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  1. There were 3 holders that came with the press originally, I don't remember exactly which ones they were but I know that I added the ones for 38 special, 9mm (40 S&W) and 45 colt. The Lee numbers are 1,2,4,13,14,and19. I don't know exactly which ones are which but they will fit a bunch of different cartridges. I don't know what a military brass swager is so unless it was included with the original Lee package I don't think so.
  2. Price reduced to $125.00 if anyone interested. Also on Ebay so may not be available for long.
  3. This is a Lee Automatic Processing Press (APP) almost brand new. It is for really fast and high volume case preparation /de priming / re-sizing / lead bullet sizing. If not familiar with it go to you tube for videos of it in action. It is REALLY FAST and worked great for me; I only used it twice and processed all the brass that I have about 1,000 rounds and don’t shoot enough to warrant keeping it. Included with it are three additional special shell case holders (6 in total) the Lee universal case feeder and colator with a shell deflector, that REALLY speeds things up, and a plastic bin for catching finished cases. I have it set up on a plywood jig that will fasten to any bench or table top but it can also be direct mounted. I have over $200.00 invested here looking to get $150.00 for all. Pick up only in Linden, N.J. 07036. First to post "ILL TAKE IT" wins the sale.
  4. Yeah, 1000 of my large for 1000 of your small sounds good. Where would you like to trade? have you been to RTSP in Union? I'm not far from there if that works for you. dave Anyone else interested in only 1000 let me know. dave
  5. You need Federals, or you have Federals to trade?
  6. I have 3000 CCI-300 large pistol primers I would like to trade for small pistol primers. Will travel 30 - 45 minutes from my location in Linden, N.J. or meet someplace. Thanks, dave.
  7. That's the one guys! Many thanks. I agree, and I'm not that brave. Actually bought the ammo for the cases and primers only. Thanks, again. My grass can use the help!!! dave
  8. I picked up some 38 special ammo for components, most of it looks old. The first few I break down I find this powder inside that looks like tiny Cheerios. Anyone recognize it or know what it is? That's a dime in the pic for contrast. Thanks, Dave
  9. Don't think that will help me but thanks for trying. Dave
  10. ... Now why does that sound unusual? OK; I have a brand new sealed box of 5,000 CCI large pistol primers. I would like to trade 3,000 or 4,000 of them for CCI small pistol primers. Even up. 3,000 large for 3,000 small, or 4,000 large for 4,000 small. I will travel half hour or 45 minutes to meet you for even up exchange face to face, or we can meet at my club Lake Island Pistol club in Carteret. Exchange only, NOT FOR SALE!
  11. Picked up a partial kit for a Lee old style Autoprime2, which I understand has been discontinued, that is missing some parts. If anyone has one or the parts available I would be interested. Attached is a picture with the parts I need circled in red. (the actual ram, small and large primer pins, spring, and washers) I have contacted Lee and the parts are not available for purchase. I'm in Linden and will pick up or pay for shipping and what asked for if reasonable. ( might even be willing to trade for 100 small or large pistol primers) P.M. me if you can help me out, thanks. ap2.pdf
  12. Hey to all you Scotch Plains and Fanwood guys! I'm also S.P. I used to shoot at Heritage Easton, but had the good fortune to hook up with John Fox and became a member at Lake Island in Carteret! BEST THING I EVER DID!! GREATEST THNG SINCE SLICED BREAD! Being retired, I go just about every Monday morning and have the entire range to myself. (did I say 20 - 25 minutes door to door!! ...keypad access!!!...parking lot!!! ....25 yard indoor range!!!!!) Now comes the special thanks to John Fox who sponsored me and walked me through the membership proceedure. You are the best!!! Any of you guys who are like me, not quite a newbie but looking to really improve your shooting skills in a quiet friendly and convenient setting are encouraged to talk to John about becoming a member. Experience the difference between BELONGING to a club, rather than SHOOTING at a range! ($$$$$$$$) My abilities have gotten better exponentially!!! (......that means I get a lot in the actual scoring rings now, ...at 25 yards!) Any other old fogies and young ones also who have free time on Monday mornings are welcome to PM me and be my guest to see what it looks like. John, also, always guests new guys so you can talk to him too.
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