wire and broken glass. Anything that would be nasty to dig in. Rocks won't slow them down much unless it's a boulder.
  12. The biggest carrier of deer ticks are mice and squirrels. If you have a cat that goes in and out they will bring those little bastard ticks inside. If the deer really have you pissed shoot me a pm, I'm a fence guy.
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