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  1. Hindsight is 20-20 and all that, should have made the move years ago. Hope they complete the transition before Texas turns completely blue. Better yet, Texas and mid America secedes.
  2. DaveR, in a few months you might wish that gold actually was lead.
  3. Wishing all a very blessed Christmas, and definitely a better new year!
  4. I stand corrected, RUTGERS95 is right on, if you have the cash for initial outlay CJRPC is definitely the place to go. I'm recently retired, so still figuring out financials but would join in a heartbeat when possible. I'd wait until spring also, but not sure what the wait time to join is. They also have a small indoor range open 24/7 I believe. The facilities are really nice.
  5. Maybe check out Shooters in Little Egg Harbor?
  6. River rock selling for $60 per ton, plus delivery.
  7. Although I consider it a banner year if I get two per year, I will be very interested in the response, if any, you get Bob. There had to be some discussion along the line comparing the previous process while developing what is now. On the other hand, I can see some gunless software developer not having a clue as to what collectors such as yourself may require.
  8. It's not like I have a safe full, but 30% from FFL, 70% online. All were purchased sight unseen, fortunately no major issues with any of them.
  9. bennj

    Finally !

    Bob, glad someone asked, always wondered why revolver .45 ACP came about.
  10. Doesn't the FBI have more important things to investigate, like maybe a fraudulently manipulated presidential election? Good job Wray!
  11. Not a muscle car per se, but my 2nd car was a '69 Thunderbird coupe with a 429. Had the wrap around backseat. Stuck it at 120 mph a few times, I was young and stupid.
  12. I haven't done the FARS online thing yet, but Hamilton Twp. (The one near Trenton) has been great in regard to the fpid/ p2p process, always just under a month and notified same or next day. I understand that the NJSP may be overwhelmed with applications (it doesn't seem to take much...covid, threat of unpeaceful protests, full moon), but isn't the entire process required to be completed in 30 days? I think the Murphy/Grewal/Callahan bromance seems rather evident.
  13. I would suspect that anything that removes the rings is abrasive, even if only to a very slight degree. I have been using the Birchwood Casey cloths on the cylinder face of my brushed SS GP100 for more than a few years now and have noticed no change in the appearance. It does take a little elbow grease, and I don't clean them off every time I shoot it.
  14. Cuomo only changed the policy because he didn't want to get the SCOTUS involved, just like they did in the recent 2A case in NYC. Roberts disingenuously supported the idea of the issue being moot, knowing full well that Cuomo could/would have immediately gone back to the prior religious liberties restrictions he instituted once the court backed off. Roberts is clearly on the left, especially after pontificating that the SCOTUS doesn't have a partisan bone in it's body, and how dare we question their integrity. Have a Happy Thanksgiving all!
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