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  1. Around Prep, the area is a little better. Both areas have decent foot traffic when you would be there, so you would probably be fine. It is still JC, so keep your head on a swivel. There is no invisible fence that keeps crime out of “nice areas.” On that note, if you are not going to drive, Uber or take a bus, Park would be a bit of a walk to Prep.
  2. Well make Park Tavern a stop next time you visit. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Lol I would love to move back, but the city doesn’t feel the same. Way too congested (new construction squeezing more people in), and the traffic has gotten insane.
  3. No offense to @fishnut (respectable list that it is), but go experience real Jersey City and skip the yuppie spots. Park Tavern on West Side Ave., and Communipaw. Best burger in Jersey. Speaking as a life long resident (recently moved). You will pass it on the way in to St. Peters Prep.
  4. T_T my favorite gun of all time... I need one. Nice find, buddy.
  5. +1 that are thing is a new kind of ugly.
  6. I feel like this is a much better compromise: https://www.henryusa.com/rifles/the-long-ranger/ plus a lot more pride of ownership AND not fugly.
  7. Totally confused, can I assemble this myself? I thought the NJSP letter said it was a no go. Or is it just a proceed at your own risk thing? If I have to go through a FFL, any recommendation for shops that will assemble an other with provided parts?
  8. I was looking at a 11.3 inch barrel with the A5 buffer tube. Will that meet the 26” requirement?
  9. Oh yeah, add 12 gauge to my list... I do use all of them at one time or another. 12 gauge the least probably.
  10. 4 handgun calibers, 2 rifle calibers and 22LR across a few different guns. I am not a fan of stocking different calibers, but I keep enough around for a few range trips for the more collectible pieces.
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