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    • After searching for awhile I was finally able to recently locate and purchase, via mail order, 250 rounds of Federal Premium Law Enforcement (Tactical), 12 GA, 2 3/4”, 00 Buckshot (9 pellets), Item LE132, without paying a ridiculous price-gouging markup.  This additional quantity of shotgun ammunition will compliment my large supply of Hornady Critical Defense, 2 3/4”, 12 GA 00 Buckshot, that I was able to purchase in several orders from different vendors earlier this year.  Unfortunately, this specific ammo from Hornady has been increasingly mor difficult to locate and acquire since that time and has been and is still on back order from most retailers nationally. I believe it is important to have a plentiful supply of ammo to regularly practice with, that is the same ammo you choose to depend on if, God-forbid, the self/home defense scenario ever presents itself.  These are the only two factory HD shotgun shells that I plan to use in my Benelli M2 semi-automatic 12 GA shotgun. I am reassured by the expressed opinions and experience of those here on NJGF, ( I.e. @High Exposure and @Ray Ray), who are more familiar than I am with these two shotgun shells for use for home defense.  I am also confident in the design characteristics and reputation of consistent quality control of factory manufacture of both of these shotgun shells, and that both will effectively serve their intended purpose. AVB- AMG
    • I heard about this somewhere, probably here, in the recent past.  Hopefully it will actually comply with the 30 days now across the state.
    • State Police Announces Enhancement to Firearms Application and Registration System Trenton, N.J. – The New Jersey State Police announced today enhancements to the Firearms Application and Registration System (FARS), which further streamlines the paperless process to purchase a handgun. Beginning Thursday, October 1, this new enhancement to the FARS application process will make the Electronic Handgun Purchase to Permit (E-Permits) to purchase a handgun available immediately upon approval and provide electronic viewable access to available permits at licensed retail firearms dealers. In 2016, Attorney General directive 2016-4 mandated uniform statewide practices and procedures for all firearm applications processes. In 2017, development began on the Firearms Application and Registration System (FARS), which was launched statewide in February 2019, streamlining the firearms application process for all municipalities across the state. The system allows residents of the state to submit online applications for firearms purchaser identification cards and handgun purchase permits. The New Jersey State Police Firearms Investigation Unit and Information and Technology Section, along with outside vendors, spent years of research and development to launch (E-Permit). The enhancements will keep records on file electronically and allow police departments and licensed firearms dealers access to the database while enabling residents to conveniently acquire purchase permits online. For information on how to submit applications, go to https://njsp.org/firearms.   Source is the NJSP IG account. I see nothing on the NJSP website about it yet. Any FFLs here have more info on it?  
    • 30.00 RCBS 30-06 Springfield Full Length X-Die Set Item #37712 Sizing and Seating Die Found cleaning out my father's garage. Looks to be new. Don't reload 30-06 so I have no use. First to post "I'll take it" wins the sale Please see link for pictures. Can meet if need be. Location: Sussex Cty. Home Range: Cherry Ridge.     https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rqcdg53wbl3hrtk/AAC6seDkuHVG_ujdepTutydIa?dl=0
    • I move around, off bench, standing up, leaning against pole, laying on ground.  Gotta make it more fun and realistic if you can
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