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  1. Lien

    1911 Recommendations

    I have a Kimber Custom II Stainless with many thousands of rounds through it. When it was new, I had ejection issues. Called Kimber and they sent me a new slide stop right away. Resolved any issues I had. Customer service was easy and friendly. Fit and finish is fantastic on the Kimbers, I would not hesitate to buy another. The Kimber full stainless 1911 is a beauty!
  2. Lien

    9mm Ammo suggestions!!!

    I have shot through perhaps 15,000 rounds of freedom remanufactured ammo over the years without any real complaints. 9mm, .45, and .223 from FM used in many types of pistols and rifles. I can remember 2 times when FM reman 9mm ammo casing was stuck in the chamber, probably because it was resized to large but I was able to free the casing at the range and went on shooting the same ammo without issue. 2 failures from an estimated 15,000 rounds is pretty good for me. I happily continue to buy Freedom reman ammo, can't beat the price for brass practice ammo at the range. Typically purchase bulk during sales and free shipping specials. I do keep a few thousand rounds of new retail ammo for each caliber at home for any real situations that may arise. Hornady critical defense rounds are in my home defense mags.
  3. Lien

    Do I need another Sig?

    New, the Sig Mosquito was a pain with ammo. However after fully breaking in.. its pretty painless these days with any ammo I throw into it. It took a few thousand rounds to fully break in but I no longer have any complaints.
  4. Lien

    Do I need another Sig?

    Perhaps a Sig Mosquito is your answer. Dedicated 22lr with the exact ergo of the 226 but not the weight or size. I use my Sig Mosquito mostly for training new shooters or when I feel like blasting through lots of ammo!
  5. Lien

    CCI Mini mags

    I have the same back order from Dec 2013 but no word... fingers crossed! Thanks for the info.
  6. I love to see a range open in my home town...but I've given up hope that will ever happen. Central NJ is a no fly zone for fun!
  7. 9mm HP or .45.. both are within reach.
  8. Lien

    Newark Airport Long Term Parking

    I have always used ABC parking, $7 a day with a coupon. Free pickup and drop off. Just reserved another week for my upcoming vacation. http://www.abcairportparking.net/
  9. Honestly, I would love to move out of NJ into a free and financially reasonable state. But working in NYC doesn't leave many choices for a freer state nearby. Perhaps after retirement many years from now.... one can dream right?
  10. Lien

    Hi from Piscataway

    Welcome! I lived in Piscataway for many years but since moved on.
  11. Lien

    Hello from Colonia

    Welcome from down the street from Colonia!
  12. Lien

    Reactive Targets

    Dont forget the discount code for 10% off! I ordered 100 of the 8" targets last week. Code: nra2014 I have made my own before but packing tape and spray paint will cost more in the end.
  13. Lien

    Basement Dehumidifiers...

    The consumer ones do not last very long in my experience as well. I have a Fridigaire unit in my basement that's piped to an automatic condensate removal water pump which pumps the water through a long 1/2" hose to my utility sink. The condensate water pump has a check valve so the water does not flow back down into the pump. It pretty much runs full time during the summer and maintenance free. I have to look into the Costco warranty next time!
  14. Lien

    Pocket 9mm opinions

    That sounds like a great deal! My XDs .45 only came with 2 5rd mags. I was told the kits that had the extended mags were the recalls, Springfield added an extended mag as a bonus when sending back a recalled pistol. I have never shot a Kahr or Shield, but I do have a Kimber Solo 9mm. The XDs is easier to grip and shoot due to its slightly larger size compared to a pocket pistol. The XDs DA trigger is a harder pull and takes getting used to imo. Springfield makes the entire XDs package very attractive, they even include 2 fiber optic sticks in green and red. Personally, the XDs feels great in my hand and I have no regrets with the purchase. I added a Pearce grip extension to give my pinky a place to rest.
  15. Lien

    15 round AR-Stoner mags

    I have a few of those and they work without problems. I do wish for some natural 15rd mags as well.

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