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  1. Where will she live now?
  2. Sounds like your PD never sent it to the court and has been sitting on it all this time. As I understand it, if the court had your application prior to 12/22 they are responsible for it. I agree, this whole process has been very convoluting.
  3. Whenever I have a positive experience I like to spread the word, as noted by some of my previous posts. My son had been looking for a carry pistol and had several in mind. In checking around, I found out about Kulak Arms and stopped in a week before Christmas. Tom asked if he could help me with anything, I explained I was just looking for my son and told him what his short list was, especially looking for a Shield Plus. He showed me what they had in stock, very friendly and accommodating, no pressure or upselling. I never felt rushed or intimidated at all. Also spoke with Rich Kulak a bit on the way out, said he could order the Shield if that's what he wanted. Several days before Christmas my son met me there after work (bonus, they have evening hours). A little busier, but Rich asked if he could help. My son ended up ordering the Shield Plus for a price that was equal to the lowest price I had seen online (which would also have included shipping/transfer fees). I also noticed the Sig P365 variants they had were lower priced after all was said and done. Ordered 12/21, it arrived 12/30, miraculously cleared NICs 1/4. As far as I'm concerned, Kulak Arms offers great service, atmosphere, and prices, and only 15 minutes travel time for us to boot.
  4. Fantastic! Mercer's on a roll! Can you tell me the date it was approved?
  5. I hope that's correct, as noted earlier, I spoke to him also. I may be wrong, but I also seem to recall someone posting many pages back (Oct?), that he was told by the clerk that the Christie judge just stepped in and predicted all applications received prior, would be finished by the end of that month or so. Sometimes I can't help but feel that they're just kicking the can down the road (domani, domani).
  6. Sure would like to see them focusing on the self-created backlog of applications rather than the what ifs and maybes.
  7. Spoke to the Mercer law clerk 2nd week of December. Told me I was in the 120's and stated they were working on finishing the 80's. Said they completed 40 applications the previous week so with luck I could get it before Christmas, but most likely some time in January. He didn't specify what part of January, or January of what year. Keep the faith ladies and gents, and Happy New Year to all!
  8. Buon Anno a tutti! Wishing a happy, healthy, permit filled New Years for all!
  9. Do you use just pork, or a combo of meats? The reason I ask is because my grandmother used to make something like sausage patties using pork, veal, and ground meat I think. We would put it on a thick slice of her homemade bread with an egg on top of the sausage. Seeing some of your previous menu items I bet yours is pretty good.
  10. You get that meat from the hogs invading your property? I like sausage, especially sweet Italian, but still prefer bacon and porkroll.
  11. Glad you got your permit, but aren't you extremely concerned that not only did they possibly check your social media, but also that of everyone in your family?
  12. Wishing everyone and their family and friends a very warm, blessed Christmas! And for those who don't celebrate the birth of Jesus, I wish you the same happy holidays! Who knows, maybe I'll find my carry permit under the tree tomorrow morning.
  13. I could be wrong, but it is my understanding that ULawshield covers attorney related fees only, so if someone sues you and wins you are on the hook.
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