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  1. Thanks Pizza Bob! To all readers: Those.
  2. Ok, made up my mind. I want one of these two. Figured I would do a last ditch attempt here to get one before my permits expire (just checked Monday). Round butt only! Prefer 686 pre lock. If you have a 66, I want the newer one with the full forcing cone. PMfast, permits expire Saturday! Edit: Permits are being extended. Let me know what you have!
  3. Beautiful! Some of the finest guns too.
  4. I just bought the Arris with Docsis 3.1. It has a 3.1 connection on the downstream and 3.0 on the up. Pulling 215/12 on a 200/10. Not too bad. I was going to buy the Arris with Docsis 3.0 but I read about latency issues with the Intel chipset. With Verizon FIOS and their router, I was getting 89/88 on a 75/75. Kinda miss them.
  5. Def. Going for a 4". If these were in current production I would buy the snubby for the round butt and put a 4" barrel on it.
  6. I may look into the lawman. I found a shop that has 2 in stock.
  7. C’mon man! Wait your turn. I can’t seem to find one. Lol
  8. Lmao, you are 100% right. All of the pictures I have seen are a little blurry or odd angles. Even in that video, you only catch it for a brief second. I need a 619. Yeah, the old 13/19/65/66 miss the mark. It is like a used car, you have no idea what it has been through. I don't want to take a chance that they have fired a whole bunch of light hot magnums and a crack is forming that I don't/ can't spot. I guess there are only 2... New 66 or old 619. >_< i may just say screw it and get the Trooper. Original post cleaned up so people popping in can understand what I'm looking for. Thanks for your help Bob. Like I said, I am clueless with revolvers. I just know that the Colts and Smiths are awesome.
  9. I like the 58, but I have 38 Spl. and .357 Mag on hand. Plus I know my girl can handle the 38 Spl.. All of the pictures I have seen of the forcing cone area of the heavy barrel K frames have a full forcing cone with no cut at the 6 to clear the yoke. That goes for YouTube, Google, and GunBroker. Don't take my word, but check it out: I just think the slim profile of the K frame is beautiful. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee..." I would prefer a .357 without the full barrel lug, and if that is the case (not considering sights), the Colt Trooper fits that bill. With my 586 6" I shot 158 gr. .357 and various weights of .38 spl. and it was always more or less on for me. That being said, I never moved the sights a hair. Just a feature I don't need/ use and again, I find the lines appealing. I would go for an old Colt Police Positive, but I want the ability to launch some .357 every now and then. I also like to keep some defensive ammo on hand for all my guns, so I don't like the idea of a K frame (old 19/66) with the stress point on the forcing cone. Even if the cone doesn't go, it can pass the stress to the frame. Revolvers are waaaaaaaaaay out of my league. I sold my 586 6", despite the fact that I loved it, because it was a lot of gun to just plink with at the range. Also, it was a tad front heavy for my girl. I do appreciate the input/ suggestions, but I would like to try to stick to the following criteria: Integral rear sight (non-adjustable), no lock, no full barrel lug, heavy barrel (if a K frame) and .357 Mag. If I am not sticking to those, then I would just like to stick to the no full length barrel lug and 4" barrel, like: Colt Trooper, new Smith Model 66, Smith Model 27/28.
  10. I did mess up the terms. I do want an integral fixed sight gun. I have nothing against adjustable rear sights, as I loved my 6” 586. I just like the lines with no rear sight sticking up. Looks like an old service revolver or a Cowboy gun. This is intended to be a range toy, not something for carry/ comp. if I get a K frame, I want it to have the full forcing cone, and that is where the heavy barrel thing comes in. I should also specify that I am looking for a 4” barrel. Sorry for the confusion, I wrote the post in a rush.
  11. I want a 4" .357. old Colt or s&w preferred. P.M. with what you have. Thanks for looking!
  12. If anyone is gonna bubba my gun, it's gonna be me! I would confront the LGS about it. Somebody dropped the ball here.
  13. Big difference between that and the 9 weeks I waited on them to service a ROMEO1.
  14. I loved my 586-1 that I had. Great gun. Don't think I'll ever find another one quite like it.
  15. I have been carrying the Walther PPS M2 for about a year and I love it. The mags are so small that I usually carry an additional one in a pocket. When I was looking for a small gun, I wanted one that still maintained some level of ergos. I had a tough time getting mags to release on the G43 and I found it to feel a bit too small (I love Glock btw, and I wanted it to work). The M&P Shield was/ is my number two. It was pretty much the same, but I just like the sculpted grip of the Walther a bit better. I added the rubber Talon grips and it feels like it was made for me. I usually carry at the 4 o’clock position, but I shift it to the 3 when sitting/ getting in a vehicle. I use a Patriot holster. It a simple clip on molded plastic deal. Super small, super thin. It doesn’t print that bad when in shorts/ t-shirt. As for reliability, I only have about 650 down the pipe plus an additional 50 of my choice carry ammo. 0 hiccups, but I clean my carry guns after every outing, so under those conditions, pretty much any gun would work. It is plenty accurate (probably more so than me). I can connect with a standard silhouette at 25 yards with boring reliability. It has less recoil than the G43 and is about on par with the Shield. I would describe it as a smoother recoil impulse though. IIRC, the PPS M2 is a wee bit more top heavy than the Shield which may account for that. I have shot 147 and 124 gr ammo with it but I primarily practice with 115 gr. Overall, I like it. Had I never held one, I would have the Shield, and this post would probably read the same way. Hold and or shoot them if you can. The best gun is the gun that works for you.