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  1. If TommyGun changes his mind, I'll take it. Either way that's mighty generous of you Barms.
  2. Took a quick look around 3 am during my late night bathroom run.
  3. True that Viden's been against concealed carry (fudd perspective?), although he did come out against Sweeney in regards to 10 round magazine limit. I don't believe the two issues are different since the 2A should be across the board, no restrictions.
  4. Not sure where in central NJ you are, but I got my prints inked at the Mercer County Sheriff's Office in Trenton no charge. Used the cards I got from FL, just call for an appointment. They were very supportive and accommodating.
  5. Like gleninjersey, I was mowing the lawn when it got dark and the thunder rolled in, I hate not finishing something once I start. After the third lightening strike I figured it wasn't such a good idea to be holding the metal handle of the mower so I brought it in the garage to wait it out. Once the heavy rain started I went and took a shower, did I mention I hate not finishing the job?
  6. I'm happy and hopeful for you and Florida. Let's just say I like DeSantis a whole lot more than knucklehead. And by the way, Sweeney says he just 'found' 12,000 missing ballots from one county alone.
  7. Like Krdshrk said, what's your intended purpose? I have a Crossbreed minituck for my Shield 45 and after a week or so break-in it's pretty comfortable and conceals well.
  8. Think I saw a truck with Guatemalan license plates pull up to the Bd. of Elections bldg. in Trenton and drop off 250,000 mail-in ballots for the Smurph. Going to be tough taking another four years of idiocy. Ever wonder why all the last to be counted mail in ballots always put the dems over the top when it's close?
  9. Hey Krdshrk, Have been using chrome, happens on tablet, cell and pc. Let's see if this goes through first time.
  10. Nah, wine maybe? It's weird, never happened before. Every time I go to a different forum I have to sign in again. Even worse with pms. Oh well. Having trouble even trying to post this reply.
  11. Good evening, I am able to sign in, but as soon as I switch to another forum I have to sign in again. I also have trouble sending pms or posting replies, I have to keep going back to sign in. Sometimes I am able to post replies or send pms after multiple attempts. Never happened before, happening now on my tablet and desktop pc. Sometimes after trying to post I get a notice saying my previous content has been restored. I click the x and it sends the post. Help!
  12. Hey Joe, For some reason the site's not letting me send you a pm. Did you accept the 1st offer or mine? Thanks, Ben
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