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  1. Franklee first of all, welcome to the forum. Don't pay attention to any snarky remarks from some here. Best football player? That's easy, it's Rudy.
  2. Unlike most here, the number of handguns I have can be counted on two hands with a few fingers left over. However, the Beretta 96A1 (actually an alloy frame like most of the 92/96 variants) and the all steel CZ 75 Compact are my favorites. Not crazy about the 96's slide mounted safety or the CZ decocker, but I'll never part with them. Don't think you could go wrong with either make.
  3. And by the way, grinders are the missapropriated name for hoagies. Porkroll for all!
  4. Bob, I genuflect regarding your firearms and billiards knowledge, but DeLo's in Robbinsville can be hit or miss. However, DeLorenzo's The Burg in Levittown is consistently top notch for their TOMATO PIES. I don't know what these pizzas others speak of are. No offense Tex, as your BBQ expertise is unquestioned, but clams belong on linguine.
  5. Not a fan of Aaanold, but he looks like he's still in pretty good shape. Looks like he only got pushed back a couple steps and stayed on his feet. Wonder what happened to the ninja idiot?
  6. Welcome, there are a lot of great people here willing to share their collective knowledge and opinions (and some strange types for variety). Which reminds me Zeke, not sure about porkroll, but my dad was born in Carbondale, PA and says scrapple was King.
  7. C'mon people, do you really think he has time to be bothered with little stuff like this when he's busy with really important stuff like virtue signaling by removing the Mississippi state flag from Liberty State Park? Can you say carpetbagger?
  8. I take precautions too, i.e. follow the law. On the way to GSSC my loaded mags are kept in my range bag with my handguns and ammo, in the trunk.
  9. That is neat! Looks like a front porch on the other side. Would love to see inside pics.
  10. Got the call last week, picked up my permits today (just over 3 weeks). My township went full online a few days after I handed in my paperwork. One thing I noticed was that the extension was already applied to save me a trip back.
  11. Maybe going out on a limb here, but I agree with Bob. California will strike down the current standard capacity mags and restore minimum capacity 10 rounders. The amount of standard mags being purchased now will have no weight with their decision to overturn because just like NJ, they could care less about turning law abiding citizens into felons. My first handgun purchase some 6 years ago was the 10 round version because I saw the handwriting on the wall. Was I being overcautious?
  12. As far as I'm concerned, Roberts revealed his true colors with his decision on the Unaffordable Health Care Act.
  13. Now that's interesting, to say the least. Wonder what'll happen, since I already submitted the paperwork and paid for the criminal records check online and several p2ps about a week before.
  14. Geez, guess I'm glad my pd is taking a more measured approach until all the bugs are worked out.
  15. Yep Maks, just checked a copy of one of my past reference forms and it's issued by my township pd. Eventhough one would think it would be consistent across the state, we've seen that not to be the case with the application process.
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