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  1. Yep Maks, just checked a copy of one of my past reference forms and it's issued by my township pd. Eventhough one would think it would be consistent across the state, we've seen that not to be the case with the application process.
  2. I believe the last question on the reference form asks if that person feels you have the ability to handle/possess a firearm, so the person will have a pretty good idea what it's for. If it were me, I'd be flat out honest and tell them what it's for, keep asking until you find the ones that would have no problem doing so. Good luck and be safe.
  3. Fapping? Prevaricating? And I thought I'd only learn more about gun stuff here, this place is awesome!
  4. So I went to my local pd, Hamilton Twp., Mercer County. They are not using FARS yet. Did the criminal records check online, filled out applications for permits and the mental health check, signed them in front of the clerk, and paid for permits just like I have been doing. Turn around time has always been just within the 30 day window, except for the first time when I applied for a FPID too during the Obama years.
  5. Thanks for the info guys. I have been completing form 212A online (the one with the ORI) the last few times. The reference letters, mental health search, and purchase permit application have always been filled out on paper and brought to the station. From some of the earlier posts I assumed that the whole process is being done electronically now, hence my confusion. FXDX, your link seems to clear that up.
  6. A few times, good prices, shipped quick and no problems. Would use them again.
  7. I was planning to turn in my paperwork on Monday after doing the criminal records check online, like I usually do. Picked up the paperwork last month. My local PD is Hamilton Twp. in Mercer County. Guess I'll just wait and give them a call to see if they've switched over too, hate to pay the $21 twice.
  8. I'm far from being a constitutional scholar, but I think statues 33 code 2293 and 10 code 2808 allow the president to re-appropriate funds as necessary due to national emergency.
  9. There have been 58 national emergencies declared since 1976, 31 of which are still active. Obama declared 11 himself, some like DACA are clearly unconstitutional but never challenged,, how is Trump's declaration any different?
  10. Poll tax was instituted in the south sometime after the civil war I think. People had to pay a tax to vote, kept away poor black & white) voters.
  11. Gosh darn it! Targetsports is located in CT. That's some insane logic she's using, so why am I not suprised.
  12. Over 10% of the workforce being illegals is a considerable amount. As far as expertly done fakes, I can find out in seconds if a student's or parent's s.s. # jives with the fafsa data base. I would think any company would do their due diligence for their own protection, unless they're just looking for cheap labor. On the other hand, they may have been paying them quite well.
  13. Isn't Viridiana Martinez the activist that AOC is taking to the SOTU tonight? 3-5k for papers is chump change compared to the fed/state freebies. Owner didn't know nothing kinda smells fishy. Not making it political, but maybe their next stop should be Pelosi's vineyards. I've always held the position that if they went after the business owners hiring illegals it would put a crimp on the practice.
  14. It's PORK ROLL darn it! And of course NJ has mountains, haven't you ever driven past a landfill?
  15. Hope I'm wrong, but this will get so tied up it will never see the light of day.
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