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  1. I am looking for the most casual shooting spot I can find near me. I want to be able to drive up, pay, and be relatively left alone.
  2. Thanks for the responses. Any experience with the range at Fort Dix? Also do not permit steel cased ammunition?
  3. New to shooting in this area. I'm in Southampton, 08088, South Jersey. My local shop is Centaur Firearms in Lumberton. Looking for great places to shoot around me. Any suggestions or where anybody usually goes that is loca to my area?
  4. I contacted our congressmen, they sent me a personalized response that basically said they could not do anything.... I contacted Senator Dawn Marie Addiego, Assemblyman Joe Howarth Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg. They were extremely helpful and put me in contact with their assistant. She asked me very intricate details and questions, and I laid the entire situation out for them. I contacted the New Jersey Attorney General's office with a certified letter. When I called to check on the status, THEY TOLD ME THEY FORWARDED THE COMPLAINT TO THE NJSP!! Like hello? I'm contacting you because no one in the NJSP will get back to me, and they are rude, and they deflect questions and send me on wild goose chases because they don't care. So I asked to speak to the manager in the NJAG office, and I explained to her what I just said. She then told me she would personally contact them and I would have a response within the week. She apparently did follow through. Every single person I contacted within the NJSP was not very helpful, minus an officer at my local barracks. Trying to get in contact with the Firearms Investigation Unit was an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. The receptionist was extremely rude and would get very butthurt with me on the phone because she was sick of me calling. The line she would kick me over to was NEVER ANSWERED, multiple emails left, no responses. When I finally got through to a detective he was also very short and rude, and refused to help me because he apparently thought I was a scumbag for being mentioned in police reports from when I was in high school. He questioned me about them like I was nothing less than a criminal. When we were done, I asked if he would let me know and he basically gave me a response that translated to, "go fuck yourself, we are busy". I contacted higher ranking officers within the Firearems Investigation Unit. None returned my calls. My local barracks helped me by giving me contact information of higher ranking officers within FIU. Besides that they had the attitude that I should just wait, because everyone else is waiting. The Sergeant told me he would contact FIU, I suspect he never did. I contacted many gun rights organizations within NJ. Many did not get back to me, I have been in contact with NJ2AS. President of NJ2AS reached out to me. They have been in contact with a reporter that wants to do an article on what we have all been experiencing. He said that my case is a perfect example of the injustices we have been facing, and that he will put the reporter in contact with me. I plan to follow through for the good of the cause, and in hopes it will help us all out collectively.
  5. Thank you! P2P - Smith and Wesson SD9VE FPID - Ruger 10/22 and an affordable 5.56 AR like an ATI or S&W
  6. Thank you. I appreciate the advice you gave me along the way PK.
  7. Finally someone who tells it like it is. Everyone wants to dance around the ugly truth staring us in the face.
  8. After around 10 months of total waiting time, I HAVE RECEIVED MY PERMITS!!!! Let this be a lesson in persistence for anyone disheartened by their non-issuance of FIDs or P2Ps. For the past two months I have contacted the NJAG, ALL of our ® Senators, and the majority of the pro-2A organizations in NJ. Not sure which or what combination of them are responsible for greasing the wheels, but if I had not pressed the issue to this degree I doubt I would have my permits today.
  9. Thank you sir. Here are a few examples of people being arrested for speaking their minds: http://clashdaily.com/2016/02/speaking-against-islam-is-a-no-no-activists-just-arrested-for-anti-islam-speech/ https://www.jihadwatch.org/2016/02/uk-cops-arrest-man-for-offensive-comment-about-muslim-migrants http://www.independentsentinel.com/man-arrested-for-offensive-facebooking-against-muslims/
  10. If I could like this a thousand times.... Certain countries in Europe have been ARRESTING people for speaking out against Muslim extremism. I am 22 years old, and the overwhelming majority of kids my age are raging liberals who have no concept of free speech or libertarian ideals. If I say anything that is too far from their comfort zones, many of the things you mentioned, I am scoffed and assaulted like I am some fool. People are so clueless and just eat up what is fed to them from the liberal media, liberal educational institutions. Offending someone's feelings is now a crime, having a differing opinion is now a crime.
  11. Write directly to Attorney General Robert Lougy. He is basically the NJSP's "boss". He will handle your complaint and make them expedite your request. You are experiencing the SAME problem I have been dealing with. No one in the government gives a fuck, and none of them are in threat of losing their jobs over poor performance or poor customer service so they really don't break their backs with helping you. The NJSP doesn't care about you, your complaint, or your permits, they just enjoy collecting the 100k+ salary that YOU pay them out of your paychecks every week. Pitiful.
  12. Also have been contacted by NJ2AS as of yesterday. Expecting response from AG this upcoming week. Standby.
  13. You guys are missing the point entirely here. Even if you do not agree with Trump, his positions, his demeanor, etc, you need to unify and vote for him simply because the alternative you will be left with is Hillary Fuckface. The Democrats go into the polls and hit the (D) every time, regardless of whoever is behind the ticket. This unifying hivemind of zombie voting power is one of the reasons they sweep elections (especially in this state). We can sit here and say Trump has done this and that and fracture the vote and the party even further. Even if you don't like him, he should get your vote....because as heinous as you may think he is, Hillary will top him 10x, especially in the realm of firearms. Spite the Democratic party at EVERY opportunity you can, you should all know how important this is from being residents of NJ.
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