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  1. If there's more than one 15 amp receptacle on a 20 amp circuit it meets code (2005 NEC 210.21 Outlet Devices). It really just protects the outlet. If you have a single appliance in the only outlet being used on the circuit and it pulls more than 15 amps (very unlikely, see below) the outlet can possibly fry before the circuit trips. However it's generally fine as most things pulling that much power are hard wired and most 15 amp outlets (even though rated to 15) will handle 25-30 amps before burning up. If you're putting one in might as well use one that matches the circuit. To note, if you got an appliance specifically rated for a 20 amp outlet it cannot be plugged into a 15 amp outlet because of the plug structure (which is why the 20 a outlet is shaped the way it is). EDIT: The primary reason I could see for an outlet overdraw is the use of power strips. Using one outlet with your entire home theater system - TV, game system, audio electronics etc - can draw more than 15 A from a 15 A outlet.
  2. What he said. It's very likely a 20 amp if it was for a whirlpool tub. Make sure you use a 20 amp outlet (they look like regular plugs but one slot looks like a sideways T) and you should be okay.
  3. GFI outlets have two different sets of lines going out the back (for extending the electrical line). One is labeled load and the other is labeled line. If the wire coming from the GFI outlet comes out of a line connection it will not be protected by (or "pop") the GFI. I would also be very careful connecting a constant heating element to lines already run for a different purpose. The line for the bathroom is likely a 15 amp circuit and you will be drawing a lot of power. Bathrooms tend to have a high power consumption since most people use other heating appliances (hair dryer, curler etc) in the bathroom. Adding additional load is not a good idea. Especially running new lines off old ones. The electrician should have run all new lines when redoing the bathroom and segregated them from the rest of the house. It's not technically illegal/against NEC but it's the best way to run electric.
  4. It's a great place to get surplus tanks. They're only used once, and only in reverse!
  5. While you can, buy online. And don't be afraid to "pull the trigger" and buy more than you think you need.
  6. It's not supposed to control guns, it's supposed to control people. We should call it people control. Then try to have the pol's talk about common sense people control and unmask their real agenda.
  7. That's an excellent point. How can liberals reconcile the cost of education, which is set by a group of liberal professors, and the debt it leaves students in? If they were really for reduced education costs, why wouldn't they reduce the cost of higher education and just control attendance through the standard application process? I fully support many kids not going to college to obtain useless degrees and instead learning a trade. If done en masse it would reduce the cost of education because demand would be lower.
  8. When the tax brackets went up to 90%, virtually nobody paid it. The start of the bracket was so high that many people never reached it and the ones that did were rarely getting there from a regular "job." The ultra wealthy (which is who this is supposed to hit) don't make that money in the form of "ordinary income." It's from the businesses they own or investments. And raising taxes on the things that matter most to the ultra wealthy (investments) also raises taxes on retirement income/investments. Not to mention we still shouldn't be penalizing others due to their success or the rewards they receive from risk they take. It's absurd that some think it's right to do so.
  9. Take a first aid/CPR/AED class from the Red Cross. There are tons of different times and dates. They are really helpful and should help you be able to handle this situation in the future. Highly recommend. I did it a year or so ago because it gives you legal protection if you try to help someone. Also I coach little league and I wanted to make sure I knew what to do if someone gets hurt.
  10. I thought he meant it's a commercially available round (not a special round for that specific gun). Maybe he's mistaken!
  11. Sounds like they signed a NDA, so it's possible that the rifle is chambered in something different then current offerings.
  12. Sure sounds like 7MM to me. Hornady offers .224, 6, 6.5, 7, .308 and .338 in ELD Match ammo (which is in the pic). The RPR is chambered in its current config in all except .224 and 7. I have a hard time seeing .224 reaching out 2300 - 1000, sure. 7MM can hit 2 miles.
  13. This tends to be what happens when a country doesn't have to actually fight for its independence.
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