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  1. Beth (Emily Kinney) was killed in "The Following" photos: http://comicbook.com/blog/2014/03/25/the-walking-dead-are-these-beth-greene-death-photos/
  2. Didn't look the name up but all in my house thought it was her. Short parts and killed off quick.
  3. Beth had her throat slit on "The Following" (on Fox with Kevin Bacon) Monday night.
  4. Chris is great, have a full sleeve on one are and almost full on other Chris did. Will try to get pics to post.
  5. Yes they do!! They are booked out pretty far but worth the wait.
  6. Took the Gun for Higher class 3/30 and received permit 6/17. FL was mailed the same time and received a week earlier.
  7. Interested, and now have a revolver. Is a holster required? It's an 8 shooter so it would be open but if I wanted to run in the iron could I loading 6 only? Doubt I would but checking. Guess I need some speed loaders or more moon clips.
  8. HP and Round nose $10.99 per 100. Limit 1 box per.
  9. I was looking at the 586 and 686, 586 is the one I am getting. I like the blued with wood grips.
  10. Cheyenne had 686's last week, I put one on layaway. They had 4" and 6" .
  11. Beautiful revolver! My next handgun is a revolver. I have a 586 4" 357 on layaway. Can start the nics in 20 days. Starting process for more permits as I want the 627 PC also.
  12. flht_db

    My wife's new Sig

    My stuff is on order since Feb, some people report getting stuff in but no responses to emails or calls.
  13. flht_db

    My wife's new Sig

    Sigpower is backordered/not responding. Wouldn't order from there. I have the P229 22LR with the 40 x caliber kit, great set up.
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