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  1. Not to beat a dead horse, since that is rarely done here, reference Taylor ham or PORKROLL, but the guy I emailed sent a message to a mod. so they must know of the issue. I was able to send an email through the board admin link. A admin sent me an email telling me my "email address had been verified and added to the whitelist". Not sure what any of that meant because I was still unable to register, that was back on Feb. 6. Haven't tried since. Maybe it was aliens, not Canadians, who took over.
  2. Bob, you're spot on about the complexities in trying to register. I have been trying to join too. I even contacted a member through his business email. He contacted a mod or somebody, but I got nowhere. Heck of a way to attract new members, or not. I'd still like to register , but have given up.
  3. Wow, where did that come from! Gotta wonder what they're thinking? Trying to appease the very ones that despise them, their business practices and customers. But I'm sure their numbers crunchers did the math. I'll send a note to them and cross them off the list like Dick's.
  4. Thanks Maks, that was quick! I wasn't sure since the rules changed here in NJ.
  5. Due to the new, and ever changing anti-gun laws in our fair state, I have a question. If I were to purchase a NJ compliant long gun at a GS in PA, would it have to be sent to a NJ FFL? So after searching here, the NJSP website, and various google searches, I am not able to find an answer. I think that previously, one only needed to present FOID/DL and fill out a COE? Thanks for any info.
  6. Just goes to show you the state of a college education nowadays.
  7. Had breakfast at Uncle Bill's Pancake House in Stone Harbor the other day and had menu item # 29 PORK ROLL, eggs, and pancakes. Was tempted to get one of their side dishes of TAYLOR PORK ROLL too.
  8. I have gotten ammo from the Walmart across the river. I would love to support my local gun shop but they sell American Fed. Eagle 38 Special for $28 a box, when I can get it online for $14 all day long, and forget about 40 S&W or 45 ACP. And maybe I'm just a tad bit the pessimist, but I would venture to guess that many shops would be happy if Our Dear Leader restricted online sales. I understand supply and demand, the buying power of larger entities, and support capitalism, but come on. I do refuse to set foot in Dick's place though.
  9. Maks, kinda figured you guys with day jobs wouldn't get there til after work (being in education I have summers "off"). Have plans with some friends of ours for tomorrow night. Would have been good to see you again, met you at my first Starbucks get together.
  10. I usually get there around 10, but schedules flexible tomorrow.
  11. Thinking about going tomorrow am, what time are you guys going?
  12. Unlike most here, the number of handguns I have can be counted on two hands with a few fingers left over. However, the Beretta 96A1 (actually an alloy frame like most of the 92/96 variants) and the all steel CZ 75 Compact are my favorites. Not crazy about the 96's slide mounted safety or the CZ decocker, but I'll never part with them. Don't think you could go wrong with either make.
  13. And by the way, grinders are the missapropriated name for hoagies. Porkroll for all!
  14. Bob, I genuflect regarding your firearms and billiards knowledge, but DeLo's in Robbinsville can be hit or miss. However, DeLorenzo's The Burg in Levittown is consistently top notch for their TOMATO PIES. I don't know what these pizzas others speak of are. No offense Tex, as your BBQ expertise is unquestioned, but clams belong on linguine.
  15. Not a fan of Aaanold, but he looks like he's still in pretty good shape. Looks like he only got pushed back a couple steps and stayed on his feet. Wonder what happened to the ninja idiot?
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