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  1. Cruz was in a special school where he got that type of attention. He was moved between "traditional" and "transitional/specialized" schools SIX times in three years. He was in a specialized school where he could get additional counseling and help. But administrators but him back to traditional school (the HS he shot up) a few months later. This kid was getting attention and "help," but was moved out of that environment. The administrators of the school system will not release records due to privacy laws. I posted a link to the story in the 1A forum.
  2. What I don't like about WLP/NRA is how often he/they reference the right to self-defense. That's really just a nice side-effect of the 2A. Especially how they sold the 2A down the river with the NFA. Although this is better than nothing I guess.
  3. There’re different ways, depending on the mag you own, to get it to 10. Hex mag will probably put a kit together that makes it legal by supplying an insert and shortened spring. Others, like p-mag or gi mags will have to be pinned at the 10 round level. Probably cheaper to buy new ones.
  4. He was in my office today. Even creepier in person. Apparently he good friends with a big wig I work with and there’s a governors office in the building.
  5. Maybe dried beans? It won’t be super light, but it’s really not supposed to be
  6. It wasn't meant to be in-fighting. I just knew there were exceptions for current military personnel. That's all. And the law isn't clear (to me) about owning and using while not in active service. If someone knows for sure, I would love to know the law.
  7. I don't know about CA, which I am guessing they are similar, but the Armed Forces have exemptions in the state law to possess "machine guns, assault rifles..." and "large capacity magazines." I'm not sure about the legality of using the stuff on federal land for civilians (since federal law supersedes state law) but there are exemptions for purchasing and owning non-NJ compliant stuff if you are in the service. 13:54-5.1 Purchase or sale of assault firearms and machine guns (a) No person shall sell, give, transfer, assign or otherwise dispose of, nor receive, purchase or otherwise acquire a machine gun or an assault firearm unless the purchaser, assignee, donee, receiver or holder: 1. Is licensed as a retail or wholesale dealer pursuant to this chapter; 2. Has first secured a license to purchase, possess or carry a machine gun or an assault firearm in accordance with N.J.S.A. 2C:58-5; or 3. Is the Armed Forces, the National Guard or a law enforcement agency employing persons who are authorized to possess and carry assault firearms and/or machine guns. 13:54-5.5 Large capacity magazines A retail or wholesale firearms dealer licensed pursuant to this chapter may maintain large capacity ammunition magazines at its licensed premises for sale or disposition to another dealer, the Armed Forces of the United States or the National Guard, or to a law enforcement agency, provided that the seller maintains a record of any sale or disposition to any of the afore-mentioned entities, including a description by make and model of the large capacity magazine. The record shall include the name of the purchasing agency, together with written authorization on the official letterhead of the Superintendent, chief of police or highest ranking officer of the agency or the appropriate ranking military officer, the name and rank of the law enforcement or military officer authorized to make the purchase, and the date and time of the sale or disposition. A copy of this record shall be forwarded by the seller to the Superintendent within 48 hours of the sale or disposition
  8. Just picked up a ka bar “utility” fighting knife. It’s my new camp knife.
  9. I’d try meguiars plastic polish Posted before I saw his, I agree. Personally I’m a meguiars guy though. They have a great plastic motorcycle polish
  10. We used lead for pluming from antiquity until around the 1920s. Just because it’s been used a long time doesn’t mean it’s the best.
  11. When my wife told me I asked her if it was live ammo or an empty case. She looked at me like it was the dumbest question in the world. I still don’t know the answer.
  12. And he wouldn’t have, if proper protocol was followed by authorities.
  13. A student found a bulletin today at Brooklawn Middle School in Parsippany. The school was locked down and kids were sent home later. What the hell? It’s so strange. https://www.dailyrecord.com/story/news/local/morris-county/2018/02/16/parsippanys-brooklawn-middle-school-lockdown-after-student-finds-bullet/346525002/
  14. Unless you have a license to manufacture guns in NJ, you cannot complete an 80% lower.
  15. Another reason I won't be going to Range 14. I've never been questioned about mine. Owned them for years and they're all /30's