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  1. Longranger, I'll take 2 of the 3 boxes of the Winchester if you're willing to separate the lot. PM to follow.
  2. I recommend the 590A1, holds nine and recoil with 00 isn't that bad. Disclaimer...only one I own.
  3. You can bet that ain't all of 'em!
  4. Congratulations! Your patience and resolve have certainly prepared you for opening shop during these current times. Lat us know when you officially hang a shingle.
  5. I have the water based Glow, Inc. paint. Interesting, didn't know they made a solvent based one. I see they claim the same characteristics for both, I applied it in several layers with a toothpick.
  6. Jackdawack, I used that same product on several of my handguns. Even after exposing it to bright light for a while, the "glow" dimmed in a few minutes at best. Ended up with the Dawson f/o front sights (too cheap to get the truglo TFX).
  7. dajonga, does that mean your shop is honoring FPIDs without the thumbprint?
  8. And it would be just as easy for the legislature to remove it, especially due to the overwhelming financial burden put on many of their constituents due to the covid fiasco (many of the same constituents who will blindly vote them in again so they can continue the pillaging).
  9. Someone I know received their double-sided FPID card about a month ago. Local PD said they were restricting personal contact and not taking appointments for fingerprints. They also told him the print was unnecessary, and he could purchase without it. Can any of our forum FFLs confirm?
  10. Not to beat a dead horse (I would have put one of those emoji things, but don't know how), Roberts hasn't been unreliable at all, he consistently votes with the far left justices. I'm not up on all the legalese mumbo jumbo, and maybe just my innate pessimism, but I see this somehow being overturned.
  11. 45Doll, thank you for the info. I kinda figured that would be the case, but wanted to hear from someone with first hand experience.
  12. Someone has to protect the visitors from wabid wabbits, since we are left defenseless in NJ.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I guess the better question would be if I purchase the gun am I deemed the owner even before the paperwork is done. I would be the one who purchases it, but he would be the one using his P2P and FPID card in doing the paperwork under his name. The whole idea being that I would be able to grab it before being sold out. He works all day and wouldn't be able to respond to purchase himself. Not trying to do anything nefarious, and I don't see it as being a straw purchase thing.
  14. Good morning, My son is looking to purchase a particular handgun. I have alerts set up to notify me online and check our vendors here daily. Being the way things are now, if I get an alert can I purchase the handgun, send to FFL, and then he would do the paperwork there with his FPID and P2P? I would think it's legit because he would be doing the paperwork under his name, etc.
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