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  1. Wound up finding g an X95 on GunBroker for $1600. I believe all I'll have to do is have the muzzle pinned and welded once it arrives at my FFL. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. OK... I just found out today about NH ccw permtis. Is this really as simple as I think it is? 1) Fill out this form 2) Mail in form + $100 check 3) wait a couple months Am I missing something? This seems too easy...
  3. I actually found that out yesterday, and went and checked it out last night.
  4. I've been interested in a C39v2... Does anyone have a recommendation for a shop that carries them in the CNJ area?
  5. +1 I use wheel bearing grease for pretty much everything now... Stuff is great
  6. A review of Lou's Gun Shop in Raritan I posted from 2013... I haven't gone back since... http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/57428-lous-firearms-customer-review/?p=735561 A business can change a lot in 2 years... so I wouldn't try to dissuade anyone from going, I just don't think I'll ever go back.
  7. Dunellen PD... Dropped off on 1/20/15 and received on 2/16/15. Only 17 days! Also used the new online background check and payment system. Patrolmen Dudley and O'Neill are the best! Great guys.
  8. Dunellen PD... Dropped off on 1/20/15 and received on 2/16/15. Only 17 days! Also used the new online background check and payment system. Patrolmen Dudley and O'Neill are the best! Great guys.
  9. I've watched the videos, and am incredibly impressed in the detail offered through the different topics. Unfortunately, looks like I won't be moving forward with building a range. If anyone is interested in the DVDs, let me know. I'm willing to sell them to anyone considering learning more about the firearms industry.
  10. Let's talk. I'll shoot you a PM... Definitely interested in investors. Looks like Edison had a "no discharge" ordinance... Which would prohibit a range. However one of my potential partners is a lawyer and we'll be discussing how to address that in the near future.
  11. Does anyone have access to a 9 DVD set that the NSSF released titled " Indoor Range & Retail Development Workshop DVD Package"? Would you be willing to let me borrow or rent it? I'm trying to do as much research as I can to see if it would be feasible to open up a range in my home town of Edison, NJ. Looks like this DVD set covers all the topics that I currently have questions about. Here's a link to the product site for reference: http://www.nssf.org/ranges/workshop/ Also, if anyone has any other materials and/or advice on how to open a range, that would be much appreciated. I think it's about time we get a public range in the central NJ area, and it's my dream to be the one to build it. Hopefully I can make that come to life.
  12. +1 Vlad is great at the new shooter orientation. I came in green and felt very confident after the briefing. My opinion: concentrate on fundamentals of safety & the procedure of the sport. Don't worry about scores or time at all. Make sure you really examine the course, and really make sure you are aware of ALL targets. This is something I really struggle with. It sucks having a really smooth run... Only to realize you missed a target (or three)
  13. Wow... You guys have some serious issues with him... To each their own. I can say I've met him, trained with him, had conversations with him, and respect him. He really is a great guy. Sorry you disagree. Opinions are formed through experience and insight. Mine are different than yours... I respect that. My apologies to the OP if this thread has spiraled off topic. My first post was merely to illustrate the training that I have experienced and believe is sound... Regardless of the personality it comes from. Take it for what's it's worth... Just my humble support for a simple and straightforward approach to gun fighting. If I train to do the same exact manipulation a every time, then when shit hits the fan there's less of a chance of me messing it up.
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