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  1. Yeah, if I didn’t think Colt would make it right, I would have refused delivery.
  2. Wow, I want those grips! That is going to be a beautiful piece. I can’t wait to see the finished gun. It went back because of the following: Ding on the rear of the cylinder Chatter marks on the trigger guard/ front strap Overly rounded edges on the trigger guard/ front strap Right grip panel not square with frame Tool marks in the cylinder window (only visible with cylinder removed,; may be normal) One chamber misshapen on front due to a number stamped too close to the edge I received a call from Patrick (custom shop manager) where he informed me that they would do what they can to make it right. He said if it is going to take too long (man hours on their end) to correct, however that they may contact me for a replacement or refund.
  3. She is a beauty. I have to shoot everything I own. I like the .44, however I wanted the .45 Colt because I am going to get a .45 ACP cylinder as soon as Colt starts taking orders again. According to the customer shop manager, it is slated to happen before the end of this year.
  4. Actually managed to pick one up, if you scroll up, you can see a pic. As I stated in a post after that one, I sent it back to Colt due to some cosmetic issues.
  5. Want so bad, but too much money invested in P2000... How is this not sold?
  6. Yes and no, permits are good for 90 days and you can extend them to 180 days total. As long as you don't see it taking any longer than that, you are fine.
  7. No, not even close. But for about $750 you get a lot of gun. I'm not a big Ruger fan, but I see the value in some of their stuff.
  8. The .357(.38)/9mm already exists as the Vaquero. They have a .45 Colt/.45ACP, too.
  9. Fwiw, that Kimber compact conversion should work. They are designed to work with most other brands as well. You could call to find out. I can respect wanting a whole separate gun though. The Browning 1911-22 looks cool.
  10. Conversion kit! https://store.kimberamerica.com/handguns/1911/rimfire-conversion-kits
  11. For what it's worth I discovered a few cosmetic issues with the Colt and it has taken a trip back to Connecticut.
  12. Thank you. I've noticed that trend. Lol I don't know why I'm not a member of the Colt forum.
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