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  1. And given the makeup of the SCOTUS, they will punt again if it reaches them. Sorry if I sound a tad bit pessimistic again about our Supremes.
  2. I admit I have a very hard time interpreting legalese, and am interested any time the courts take up a pro 2A case. But from what little I understand, SCOTUS took the case after rewriting the original petitioner's question from a broad 2A query to a very narrow one that will have limited results. If they rule in our favor it hardly would be a magnanimous victory, but I'll take any crumbs we can get. If I'm missing something (quite possible) I would be happy to be corrected. By rewriting the question as they did I feel they still punted.
  3. On the basis of the most recent activity by this "conservative" SCOTUS, I believe they will continue to punt on any case of consequence.
  4. Thanks for the info, having a little trouble getting to the person that takes care of this stuff at my PD. Might just be out on vacation or something.
  5. Although it looks like many of the programs are already full for this summer, the Watershed Institute located in Pennington is also a good resource. Their web address is thewatershed.org if interested.
  6. Scratch Nevada, they no longer honor Florida. I plan to apply by mail and need to get my prints done at my PD. I received a fingerprint card from Florida a few days ago. Open to any advice going forward, and wish me luck.
  7. Heaven forbid we should expect adults to act as such instead of petty, petulant imbeciles. And these people actually represent individuals who desire to lead this state? Are you sure they are not all related to Murphy?
  8. Thanks Mr. Stu, Just what I was looking for. I have been to usacarry's site several times before, should have figured that out myself but I tend to overthink things a bit.
  9. Good morning, This might sound like a dumb question, but I have been looking into applying for ccw permits from AZ, UT, and/or FL. I am having trouble finding out just what states I, as an NJ resident, would be permitted to carry in if I possessed any of the three. The only charts that I see are not clear to me as to which states permit to carry if you do not possess a ccw from your resident state, but possess any of the three mentioned, as a non-resident. Is there any resource that would show me what states each permit from AZ, UT, and FL would allow me to carry in as an NJ resident? I have looked at the requirements from each of the state's websites, and have searched the web, and am still confused. Mods feel free to move this if not in the right forum. Thanks in advance for any info, Ben
  10. Congratulations, sounds like you guys had a great time!
  11. Forget Walmart, I think I saw Midway selling them on sale for $13.95. It's not just this crappy state, but all the vendors kowtowing to be woke.
  12. Good afternoon, Anyone have any recommendations for specialty insurance carriers for sports memorabilia? My homeowner/car insurance group doesn't offer it, they said the market fluctuates so much. Thanks in advance for any info.
  13. I don't believe we'll have supremes added to the court, but considering our current gang's previous decisions/punts, they don't need to add anyone to achieve the desired results of doing so. In other words, I'm more than a tad concerned that they will rule favorably in the event they even take the case.
  14. UPenn and Drexel on board too. Faculty and staff probably exempt because they are union. Funny thing is, profs and staff are the more vulnerable age group, just goes to show it's nothing but political theater.
  15. Anyone surprised that this story was dropped like a hot potato after this vile person's background was revealed?
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