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  1. 100% correct. When I'm planning a trip that takes me through different states I use handgunlaw.us for intro info, and then use the links to each state's firearm laws to confirm. Matter of fact, planning a trip right now and avoiding Illinois at all costs.
  2. Welcome to the forum, have you picked anything up yet? And never mention crock pots or pineapple either.
  3. Might want to take a look at handgunlaw.us. With the way things change so frequently here, can't blame anyone from not having the latest/greatest nonsense going on in this state.
  4. I believe Bomber is right on the mark. Curiously, Murphy and company jumped on him right away, didn't hear a peep from the dems in 2017 when he was benefitting from his sugar daddy Dr. Melgen and cavorting with minors.
  5. Good evening David, I also requalified with Mr. Cope this Tuesday the 19th (took my original qual with him in Aug. 2022). I actually had rescheduled the week before the new qualification came out on 9/17, but Mr. Cope had the new S.P. 182 CCare form, which replaced the interim qual of 7/18, which replaced the qual prior. I'm also not on facebook and appreciate your willingness to keep us informed here on the forum. Thanks again, Ben
  6. Crossbreed holsters? No lining, but has a leather backing.
  7. I will be doing the interim to the interim soon. I have searched the NJSP website for the form I submit to the state to refund the cost of my initial course from 2022 that my PD, county judge and state deemed acceptable enough to issue my permit to carry. Can anyone be of assistance?
  8. Maybe so, as long as holster draw was included, according to the new form.
  9. Our applications were approved by our respective PDs, we were permitted to carry by our county court judges, and later (after 12/22/22) by our local PDs. Why do we have to re-qualify because Murphy/ Plankton said (to paraphrase The King and I) "let it be re-written, let it be re-done"?
  10. Yes, I've read SP182 and, as I understand it, the bottom asterisked paragraph refers to renewal applications. There's no reference to the interim qualification being required by 10/1/23 (between original permit start date and renewal date) from those who received a carry permit after 12/22/2022, which was when the law was amended as seen in 2C:58-4 (g). Not trying to be argumentative or nitpicking, but this is NJ after all.
  11. For anyone who received their carry permit after 12/22/22 and has taken the interim qualification, where does it say you won't need to qualify again upon renewal on the 2 year date?
  12. I qualified in August 2022 at Shooters and expeditiously received my PTC only 5+ months later in 2023. From what I understand, Shooters is of the opinion that it's course of fire is similar to HQC2, so no need to requalify? Anyway, in looking at the NJSP course of fire phase 3 requires using the "point shoulder position". Is the image I attached what they are requiring, or did they just copy/paste from the 1970's?
  13. Since the last two decisions were made up of one pro 2A and two anti 2A judges maybe the odds will be in our favor next time. Hey, I can dream can't I?
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