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  1. The ones I buy from Home Depot are great, you just need to buy a kit they sell to replace those crappy spouts they come with.
  2. Where in NJ? I would recommend as others have and stay in PA and commute in.
  3. This right here.
  4. Believe me, old bad gas smells like turpentine. It's happened a few times where there was a gas can about 1/4 full that sat in the back of my garage for a few years. The smell changes a lot if it's bad.
  5. Scumbags There's a price for everything!
  6. Good choice with the G-Shock. I have two Citizens (one an Eco and one old one my dad gave me back in high school), a Girard Perregaux that was my grandfathers (that I am afraid to wear) and a few others that I can't remember the manufacturer. I will wear the Citizen EcoDrive when I need to wear something fancy, but 360+ days a year I have the Casio on. I don't worry about gunpowder, dirt, grime, fish guts or anything else on it. It's not crazy expensive but the thing is a tank.
  7. A friend will help you move, a brother will help you move a body
  8. If you're concerned about that, throw some octane boost in it. If you have a large tank (16+ gallons) you can dump half of the gas in one time and then half the next. I've never had issues but if you really want to get rid of it I would call your local/town "recycling center." The only thing I would add is to smell it. If it smells like turpentine I would dump it. If it smells like gas, burn it.
  9. 5 gallons almost a year old? Put it in your car. A year old really isn't that bad.
  10. Casio G-Shock Rangeman. I’ve never had issues, keeps time from Ft Collins, is solar charged and has a compass, barometer and altimeter. It also has a thermometer, but any watch with a thermometer is suspect since it’s strapped to a 98 deg mammal. Best watch I’ve ever had and I’ve had some expensive watches.
  11. I have a few Canadian friends and according to them it really depends on where you are going through. If you are going through the Vancouver BC area you’ll get jammed up. Believe it or not Canada is very similar to the US in that city people hate firearms and country people have a better more tool like view of them. The big difference is that there is no 2a there so the pols can jam you up with more inpugnity. In the Canadian woods a lot of people carry to protect themselves from bear and moose.
  12. AFAIK there arent a lot of guns with a fixed magazine of 15 rds that cannot be modified. If there are, i certainly dont own one. And any 15 rounders i used to have i lost in a boating accident.
  13. I agree with this. He was not confined (kept there against his volition) nor was he committed. He went voluntarily and left voluntarily. For 26, was he diagnosed for clinical depression or did he just feel bad? Technically it should be a mental or psychiatric condition. He needs to talk to a lawyer.
  14. Welcome to the forums! If you're in SO, you should call it Taylor Ham - everyone will look at you weird if you don't. We always need more brothers (and sisters) in arms behind enemy lines.
  15. Also they added breaks and comps to the bill. As it stands now, the law is only for a suppressor. So unless your AR had a non-threaded barrel, you'll likely be in EXTRA contravention of the law. They are definitely trying to full out ban the AR platform. Or of course by a thread cap. I don't know anyone that has an AR that doesn't have a comp or break.