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Freedom Munitions

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I put in a small order on the 19th of July with Freedom Munitions to try out their ammo. I ordered all 9mm (one box of 115gr Blaster, one box of 115gr reman, one box of 124gr reman, one box of 124gr JHP reman, and one box of 147gr reman). It arrived July 31st. I of course had to immediately take it to the range. It all shot great. It seems to be loaded slightly on the hot side. I don't mind that at all. It seems to be slightly dirtier than the American Eagle I've been shooting, but definitely cleaner than some other ammo I've shot. The only thing I didn't care for was how the ammo was packaged. It comes in loose 50 round boxes. The boxes look like they can hold at least twice that amount, so the ammo has a lot of room to bounce around in shipping. When I opened all the boxes I noticed the bullets were dinged up pretty good. I expected the Blaster ammo to be dinged up, but not the rest of the reloads. I sent an email to Freedom about the issue. I got a call back in a few hours from Rudy. We talked for a bit. He seemed really excited to tell me about everything Freedom is doing. He said he believes the bullets were dinged up in shipping all the way across the country. He told me to add a note in my next order to please package the rounds tightly in their individual boxes. I was happy with the order other than the shipping issue. I'll probably but in a large order next month and see how that goes.

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