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  1. Hey nice! I was looking for some ammo cans.
  2. From slickguns.com aka gun.deals: https://gun.deals/black-friday
  3. This. Just don't connect it to the internet. But all the good TVs are "smart."
  4. I'd go for the Sig 320 Compact in FDE. They look pretty sweet. - EDIT - Didn't see it was for competition shooting. I'd get a Glock.
  5. Last week ordered a Mossberg 500 Scoprion ATI from Bud's. Can't wait to test drive this on the range.
  6. How about a Glock 20 G4...who doesn't like 10mm? Plus you can buy a Lone Wolf conversion barrel to shoot 40 S&W.
  7. Now that this has become reality...what are we all buying?
  8. LOL I wouldn't put it past the bastards.
  9. I voted via absentee ballot...praying Murphy the carpetbagger goes down! If not I'm applying for 3 permits stat!
  10. Curious why Gen 4 over Gen 5 model?
  11. Very nice...pretty badass!