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  1. Galaxy all of the way, I have the note2 and it is amazing to me, I will never go small screen again and after 6months im still learning different features. For example I do interior home renovations and can give voice commands and I am able to take pictures, pretty much hands free, I also do my b4 and after slide shows on it, who needs a ipad, or iphone.
  2. This video really puts a lump in your throat, knowing that this could easily be your family that this has happened too. I have never property carried before, but this seals the deal. This should also be conformation that this can happen anytime anywhere (if you didn't already know).
  3. When you reply to topic at the bottom right corner click on more reply options.
  4. This is the surprise of turkeys I get every year passing through my yard. Normally its just a few, or up to 35 and counting.
  5. Paying for the pics was fine, try finding the sub 2000 for this price it's worth the Pics, a small drop in the bucket for the gain of this carbine.
  6. This is a nice piece, I haven't taken it to the range yet, but I do sit and admire my kel tec. And as far as the price I paid exactly what the original owner paid for it $478.00 so I paid for the tax and PICS. I've been on a hunt for this for a while. And the price is pretty much unheard of.
  7. Thats what friends are for, what has your friend done for you lately? My good friend Buell sold me this beauty, Kel Tec Sub 2000 40cal. With proper COE of coarse. It was like pulling teeth (lol) but I won.
  8. 1 brick limit per visit, they had it Tuesday as well so its not really flying off the shelves.
  9. 1 brick limit $40 500 count, they had about 5 bricks left @ 5:10pm
  10. This is the 2nd sighting in mansfield twp in a 2 months, they call with a recording from my children's school to be cautious.
  11. Cheyenne outfitters had a fair amount of everything, still 1 box limit. Not sure of any other caliber but the shelves looked pretty stocked.
  12. Thanks all for the welcome, especially my friend Mr buell.
  13. No Checker not really a golf fan, my last name is Taylor, so the name fits me well. Common question though I constantly wear a Taylormade hat.
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