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  • What Does Your Spouse/Partner Know About Your Guns?   134 members have voted

    1. 1. Does Your Spouse Or Partner Know You Have Firearms?

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    2. 2. Do you have to sneak firearms into the house? Have You?

      • Yes - All or Most of the Time
      • Seldom
      • Never
    3. 3. Have you ever mislead your spouse/partner about how much you paid for a firearm?

      • Yes - Generally do.
      • Yes - But only on a few occasions.
      • No - Never have.

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    • Last year all my range time, was RPO, it is so nice to shoot with a bunch of old guys that 90% know what they are doing,  Shooting with people that have no knowledge, that scares me. Any time I took anyone out to shoot, it was a safety lecture first. But no mandatory class, shall not be infringed
    • Well, maybe guys similar anyway. 
    • Nacl only goes so far in temps. i think magnesium gets ya -25
    • 20%+ sodium chloride in aqueous. They basically just dissolve road  rock salt so it spreads evenly on the roads and doesn't get kicked off. 
    • It works fine if you use just one PROVIDED you determine which switch is the first in the series and install the TP-Link in that location.  In case you don't know how to do that, this procedure will work.  Kill power at breaker and open up both existing switches.  Take the hot wire off both switches and separate it from other wires.  Make sure it is not touching other stuff and then turn power back on.  With a non-contact voltage tester see which wire is hot, only one will be - that is where you want the new switch. Yes this will work in a four-way application (three switches), that is what I have in my kitchen.  I want to install one in an application where there are four switches and I expect it will work but have yet to do that.  Just ordered a few more today to do just that.  

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