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  1. Alderfer Auction -Hatfield, PA

    alderfer.png  Firearms & Militaria Auctions

     215-393-3000  www.AlderferAuction.com

  2. Freedom Sports LLC - Shawnee On Delaware, PA

    image.png  Firearms and Accessories Dealer, Class 3

     570-460-3560  www.FreedomSportsLLC.com

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  3. Garden State Shooting Center

    gssclogo.jpg   Firearms and Accessories Dealer & Range. 1955 Swarthmore Ave Lakewood, NJ 08701



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  5. JT Custom Guns & Collectibles

    jtguns.jpg  Firearms and Accessories Dealer.


  6. Monmouth Arms - Morganville, NJ

    monmouthlogo.jpg  Firearms and Accessories Dealer.


  7. Oak Ridge Firearms - Oak Ridge, NJ

    Firearms and Accessories Dealer.

  8. RTSP - Randolph, NJ

    rtsp.png Firearms and Accessories Dealer & Range.

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  9. SC Arms - Spotswood, NJ

    sclogo.png  Firearms and Accessories Dealer.


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  10. Shore Shot Pistol Range - Lakewood, NJ

    Shore Shot Pistol Range  Firearms and Accessories Dealer & Range. 730 Airport Rd. #4,  Lakewood, NJ

     732-905-6888  www.ShoreShotPistolRange.com

  11. Sunrise Antiques - Chesterfield, NJ

    sunriseavatar.jpg  Firearms and Accessories Auctioneers.


  12. Tactical Training Center - Flemington, NJ

    ttclogo.png  Firearms and Accessories Dealer & Range. 10A Minneakoning Rd.,  Flemington, NJ

     908-782-9000  www.TacticalTrainingCenterNJ.com

  13. Tech Ops International - Phillipsburg, NJ

    image.png  Firearms & Accessories Dealer & Exclusive Distributor for Troy A4   110 S 5th St., Phillipsburg, NJ

     908-454-6030  www.TechOpsInternational.com


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    • This sounds like a similar qual that TTC is doing but TTC only goes out to 15yards and there was no sitting or weak hand shooting.  Why do you think the one you took was easy for you but TTC's with less requirements is overly stringent?  
    • Very well said.  If you can’t score above 90% out to 15 yards, you have no business carrying a gun.  I saw so many people that looked like they just bought their gun and then tried to qualify, but failed.  Couldn’t even perform basic safe handling.  Do us all a favor and practice, get some training, and then try to qualify.  
    • I like RichP’s thinking and along those lines, the interwebz is saying the poissons ratio of silicon is only .2-.3. I think you want something closer to .5 (like natural rubber…or cork) so that any axial compression is matched with a radial expansion. 
    • anyone applied in a county that issues same day? I’m willing to drive. Centre county? Thinking of making a day trip out of it. 
    • It was not that stringent. 15 yards is not that far.  Can you draw, fire, hit the target from 2-15yrds 80% of the time, and reload your gun safely on command in a very reasonable time limit?  I passed very easily with 50 out of 50 mostly in a tight group with a 3.3" gun and I don't consider myself a great shot.  The majority of the issues where because people were not proficient enough with their guns to either operate them properly or safely under just a little stress.  Imagine what would happen in a real world life or death situation.  These people would be putting innocent by standers at risk.   There were people who could not operate the safety, could not operate the slide lock, could not seat the mag properly when reloading, where flagging people when reloading, or could not even hit the paper.  If you feel you are this bad with your gun and can't pass, don't go somewhere else that doesn't actually test you.  You have a much higher chance of winding up in jail or dead and making the rest of the CCW community look bad and be an example to the gun grabbers why CCW needs to be more restrictive.  Just don't do it.   If you think you cannot pass the simple test TTC gives, you really should not carry until you are proficient enough to do so.  Buying some $10 snap caps and doing some dry fire training with your gun at home would have helped these people tremendously.   You don't just go out and buy a gun and think you can CCW.  You should be experienced, you should be proficient, you should be able to hit a large paper target at 15 yards.  
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