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  1. It is still a P.T.C. Academy, so afaik yes, still a requirement.
  2. My favorite gun that I will pick up if Marlin ever gets a better rep. is the 1895 SBL. Love the lines. Ray, who is using a lever gun for home defense? The same type of guy that would use a pump shotgun...
  3. Lol, yes. Yes I did.
  4. Thanks Pizza Bob! To all readers: Those.
  5. Ok, made up my mind. I want one of these two. Figured I would do a last ditch attempt here to get one before my permits expire (just checked Monday). Round butt only! Prefer 686 pre lock. If you have a 66, I want the newer one with the full forcing cone. PMfast, permits expire Saturday! Edit: Permits are being extended. Let me know what you have!
  6. Beautiful! Some of the finest guns too.
  7. I just bought the Arris with Docsis 3.1. It has a 3.1 connection on the downstream and 3.0 on the up. Pulling 215/12 on a 200/10. Not too bad. I was going to buy the Arris with Docsis 3.0 but I read about latency issues with the Intel chipset. With Verizon FIOS and their router, I was getting 89/88 on a 75/75. Kinda miss them.
  8. Def. Going for a 4". If these were in current production I would buy the snubby for the round butt and put a 4" barrel on it.
  9. I may look into the lawman. I found a shop that has 2 in stock.
  10. C’mon man! Wait your turn. I can’t seem to find one. Lol
  11. Lmao, you are 100% right. All of the pictures I have seen are a little blurry or odd angles. Even in that video, you only catch it for a brief second. I need a 619. Yeah, the old 13/19/65/66 miss the mark. It is like a used car, you have no idea what it has been through. I don't want to take a chance that they have fired a whole bunch of light hot magnums and a crack is forming that I don't/ can't spot. I guess there are only 2... New 66 or old 619. >_< i may just say screw it and get the Trooper. Original post cleaned up so people popping in can understand what I'm looking for. Thanks for your help Bob. Like I said, I am clueless with revolvers. I just know that the Colts and Smiths are awesome.
  12. I like the 58, but I have 38 Spl. and .357 Mag on hand. Plus I know my girl can handle the 38 Spl.. All of the pictures I have seen of the forcing cone area of the heavy barrel K frames have a full forcing cone with no cut at the 6 to clear the yoke. That goes for YouTube, Google, and GunBroker. Don't take my word, but check it out: I just think the slim profile of the K frame is beautiful. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee..." I would prefer a .357 without the full barrel lug, and if that is the case (not considering sights), the Colt Trooper fits that bill. With my 586 6" I shot 158 gr. .357 and various weights of .38 spl. and it was always more or less on for me. That being said, I never moved the sights a hair. Just a feature I don't need/ use and again, I find the lines appealing. I would go for an old Colt Police Positive, but I want the ability to launch some .357 every now and then. I also like to keep some defensive ammo on hand for all my guns, so I don't like the idea of a K frame (old 19/66) with the stress point on the forcing cone. Even if the cone doesn't go, it can pass the stress to the frame. Revolvers are waaaaaaaaaay out of my league. I sold my 586 6", despite the fact that I loved it, because it was a lot of gun to just plink with at the range. Also, it was a tad front heavy for my girl. I do appreciate the input/ suggestions, but I would like to try to stick to the following criteria: Integral rear sight (non-adjustable), no lock, no full barrel lug, heavy barrel (if a K frame) and .357 Mag. If I am not sticking to those, then I would just like to stick to the no full length barrel lug and 4" barrel, like: Colt Trooper, new Smith Model 66, Smith Model 27/28.
  13. I did mess up the terms. I do want an integral fixed sight gun. I have nothing against adjustable rear sights, as I loved my 6” 586. I just like the lines with no rear sight sticking up. Looks like an old service revolver or a Cowboy gun. This is intended to be a range toy, not something for carry/ comp. if I get a K frame, I want it to have the full forcing cone, and that is where the heavy barrel thing comes in. I should also specify that I am looking for a 4” barrel. Sorry for the confusion, I wrote the post in a rush.
  14. I want a 4" .357. old Colt or s&w preferred. P.M. with what you have. Thanks for looking!
  15. If anyone is gonna bubba my gun, it's gonna be me! I would confront the LGS about it. Somebody dropped the ball here.