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  1. Thank you both for clarifications. Yes it's handgun ammo and none of it is of the "permitted" kind. Thought I might have to go across the river to sell. Thanks again gentlemen.
  2. Good evening, I am familiar with what is stated on the NJSP website regarding restrictions on hollow point ammo. My question is if it's permissible to sell it to an eligible person in NJ. If so, I know I would have to post it in the guns for sale section, I'm not trying to circumvent that here, so no pms please. If it is permitted to sell it, I presume it would have to be at a range? Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks in advance for any info
  3. Remember, breathe-reflect on what you're typing-and quickly review it BEFORE you hit the send key.
  4. Me too, unless in my travels I might pass some gun stores. Always on the hunt for ammo and can't buy in NJ without it.
  5. My Florida permit is the credit card type. Even with my FPID trimmed as tight as possible, it still doesn't fit well in my bifold wallet. Makes me wonder if the gnomes in the basement of 125 W. State St. in Trenton just sit around scheming on ways to inconvenience us plebeians who pay their salaries. Either that, or they want to make us more easily identifiable by our man purses we need to carry.
  6. And all this time I thought Boolean expressions had to do with making scary faces.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. If you don't mind divulging, was this Hamilton in Mercer? Xtors beat me to the punch.
  8. Xtors, I believe we both submitted the same day last week on the 23rd. As I stated earlier, I'm a little concerned as to why we both were told to hold off on the $50 money order until contacted unless they want to make sure everything clears before sending it to the courts, but Hamilton PD has done well by me in the past. I am immeasurably more concerned that different PDs and county courts across NJ can go rogue with the process. Maybe a reach, but I would think the AG would have sent the same instructions on how to proceed to all. NYNJESQ, could you share the source of your info? Has anyone else in Mercer applied? It's only been a week in for me so much too early to fret.
  9. When they told me they would let me know when to bring it, I presumed they wanted to make sure the app was approved by the chief and they checked with references, as well as having the prints and mental health check cleared before taking my money. I'll give them a call if I don't hear anything in a week or so.
  10. Qualified this Monday, turned in application packet to Hamilton Twp. PD Tuesday, reluctantly paid the $40 ransom and did prints today in Pa. ( NJ had nothing until 3 weeks out), forwarded IdentoGo email and copy of receipt to PD as requested. A few minutes later received an email from PD firearms unit thanking me for emailing the info. I'm assuming I bring them a money order when they're ready to send it to the judge.
  11. Permits to purchase were changed a year or so ago to allow family members as references. Nothing on the permit to carry application or the instructions on the NJSP website says they can't be used. If anyone has anything factual could you please post it.
  12. Can someone direct me to the document that says no family for references? I had a family member with the same last name as mine sign. I turned in the application Tuesday and the woman that handles them went over it step by step, even asking me to enlarge the mark in question 16 since I filled it out on the fillable pdf. She said the pre-filled dot was so small (she was correct) she didn't want anyone to think I left it blank. She said nothing about the references. I got the 1.5" photos at AAA and my bank notary did the applications for free. Qualified Monday, fingerprints tomorrow.
  13. All this talk is making me hungry for a PORK ROLL HOAGIE!
  14. Ammoland.com has an article about 2 guys from Jersey getting carry permits.
  15. Fingerprints too!? So should I stop getting chemical peels at the salon?
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