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  1. It's hilarious how we can have these in NJ, but an AR with a flash hider is too scary. Awesome pick up, OP.
  2. Just so you know, the Micro X95 will not be available for civilian sales. The regular X95 is the only variant that will be available. The X95 trigger is lighter that the Tavor trigger. And the X95 trigger is backwards compatible with the Tavor trigger, so aftermarket triggers should be interchangeable.
  3. I'd rather pay the $54 ticket once every couple of years than put a front plate on my car.
  4. That is an absolutely excellent reason.
  5. When I see the abbreviation BBL I assume it stands for bull barrel.
  6. If you were going to go through the work, why not get the 16.5 Tavor instead ?
  7. Excellent entry level rifle. The NJ compliant models (bull barrel) are LOUD!
  8. Sorry guys. I have one other question. Were there any issues with an NJ FFL ordering a non compliant Tavor? Or would it be better to have all the compliance stuff done in PA?
  9. I'm 15 minutes outside of Philly so Bangers seems like a pretty good choice. I'm still unsure of what device to put on. I was thinking this: http://www.griffinarmament.com/M4SD-5-56-Tactical-Compensator-1-2x28-p/xhp556tc.htm Suggestions?
  10. Where did you guys get your compliance work done? I'm in the South Jersey area and I would hope to find a place close to home that could pin and weld a muzzle brake. Would prefer it to be an FFL so it will be a one stop shop (transfer and compliance work) afair. Thanks!
  11. I think it is significant because it was the only weapon platform that I can think of that was designed from the ground up to be an offensive platform versus a defensive one. Not to mention its performance in various torture tests and its inability to die. Besides, it's never clarified what they mean by "best" handgun. If we are talking about most influential guns, then you have to mention the VP70 because it pioneered the polymer frame and striker mechanisms. The gun wasn't particularly good, but it influenced modern handguns in a big way.
  12. bl@ckvr4

    Sig MPX

    They are considered pistols/handguns, since there is no stock present. If you SBR it, different story.
  13. bl@ckvr4

    Sig MPX

    He probably meant to say AOW (any other weapon), instead of SBR. A pistol with more than one vertical grip is classified as an AOW by the ATF. Same process to register with the ATF, but a $5 tax stamp vs $200 tax stamp.
  14. There was also a recording of the live broadcast. When the camera is dropped you get a pretty clear view of the gunman.
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