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  1. Welcome to the forums! If you're in SO, you should call it Taylor Ham - everyone will look at you weird if you don't. We always need more brothers (and sisters) in arms behind enemy lines.
  2. Also they added breaks and comps to the bill. As it stands now, the law is only for a suppressor. So unless your AR had a non-threaded barrel, you'll likely be in EXTRA contravention of the law. They are definitely trying to full out ban the AR platform. Or of course by a thread cap. I don't know anyone that has an AR that doesn't have a comp or break.
  3. In my experience the prices are great but if you factor in shipping (and have Amazon Prime) you can get it cheaper from Amazon. Unless TR now has free shipping.
  4. The firearm must be registered, not the mag. And most firearms can accept magazines that are modified to limit the count to 10 rounds. The vast majority of firearms subject to this (AR's AK's etc) can accept magazines modified to accept 10 round limits. I can't even think of a specialized gun that can only accept a 15 round mag unmodified. I'm sure it's out there, but it's gotta be rare.
  5. In one of his communications, Cody WIlliams says all files were released on 7/27, earlier than initially anticipated. So the files should be the up to date ones.
  6. NJ.com now has a story up. Lets all give them a visit. https://www.nj.com/opinion/index.ssf/2018/07/should_downloadable_plans_for_3d-printed_guns_be_b.html
  7. My work phone is out of NY and I can't access anymore. I was able to get on yesterday.
  8. Isn't this all basically the 2A lounge?
  9. It's not blocked for me on my Verizon (work) phone. Although I believe our contract is through NY.
  10. I know about the transportation law regarding loaded weapons, but carry =/= transportation. Someone else pointed out something similar above, but that law also relates to the transportation section. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have not found a single law in reference to open carry of a rifle/shotgun.
  11. To note, it's still illegal to do in NJ as it's considered manufacturing.
  12. Unrelated, and previously discussed, there is no law in NJ against open carry of a rifle or shotgun. Although I wouldn't do it personally.
  13. There is no distinction in NJ between conceal and open, that's why I used the phrase "handgun carry licenses." 13:54-2.1 Permit to carry a handgun This subchapter prescribes requirements and procedures for the issuance, renewal and revocation of permits to carry handguns.
  14. It's a great ruling, but my concern here is that if that line of arguments occurred with NJ, NJ can say they have actually issued handgun carry licences. A few private citizens likely have licences - which happen because they sue and the AG doesn't want to bring the case to a higher court - and there's a big difference between some and none. None means there's a de facto ban. If there's a hundred or so, with very few applications being submitted because we know they will be rejected, it may be considered reasonable to a panel of judges.