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  1. The same place it will be if they gain the majority again, no place. Jr. looks like a good shot in the recent video with Eric Greitens though.
  2. Sounds like a great idea! Not only am I interested, but fortunately live close by to you guys.
  3. I'm not trying to be a wiseguy, but am sincerely curious as to what the local PD actually has to do when processing an application? Other than 2013 when it took 5 weeks, my township has never taken more than 30 days.
  4. Would be surprised if this guy gets re-elected. Wait, on second thought we did get Murphy again. Amazing what happens in the wee small hours of the morning.
  5. Talked to someone today. Said he went to a gun store in PA yesterday because they had the shotgun he was looking for. I know the difference between a long gun vs. handgun purchase out of state, but he was in and out in 15 minutes, including the time he spent chatting with the guys. When's the last time that happened in NJ?
  6. Good morning, I'd like to share an experience my son and I had with Lou. My son was looking to purchase his first handgun, so I naturally looked to my go to gun shop. They had what he wanted, but ran out before he decided. While cruising the forum I came across Lou of the Elmer Gun Company, so I gave him a call. He's an FFL working out of his home in Elmer, NJ. He was able to find what my son was looking for at a very competitive price, and was very professional, informative and accommodating. Lou kept us informed throughout the process, and took all the time we needed answering questions and offering suggestions. Another great available option, he can be reached at 1-856-364-1031. Ben
  7. Not sure what gun store you're referencing, but our forum member louu not only got the pistol my son was looking for at a pretty good price, but nics submitted evening of Thursday 2-24 and approved Monday 2-28. Lou was professional, accommodating, and informative. Would definitely recommend giving him a call, you won't be disappointed.
  8. Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio...
  9. That would be very disappointing! I just found out about them a few years ago, Oct. 2019 to be exact. One of my sons just got his e-fid and a couple permits and we were going to check them out as soon as he gets a day off. Every time I've been there the prices were reasonable (even during this nonsense), and the people have been top notch. I hope it's just a rumor started by one of their overpriced competitors.
  10. Just got the 4 tests packaged in 1 box. Says Covid 19 at Home Tests, not ihealth. Made in S. Korea, distributed by Roche. Expire 7/13/2022. Read all the legalese, feel so much better now.
  11. Good to know Lou. Don't know about the e-fid, but my card is just big enough to not fit in my wallet even after trimming it. I only carry it when I think I might run into a place for ammo.
  12. Thanks for the answers guys, I'm asking for someone else. Mine was 2 sided and a heavy type paper that I laminated.
  13. Quick questions Is the e-fid you download from the state's approval email two-sided? Anyone use card stock to print or just paper? Thanks, Ben
  14. My wife requested 4 tests Jan. 18th. Probably not going to use them, but figured since my wasted tax dollars paid for them.... still no word on when they may arrive. On a lighter note, Big Joe promised to eradicate cancer, just like he did with covid, oh wait, nevermind.
  15. Oct. 2019 NICS 10 minutes, Oct. 2020 NICS 4 days (covid don't ya know). Sorry to keep this thread off track, but only 2.6 million votes cast for governor 2021. Not counting the 'last minute & after the fact' votes 'found', maybe we are more repsonsible for current fiasco than we care to admit.
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