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  1. Was a long day at work, still laughing at your reply. Thanks, I needed that.
  2. I get Lee's relaxed fit when on sale at Kohl's, don't like anything that rides low on the waist or tight fitting (6'2`/170 lbs.), but can we get back to the guy who likes the feel of his wife's Eddie Bauers?
  3. That's ok, some of us bring chairs.
  4. Nah, as an independent conservative, I think both parties consider us as nothing more than a nuisance.
  5. Been to 3 or 4 meet ups since becoming a gun owner. Always a pleasure chatting with Bob, Maggie and whoever else shows up. The only time I have patronized a Starbucks is during these events, since I am taking up space at their establishment after all (I refuse to pay more than 50 cents for a cup of coffee so I brew my own). I also believe the franchise owner is a 2A supporter. In any event, I don't care if we meet in a parking lot someplace, I still plan to attend.
  6. Alloy frame like the 92FS and 92A1 and 96A1.
  7. YoungGun, Some very good advice from Griz. I have a couple k's through my GP and almost always shoot DA with 38 spl. I'm just a plinker, but the action has smoothed out some without any mods. Definitely my favorite.
  8. Have a streamlight on my HD. I'm groggy enough during the day, if I get awakened by someone entering my home during the night I want to see who I'm aiming at.
  9. Great point Zeke, I get to my range during the week when it opens. Usually only a few others there so not as loud.
  10. I have used handa-accessories but use bernardiparts.com now. Usually wait for a % off code. Buy air and pollen filters, brake pads, wiper refills, fluids, etc. all at once. Much cheaper than going to the dealer.
  11. We went a few years ago, for the first time. We stayed on the Canadian side, night and day better than the run down American side. Stayed at a popular chain across from the Outback restaurant. Definitely call your mobile carrier to get international access. I called Discover and Visa, and there was no extra exchange rate with Discover. We also got some kind of combo package deal through AAA that gave us unlimited use of the bus line along with the boat ride, river walk, and behind the falls thing (they also had a kiosk near the falls offering the same package). The Skylon Tower was definitely worth it too. The falls were absolutely mesmerizing though. Have a great trip.
  12. I get it that misunderstandings can occur in any situation at any time, but those that are responsible in enforcing the law should know the law, or at least consult a supervisor or the NJSP website regarding firearms requirements before hauling an innocent citizen off to the clink. I always have my card, because you never know when you might run into a long gun deal if no p2ps, and bring everything together in my range bag in the trunk. Nothing locked up in a plethora of lock boxes, bags, etc. It's not a question of avoiding an individual's interpretation of our convoluted laws, as much as exercising my constitutionally protected rights.
  13. InFamous, Thanks for the info. I've been looking for a few 10Rs for my CZ compact to take to the range. The code worked so you saved me some $. Thanks again, Ben
  14. Not to be pessimistic, but I don't see our state supreme court ruling on anything in our favor either. Really wish I could move for many reasons.
  15. Mrs. Peel and others have made some great points, but the fact remains we gun owners are viewed as a rather insignificant voting block, hence easy targets. All these bills, and more, will be approved because if it saves just one life....$50 permits, $100 fid cards? Can anyone say confiscation?