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Best place to buy Wasr-10

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I collect AKs and I will never own a io or those pos American made aks. You say the saiga isn't that good then say io's are. You may sell a bunch of AKs, but you sell a bunch of junk. I don't care about price. I care about quality. Another statement you made was that Maadis aren't that good. They are as close to the real deal as it gets. I'm not talking about the misr. Im talking the real Maadis. You are pushing bottom of the barrel AKs and talking about them like they are the shit. If you wanna see real nice AKs I'll show you nice AKs.

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Please show me where I said any of the Ak's I listed were the BEST - please?


What I said was N-PAPs & O-PAPs are better quality guns that WASR's and they are.

And just because YOu don't like US made AK's doesn't make them all garbage.


And finally - my point on the I.O is that compared to a WASR - the Lifetime warranty

make the I.O.  a better value - they are both the same basic quality.

And if that hurts your feelings - so be it.............

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