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  1. Vicious

    M&P 2.0

    Yes and no. If you make a conscious effort, with your thumb hitting the top, not the side, it should drop. Either way, like all things it will loosen with use.
  2. Vicious

    M&P 2.0

    I have a 2.0, and it worked straight out of the box. The left side anyway. The right side is near impossible, but most of the ambidextrous releases (that I have experienced) are from the right. Actually, the gen 5 Glocks were the best I have handled (from the right side).
    Smooth and fast transaction. Some good conversation too! Would absolutely use Todd again.
  3. Like the title says, 8 boxes (50 per box, 800 total) of Fiocchi .45 Long Colt for sale. I believe it is 255 grain copper plated. I will post a pic when I get home. Asking $25/box, $200 total. Must have FID/ matching DL. Meet near Union or Hudson County.
  4. Back on the market. Asking the same price, but any donations to my future wedding would be appreciated. Lol
  5. Little late to the game, but I went EO because of the parallax difference. 0 at 100 vs about 9” IIRC. Plus I am cross eye dominant, both eyes open doesn’t work out so well as point shooting, so I prefer the bigger window vs. tube.
  6. The fact of the matter is, it all comes down to perceived value here. There is a reason Nighthawk and Rock Island can coexist and both be successful. I like to spend my money with companies I know and trust, regardless of price (unless completely unreasonable).
  7. On the note of hating the recoil, I find the sig bore axis too high. I'm not a fan, and as such I sold out of my P226 and P320RX. Too much moving mass above the hand. I picked up an M9 and I think it is a much sweeter shooter than the P226. YMMV
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