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  1. And how does that even make sense in anyone's mind. Better yet, my wife had to get digitally fingerprinted for her job, and again when she applied to be a school substitute for the days she was off from her regular job, and yet again when she was helping out in our church's preschool (all required by law), all sets done by Sagem Morpho at $70+ a pop. You mean to tell me they don't have a registry of those already on file? What a joke!
  2. You silly boys, everyone knows a person's fingerprints change over time. Heck, mine get all wrinkly every time I get out of the pool.
  3. bennj


    Werd up! 9,768 posts to go for me!
  4. bennj

    Are there kits to DIY reduce cap of our Mags?

    Ridiculous is putting it mildly. I only have four mags > 10 so I bought the magblocks shown. They worked fine after a few hundred rounds, but I just couldn't do the deed permanently, can't imagine people that have dozens or more to neuter. I have a relative across the river in PA holding them for me in the hope that this ridiculousness is overturned. Whatever the outcome, I would recommend these.
  5. Hope everyone has a peaceful, blessed Christmas, Ho, Ho Ho!
  6. Not sure I'd advocate for anyone to do something illegal. I feel for you guys and gals with multiple unconstitutionally illegal mags, but I sent the few >10s I have to a relative across the river (makes Gen. Washington's crossing re-enactment in a few days kind of ironic huh). I previously bought magblocks but am guardedly optimistic that I might not have to neuter my mags due to the possible shift in the 3rd district court. I just hope I lubed them enough to prevent any rust in the next 10 years or so.
  7. Au contraire monsieur Zeke, Didn't Chief Justice Roberts recently admonish the president for even hinting the SCOTUS could possibly have a drop of political/partisan blood in their veins (eventhough any reasonable adult could tell you which of them is liberal, conservative, or moderate)? I would be very uncomfortable to see a 2A case come before this current group.
  8. Ok, so I'm not a lawyer but I'm related to a few, Kavenaugh sided with Roberts and the other liberal judges on the Planned Parenthood case, not exactly promising for a 'strict constitutionalist' (read Thomas' dissent). Hopefully, Trump gets another chance with Barrett or Hardiman. As far as carry permits for us common folk in NJ? maybe if Trump is re-elected and I live to 100.
  9. Policy information provided by the Brady Law Center and the Injury Prevention and Control Center, nuff said.
  10. bennj

    Apex spring kit

    Griz, I have the standard boot grips that came with it. Feel comfortable enough, but I did add a strip of talon grip material along the backstrap. I also cross my support thumb under where the hammer would be, over my strong hand .
  11. bennj

    Apex spring kit

    Thanks for the quick replies guys. Screwball, the kit still includes the extended pin. I took the sideplate off when I got it. Griz, I'm with you on it being an SD gun, I've never gone past 10 yds. max, but it's not uncomfortable to shootas long as I keep a good grip on it, just think it'd be better if a few lbs. lighter. Diamond817, glad you haven't had any issues with the install but would like to hear the rest of the story. Thanks again guys
  12. bennj

    Blink camera sale

    Sniper22, Thanks for the info, would want at least 8 channels so I could bring some cameras inside too. The multiple views at once is a nice option I hadn't considered. I don't have a huge house or property, and have a few locations that would make set up easier.
  13. bennj

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    Sniper22, I would like to think we're pretty much on the same page. What I meant was our primary means of communicating with our government is our vote. Our vote is how we 'speak', unfortunately here in NJ we are grossly outnumbered by the masses that have a different viewpoint, hence why we have the government we do. JohnnyB, I sure do hope the SCOTUS makes some landmark decisions in our favor, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.
  14. bennj

    Apex spring kit

    Good evening, I have a S&W 642, and am aware of the reasons for a DOA pull of 12+ lbs. I am looking at lightening it some by installing the Apex spring kit. I have read the reviews and watched the videos but am curious to know if anyone here has done this, and what your thoughts are. Thanks
  15. bennj

    Magazine Ban Upheld

    Has nothing to do with anybody bending over, but everything to do with being a realist that comes with age and experience, as someone remarked in the mag ban thread in reference to S446. Apparently the masses have spoken or we wouldn't be where we are now, but that shouldn't keep the rest of us from supporting our constitutional rights.

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