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  1. Sorry for your loss. I lost my pup last September due to illness and I still miss her. You took good care of your pup.
  2. Vicious

    Colt 1911 grips

    Far from an expert on Colt commercial products, but I do own 2 Colts and have been a fan/ follower for many years, so take this fwiw. IMHO it doesn’t matter. As far as I know Colt outsources their grips anyway. If you like the way they look, use them. As for the medallion, the picture is not super clear.
  3. She is beautiful, sorry that she needs a new home.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I haven't shopped at lambo's, but I have seen them on gun.deals. I don't see a need to switch to closed cell foam that still needs to be cut. I don't have any rust/ moisture issues with the pelican foam. I do use their silica desiccant in the cases though.
  5. The pick n pluck has not been holding up too well with use. I am on the fence with this organizer though. It would give a bit more utility to my long case. I’d be able to transport more than one long gun to the range in there.
  6. I used the foam that came with the case. The long case I cut. The small cases were pick n pluck.
  7. I don’t use this, but I do use Pelican cases. I will say that cutting the Pelican foam is not hard, and it looks pretty good when done properly, however the ability to change your arrangement in the case is pretty awesome.
  8. Do what makes you comfortable. I have a fair amount of lead exposure (daily) and I consider washing my hands thoroughly post exposure adequate. It probably isn’t, but I don’t have a ton of time to dedicate towards decontamination. Whatever amount of lead is on my clothes stays with me, because there is no procedure there until they get into the wash machine. That being said, they are washed separately. It is my (oversimplified) understanding that inhaling/ ingesting lead are the two main culprits. Assuming your range has proper ventilation, you use de-lead wipes, soaps, etc… I would say you are pretty safe. The changing of shoes/ clothes is also probably pretty good, but why not just wear a long sleeve shirt over a t-shirt and basketball shorts so you can remove your outer layers completely before entering your vehicle? I would like to know the volume of shooting it actually takes (and how bad the ventilation must be) for someone to absorb unacceptable levels of lead. I’m not sure how often or how much you shoot, so this could be over doing it? See my first line, though. If you are happy doing this, then it has value for you. No one can really tell you you’re wrong. I’m a bit more inclined to believe that if you aren’t doing cardio, heart disease will get you before the lead.
  9. https://store.mopar.com/oem-parts/mopar-torque-box-shield-right-57010352ah?c=Zz1ib2R5LXNoZWV0LW1ldGFsLWV4Y2VwdC1kb29ycyZzPWZsb29yLXBhbnMmbD0xMSZuPVNlYXJjaCBSZXN1bHRzJmE9ZG9kZ2Umbz1jaGFyZ2VyJnk9MjAyMyZ0PXN4dCZlPTMtNmwtdjYtZmxleA%3D%3D That is the link to the part. It is called a torque box shield, and it is located under the passenger side door, roughly between the front and rear door. It is just a cover, and there is one on the right and left side of the car. @Krdshrk unfortunately, it is not a plastic clip. The top image is the bolt that separated. That little gray disk on the bolt is where it separated. There are quite a few more holding the shield in, and they are fixed to the undercarriage. The picture with the red circle is where the bolt tore away from the body. @1LtCAP Not sure if the above helps, but I can take more pictures after work today.
  10. In a bit of a pickle. I was driving in the rain at 5 am this morning and I hit a puddle (didn't see it) doing 35-40mph. There must have been a good bit of water because it splashed up all around the car. Immediately after, I noticed a noise. A plastic panel (torque shield I believe it is called) was dropping down a bit. After arriving at work, I checked it out a bit closer. It appeared that a bolt had snapped. What in fact happened is that a bolt or mounting post of some kind ripped out of part of the undercarriage. Luckily it was just one. I have temporarily secured the plastic panel with zip ties to a cross member, but I would like to have this properly fixed asap. Does anyone know what I could do to repair this? Maybe a similar experience? Advice appreciated.
  11. That was meant as a little joke because Taurus is not particularly known for quality and reliability. I have no firsthand experience, but after following some Reddit posts and a few forums (over a decade), I choose to steer clear. I’m glad you had a good experience, but you would (at least from my perspective) appear to be the exception and not the rule.
  12. They should test the gun. It’s a Taurus. If it doesn’t work they should drop the charge.
  13. UPDATE - Pulling the sale for now. I had a chance to look through a COMPM5 (the optic I want to replace this with) yesterday, and the dot looked horrible to me. I do have an astigmatism, but I did ok with pistol dots so not too sure why it looked so bad. Regrettably I am pulling this sale until I find a viable alternative. Sorry for the inconvenience. As title says. Pictures to follow soon. Includes box and battery. Asking $350. I live in Mercer County, but I travel quite a bit daily, meetup can be arranged. First "I'll take it" wins. Thanks for looking.
  14. 6 shot, 4" barrel. Fired 2 boxes of .357, cleaned it, stored it, never looked at it again. Asking $700. I live in Mercer County, but I travel the state daily. Would prefer Kulak Arms in Lawrence Township (great guy if you never met Rich) but may be willing to meet, depending on where. First "I'll take it" wins, usual rules. Thanks for looking.
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