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  1. If you don't want to "mess" with it, just get a barrel that isn't threaded. Otherwise, remember that even in a free state, people run 14.5" carbines and pin a muzzle device to hit 16" minimum barrel length unless they are going to SBR it.
  2. Vicious

    22 pistol

    Can’t go wrong with a Ruger MKIV or 22/45. They are reliable, easy to maintain (now) and backed by tons of aftermarket support. My only recommendation is that you blue loctite every screw if you get one.
  3. Looking for a like new or lightly used Remington V3 Tac-13. Let me know what ya got and where you are and most importantly how much you want.
  4. Thanks for all the interest. I am not looking to profit. I literally picked this up today and that deal was sight unseen. While loading up my car I realized that I have no space to set it up, so would rather it get some use as opposed to just getting boxed up and stored. If the deal should fall through, you will be contacted in order of “I’ll take it.”
  5. lol, a lot happened here while I was away. SPF
  6. I can check the receipt, but I have no idea. PM inbound.
  7. Up for sale is a Dillon Press with some extras for loading .45 and 9mm. I purchased this from a gentleman that is prepping for a move out of state. He purchased it new in 2007, and he claims he loaded ~120 rounds and never touched it again. I will add additional pictures of the brass, tumbler, powder, primers, manual scale, digital scale, loading book and other parts as soon as I can. He paid over $800 for everything. I would love to put this to use, but my condo has no room. I paid $150.00 and I am looking to get the same.
  8. Not trying to hijack, but no M1A?
  9. Any online firearm purchases will have to ship to a NJ FFL for transfer. If you go to an out of state dealer (say a gun show in PA) you may buy long guns (rifles and shotguns) and take possession on the spot. Handguns will need to be shipped back to a NJ FFL for transfer (i.e. you can purchase the handgun there, but you may not take possession. The out of state dealer will have to ship it to a NJ FFL for you). As far as crying about the prices, just save up and get what you really want the first time. Anything less and you won’t be satisfied, and you will probably end up going through the selling to fund next purchase loop.
  10. I can’t say much about IWI, and yes the VP9 is a bit more expensive, but they have a great track record. Optics ready, 10 round mags: https://gun.deals/search/apachesolr_search/642230259973 Lotta stores sold out, but you can set a price alert. Buy once, cry once.
  11. I'm guessing you weren't a fan of the VP9? Try to rent and or shoot whatever you want to buy, as that will really allow you to "experience" the differences between the many striker fired plastic guns out there. If you can't rent (or find a buddy) and try them out, just being able to hold them and ensure they are a good fit (i.e. trigger reach, control placement) will go a long way. Other than that, most of the major brands stand behind their product on the rare occasion that you have an issue. Beyond actually buying your first gun, buy snap caps. You need to practice and feel confident that you can safely handle a pistol before you hit the range. There are many excellent videos on YouTube which explain how to load, unload, hold and discharge a firearm. If you are not comfortable with those manipulations, then a class may be in order. Welcome to the sport (read addiction).
  12. Vicious

    Beretta 92X

    I have a Langdon M9 and for a (basically) stock gun, it is smooth. The 92 design is pretty excellent. That being said, I hate the slide mounted decocker (G model). I feel like it is just in the way and makes slide manipulation uncomfortable. That has me seriously considering a 92X Performance model. The frame mounted safety imho perfects the design.
  13. I have learned that a lot of dealers, not all, but the majority are misinformed/ unaware of actual law. Then there are a few that are down right deceitful just to make a sale or up-sell an uninformed individual. Again, this is not all of the dealers, and I have in fact met some awesome ones. I would say as a consumer, it is imperative that you do your own research regarding not only pricing, and the law, but proper/ safe operation and maintenance of your firearm. Here ya go: https://gun.deals/search/apachesolr_search/818004020401
  14. That picture was on my phone from months ago, and I did not want to show the serial number. It is not tape, though. It is actually a fortune from a fortune cookie that reads “Never quit!” I was showing that side of the pistol because it was one of the error series 70 guns they produced that does not say “Colt Government Model” on the right side of the slide.
  15. I can't remember if I ever shared these before, but here they are. I have a desire to pick up a M45A1, not sure if it's worth the jump in price to the O1070CQB.
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