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    • I've got a Savage .17 HMR bolt action that is as accurate (maybe more so) than anything else I own.  Lots of fun at the range.  If you're going to hunt with it it's too much for squirrel (ask me how I know), but would be fine for larger game.  And - I have actually seen .17 HMR ammo available.   
    • WC Brig and an old 92FS completely redone by Beretta. I was going to sell one of the two to thin out the collection and couldn’t part with either of them.   The Wilson combat cerakoting is spectacular quality.   
    • If you are moving to NYC forget the guns.  I have an apartment in Lincoln square and wouldn’t entertain going through the process.  As a non-NJ resident it may be hard to store the guns and retrieve them for use unless they are stored at an actual range.  You’ll need a non-resident FPID which means the nearest state police barracks to your NYC location.  I would not leave my firearms with friends or family in NJ bedside that’s an illegal transfer if you do not live with them.  Sure you can sign a fake lease stating you live there but why risk it for three pistols that are common?   If all you care about is going the the range sell the guns and rent on range days it’s way less hassle.   I keep my firearms, small quantity, in NJ and the bulk in FL.  If NYC was my only residence I’d not have firearms and rent when I came out to Nj. 
    • I contacted MidwayUSA via chat just now to ask when the purchase limit expires. Transcript follows: Kevin 9:28:47 a.m. Hello. Regarding purchase limits. When can I place another order? I ordered Primers that had a limit of one 1000 box yesterday, can I order more today?   Holden 9:29:13 a.m. The limit gets lifted 7-14 days after the time the primers were purchased.   Kevin 9:30:21 a.m. What determines if it is 7 or 14? And are we talking calendar days, not business days? What happens if I try to order before the limit is lifted, the system will just cancel my order?   Holden 9:32:50 a.m. It is different for every product, so we do not know the exact time frame between the 7-14 days. The days are calendar days, so if you ordered the primers yesterday, 5/5 is the latest they can be ordered, but there is a possibility that on 4/28 you can order them. If you were to try to place the order for the primers, it will not show up in your cart.
    • If it had been the full logo, I'm confident I would have been able to determine what it was. When a logo is so small (and incomplete) it can double as a Rorschach test, some marketing people didn't do their jobs well. Even worse, the engineers didn't fight hard enough against the marketing people telling them it was a bad idea. 
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