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  1. Like this? https://www.ar500armor.com/ar500-armor-body-armor.html Is there a specific threat you are preparing for? Steel is cheaper and plenty suitible for a "just in case" prep.
  2. Two live rounds indicates that the second round is somehow jumping out of the mag during feeding. If it weren't a Glock mag, I would suggest issue with the feed lips, however, I highly doubt that. Could also be mag springs. Could be mag springs combined with the slower cyclical time of the slide due to the weaker recoil spring. If the mag springs are weak that could combine with the slightly higher recoil to spit a round out. If none of the above, trash ammo.
  3. Aww, would totally go because I love the Nitro Cold Brew, but I have a flight to catch that day.
  4. Yeah, it seems the easiest.
  5. I will try next time I see a tech., but I doubt the genius CS team I've been speaking to would even know what I was talking about. They just keep explaining that when it is available, it will show up in their system. I considered placing an order to a neighboring unit and then waiting for the tech when they come to install.
  6. When I lived in another city, I had FIOS for years and I loved it. I moved into a condo complex and thought I could only get Comcast. I've had it for 8 months and it is the worst. I saw a FIOS installer on the complex and I asked him if we were getting FIOS. He said it is here and has been for quite a while. He informed me that every building has it. When I put in all my neighbor's addresses, it says I can order FIOS, and in some cases that an account already exists. When I put in my address, it says it is not available. I went through the run around with them three times and twice I was told they would do a site survey, which they never did. They tell me that they cannot simply "add" the service to my address, that "engineering" has to do it. They continue to state that there is no direct line (i.e. I am not allowed to call) to this number. Has anyone been here? Is there anything else I can do? Why are they making it so hard for me to give them my money?!?
  7. Cool looking...
  8. I have suppressor height sights on my RX, no threaded barrel though.
  9. Ordered from them once. Realized 3 weeks went by without my in stock order ever shipping. Was told that the price went up and I would have to pay new price for it to ship. Cancelled the order and told them I would never shop there again. This cements that decision.
  10. Sorry for your loss. I believe this fits the bill for inheritance. If I were you, I would delete the topic/post (to keep this private) and go pick up my gun.
  11. Congrats! @fishnut couldn't help but think of this: Lol
  12. No personal experience with them, but a few of my co-workers have them. I think they are overpriced but fine otherwise. A sale like this makes them pretty fair. Maybe someone else can chime in on using one as a weapon light. FWIW I am a Streamlight guy myself.
  13. +1 sometimes you have to be objective about things.
  14. I have a Ruger 22/45 and I recommend that or a MK IV over a revolver. They are quirky, fun, and as reliable or more than any other semi-auto .22 I’ve seen. I had a Ruger SP101 in .22 and I got very tired of it. Not having property to walk around and shoot cans on kind of crushed the fantasy that I had with .22 revolvers. At the range, I found myself loading a lot and the .22 in a small heavy package just got boring. Nowhere near as fun as a centerfire revolver. My opinion only...
  15. Never got back to you on my 320RX. They "fixed" my romeo1. Said that I have to use a specific brand of battery due to the shape. They sent me an extra one. As for the 320, I like it. I think I just jumped on board with it too soon. Even without the RX I find it a bit imbalanced and I feel like I perceive more recoil. Again this is without the RX (2 buddies have the same gun / 9mm). The mag release is very positive and I like it. The slide lock (and ambi side) are useless, just the way I like them. That being said, like some guns slapping an ambi lock on there, it is hard to use the right side as a release. Sights are nice (siglites? On mine) and easy to acquire. Just over all too much sticking up over the web of my hand for a striker fired system. Feels like picking up a lighter 226. Mine may be coming on the market soon. TL;DR: Nothing wrong with it, but should have been introduced about 15 years ago.