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  1. Yuengling is my go to, but the Sam Adams Winter Lager and Octoberfest are pretty good.
  2. Fair condition polish P64. Light pitting/ surface rust on EXTERIOR of slide only. Interior and bore are clean. Includes 2 magazines. Never fired it as I don't own any 9x18mm and I probably never will. Asking $175. Would like to meet near Union/ Hudson Counties. Heritage Guild in Rahway works too. Thanks for looking.
  3. Vicious

    Long range stuff

    Only if I charged him.
  4. Vicious

    Long range stuff

    I will have to take you up on that.
  5. Vicious

    Long range stuff

    Yeah, why not. I just have to get it first. Lol. The glass is the real hard pill here.
  6. Vicious

    Long range stuff

    I think I’m sold on the 6.5. Just have to pick a launcher. I found a 700 PCR for $850. Better deal? Then I don’t think I would need to swap out the chassis right away.
  7. Vicious

    Long range stuff

    Ok, so I am probably going to go with a box stock rig in 6.5. I guess the Remington quality doesn’t really matter because when I get good enough to notice deficencies, I can upgrade parts thanks to the huge aftermarket. Now I just need to like into glass before I take the leap. I’m not too scared to invest a bit, because I can always grow around the glass, or sell it. I don’t abuse my stuff.
  8. Vicious

    Long range stuff

    Work and dog keep me from my hobbies.
  9. Vicious

    Long range stuff

    @Bully, you seem like you know a thing or two here. .300 win mag would be on the table if I were an established precision marksman. Being that I know I will have to send a lot of lead down range to get there, I would like something a bit cheaper to shoot. How do you feel about the .308 vs the 6.5 (for a blank slate precision wise). I have shot .308 in a bolt gun and I wouldn't consider it punishing. Also, how do you feel about Remington quality at the moment? Would I be better off buying a Remington 700 short action (seen 'em on GunBroker) and having it barreled (possibly having my bolt lugs lapped) and bedded to the chassis? Asking a lot but I appreciate it.
  10. Vicious

    Long range stuff

    Ok, watched a little YouTube and I love it. Kinda don't care about the spare mag price because of what it is. Not like I'm going to be doing any "tactical operator" stuff with this guy. Def. going to look at the Tikka a lot more.
  11. Vicious

    Long range stuff

    Lol, I have no doubt that it will be. I can't say that I don't think Ruger makes a good product. I think they do, and are somewhat good at identifying market trends/demands and adapting. I have just personally been turned off. FWIW, after a back and forth, my friend had his GP100 replaced by Ruger. Any firsthand experience?
  12. Maybe I should get a decent optic and go for some 800 yard shots with some 77gr match stuff. Lol
  13. Vicious

    Long range stuff

    I have heard about optics easily hitting the $1.5K mark, so it is something to consider. I really do need to decide what I want to do. I will look into the Took TAC A1, as I have heard a lot of good about Tikka. The M1A in 6.5 doesn't get me excited, so it's out. A bolt gun in 6.5 however would work. The RPR never failed me, Ruger did in the form of a SP101, 10/22 and GP100. Well the GP100 belonged to a close friend, but I witnessed the situation firsthand. Remington seems to be a little hit and miss, as well as need some work to get where it should be. At least from what I have been reading/ watching.
  14. Free market, someone will come along and do it better.
  15. Vicious

    Long range stuff

    So the possibility of a 1,200 yard range trip has got me thinking. What can I get that would (if I do my part) connect reliably and repeatably at 1,000 yards? I have always wanted an M1A, but the consensus seems to be that if you want real consistency at distance, you have to spend some $$ to "accurize" the rifle. I don't like the AR10 or variants of it, and Ruger had failed me 3 out of 4 times, so don't say RPR. What can I get, semi or bolt, that will perform good enough for 1-2 moa out of the box for $1,500 or under?
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