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  1. Jaws

    Moving to PA

    Right, I have semi-auto's with fixed stock and pinned/welded brakes etc
  2. Had little faith but it seems that it is finally happening. Moving to the free world in a couple months. Toying with the idea of selling my NJ compliant stuff and starting over, don't have that much. Couple rifles, couple mags and one auto sg that are specifically compliant with NJ laws. Don't think I'll be visiting any NJ ranges after I'm gone. What would you do?
  3. Takes him a long time, so in general no. It's strange because we have two dogs. He likes all dogs he met as a pup, new ones not so much.
  4. Then you have one good looking dog! I don't allow couch or bed this lasted 2 seconds, just enough for the pic.
  5. Yep, same in Holland. Grew up in Amsterdam where almost everyone throws it on their fries and now I passed the habit on to my kids
  6. Eli had one TD and 2 INT's. It was heart warming
  7. Raw onions, ketchup and mustard. Then again I put mayo on my fries
  8. We went to Amari's German shepherds in Atco. Ours is a beautiful, very mild mannered shepherd. However he is also very protective of us and especially the kids. When you talk to Ann, the owner she'll tell you they're bred for temperament. Here he is being bad, caught him on the couch.
  9. However they cannot stay more than 3 months. For vacation they can come without a visa (primarily based on reciprocation) but that's it.
  10. Congrats! Been here 15 yrs and recently decided I should apply as well. Got a little frustrated with the forms ( all clubs etc you ever belonged to, all trips outside of US) ran out of time and then had to renew and of course pay a nice amount for my GC. Still planning to do it but have to save up a little first. The road to citizenship is not a cheap one. Would love to pick your brain on the process. Anyway congrats!!
  11. This! Israeli Krav is a great school. For those more south, there is one in cherry hill too. In CH talk to Don, great guy and great instructor as is David Kahn in Bordentown.
  12. Haha, it is what it is. Semi all the way.
  13. I had a Taurus 608 with a ported barrel was a fine gun. Nothing wrong with it and fit and finish was good. Just don't enjoy revolvers so I sold it. Threw some nice fireballs. Wouldn't hesitate to but a Taurus again.
  14. Jaws

    Mossberg 930

    Love my 930spx, my favorite gun. Shoots soft and fast.
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