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  1. Well, I need every frame I can get for a 280hz monitor. Currently running 3900X, 32GB RAM, x570 board, GTX 1080, and a m.2 drive. Just barely hacking it in some competitive FPS games. Not netting the 280 fps without dumbing down some settings, and I only drop them to a point, and even with that, I barely hit 280. Most games I hover around 120-150 maxed out settings. My card is dated, but I was waiting on the 30 series. I really want a 3080 or 6800 XT. The additional frames you get with the 5000 series CPUs has made that an easy choice for me as well. All I have to do is upgrade the BIOS and swap out the CPU. Then I’ll throw the 3900X in a new build for the wife.
  2. Late, but that would be a no go. Either build or buy a rig.
  3. With AMD crushing intel, I would say AMD Ryzen 7 5800x or above paired with a Radeon 6800 or above which should be released tomorrow. The only issue is availability. The AMD chips and Nvidia cards are out of stock everywhere.
  4. I have the same thought process. My last build was a i7 3770k just to show how long it lasted me. My current build is a 3900x that I am very happy with. I would clone it for myself, but that seems silly now that the 5900x is out. I have long awaited AMD’s return ever since the release of the Intel Core Series.
  5. Lol, I can see the confusion. Maybe I should change the title.
  6. So my wife has officially taken over my PC since she is working from home and I have been looking to build a new one. I was logged in to Newegg on 11/05 hitting refresh for 2 minutes leading up to the 9 am launch of the AMD Ryzen 5000 Series processors. Long story short, by the time I got to the page for the 5900X it was sold out. As was every other 5000 series chip. I am looking forward to the release of the 6000 Series GPUs in a few days, but I assume the bots will get those too. I have never seen this much demand for components. Is this just a covid thing? Why is there so much demand for components when there are complete systems available?
  7. If you don't want to "mess" with it, just get a barrel that isn't threaded. Otherwise, remember that even in a free state, people run 14.5" carbines and pin a muzzle device to hit 16" minimum barrel length unless they are going to SBR it.
  8. Vicious

    22 pistol

    Can’t go wrong with a Ruger MKIV or 22/45. They are reliable, easy to maintain (now) and backed by tons of aftermarket support. My only recommendation is that you blue loctite every screw if you get one.
  9. Looking for a like new or lightly used Remington V3 Tac-13. Let me know what ya got and where you are and most importantly how much you want.
  10. Thanks for all the interest. I am not looking to profit. I literally picked this up today and that deal was sight unseen. While loading up my car I realized that I have no space to set it up, so would rather it get some use as opposed to just getting boxed up and stored. If the deal should fall through, you will be contacted in order of “I’ll take it.”
  11. lol, a lot happened here while I was away. SPF
  12. I can check the receipt, but I have no idea. PM inbound.
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