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    Forget overseas, there's plenty to see here in this country!
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    SOLD Mossberg 500 Persauder 12 gauge shotgun. Holds 8+1. Has ghost ring sights and a factory heat shield. I added an enhanced metal safety. Has some cosmetic blemishes, but functions perfectly. $300 The buyer is responsible for all transfer/NICS fees. I will meet you at a FFL of your choosing in Ocean County. I will ship to any FFL for $35. The first person to post “I’ll take it” gets it.
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    An instant check that takes 72 hours. Next they'll be telling us that someone with a penis is a woman. Oh wait.
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    Another great time at this shoot. New event to be added next year Munich Mossad Assassin. .22 LR 5 shots in 5 seconds at 7 yards at a 10 meter air rifle target.
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    SOLD Ruger 10/22 #21138 TALO edition. TALO decked this one out in M1 Carbine looking wood and added peep sights. I added a M1 carbine repro canvas sling. Comes with 4 BX-15 magazines that I blocked to 10 rounds and epoxied. $350 The buyer is responsible for all transfer/NICS fees. I will meet you at a FFL of your choosing in Ocean County. I will ship to any FFL for $35. The first person to post “I’ll take it” gets it.
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    SPF to Buckshot195 Griz is next in line.
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    That's a Williams peep, it's a popular upgrade among Marlin owners.
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    Soil temp is very important, it is the catalyst for everything that happens. That's why Forsythia budding is like a turkey pop-up thermometer, it's a rule-of-thumb method for knowing soil temp is approaching 50 deg. When forsythia are in full bloom, the average daily soil temp is already at 55 deg and seeds are already germinating. By this time, the efficacy of pre-emergent is greatly diminished. Think of crabgrass control the same as birth control pills. They are used BEFORE "germination" to prevent germination. Pre-emergent protection typically lasts 60 to 90 days, so, if you put it down 30 days before soil temps are in the 50's, it is already there doing its thing. You don't want to put any granular products down while the ground is still hard. One heavy rainfall can wash it off your lawn and into the storm drains. Pre-emergents work differently than weed killer in two ways. Seeds on and under the soil surface absorb dissolved pre-emergent like a sponge when watered. That is why you can't put down grass seed the same time pre-emergent is present . You have to "water in" pre-emergents. On the other hand, weed killer is absorbed into the entire plant through the leaf of a seedling or mature weed. Most weed killers are not absorbed through the root, so watering-in does nothing but wash the herbicide off the plant you are trying to kill.
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    They're not too strict on the stance, only that you keep the gun low enough to not use the sights. I think standing upright with the gun held waist high would be just fine. It's a very low-key match.
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    Sent John a nice one. Late WW 2 full orig belt, metal clips.
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    It was a great time. Good to see Mr. and Mrs Brucin again, and some of the other regulars at the match. I think the organizers ran us through 9 relays, plus the experimental Mossad event for next year, so everyone got in plenty of shooting. @Mrs. Peel They're considering re-naming the Cagney and Lacey trophy for high scoring woman. If we lobby to have it renamed the Emma Peel trophy, will you come to the match next year?
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    That is more of a crabgrass control than a spring 3 in 1. The linked product contains no nitrogen at all. Early spring NPK values should be N=18-25/ P=0-5/ K=0-5, for example, 22-0-5. NPK values do not need to be exact, just in the ball park of what is appropriate for the purpose and season. If you are using it strictly for crabgrass control, then by all means use it. But you will have to put down "weed and feed" separately. If you do that, use a fertilizer with very low P and K values. I plucked this from a random site, it gives the basics for what NPK represents and how each helps plant growth and health. We use Lesco Dimension Crabgrass Pre-emergent + Fertilizer at work. It's NPK is 19-0-7. Three to four weeks after application, we spray lawns with a broad leaf weed killer. Lesco products are available at Home Depo Put down your fertilizer with crabgrass prevention now, then deal with whatever weedlings managed to germinate a few weeks later with a broad leaf weed killer, or wait two months and put down a season appropriate fertilizer with weed killer.
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    Unfortunately, TN still has some snow in the Winter, so that would be a deal breaker for me. It's also little too close to "Tornado Alley." I'll stick with FL.

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