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  1. NjJoniGuy, Ok, so I open your link sitting next to my wife on the couch. You have some 'splainin to do or I'm in big trouble buddy!
  2. It's not just a guy with the hat, that's the chairman of the board. Nice tool box too.
  3. For sure Maks, someone like targetsportsusa or sgammo could eventually just say the heck with it, screw NJ. Ironically, my wife and I were just looking at condos for sale in a southern free state.
  4. Some out of state suppliers are now requiring a copy of fid cards from NJ residents, but most likely as a CYA for them.
  5. As I understand it, this has nothing to do with out of state ammo sales.
  6. I used to pick up 9mm from Dick's when it was on sale. Haven't set foot inside since the CEO went off the rails. Feel bad for the employees, but could care less if Dick's went belly up. Too bad, because the younger guy at my local store was ok.
  7. First, welcome to the forum. Second, Peel's right about our resident Pizza Bob being a fount of knowledge, and lastly, Peel's wrong about Taylor ham, as evidenced by High Exposure's photographic evidence to the contrary.
  8. That's an interesting idea, government would cease to exist as we know it. And they would have to hire a lot more corrections officers too
  9. I have been going to GSSC since it opened. Not sure about prices for firearms, but great range and easy to deal with.
  10. Whilst? I'm impressed Zeke. I have to admit, I picked up a few 10 rounders for my CZ Compact to take to the range, but for the life of me I can't seem to locate the 14 rounders I had.
  11. Welcome to the group from a fellow Mercer Countian (if that's even a word). Let's just say there's a very wide range of personalities here, which means there's something for everyone. A lot of info and there's always someone willing to help. Enjoy your stay and safe shooting.
  12. Thanks Peel, I'll try that next time, if I remember this thread. Only have so many bytes left in the old brain.
  13. Also wants FID cards to go from $5 to $100, carry permits (good luck with that) from$50 to $400, retail gun dealer license $50 to $500, wholesaler/manufacturer license $150 to $1,500,separate tax on firearm purchase, among others. From an nj.com article 6/21/18 (I don't know how to do the post link thingy).
  14. Was a long day at work, still laughing at your reply. Thanks, I needed that.
  15. I get Lee's relaxed fit when on sale at Kohl's, don't like anything that rides low on the waist or tight fitting (6'2`/170 lbs.), but can we get back to the guy who likes the feel of his wife's Eddie Bauers?