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  1. Nice shooting. Ruger American is a solid sub moa gun. With 223 there really is a difference between bulk and match ammo. Especially as you can go heavier projectile. Before going intonreloading try factory match ammo like Hornady match. Then see if you need even more. You do not save money reloading... especially 223. 6.5 CM, and larger calibers.... yes, once you have the brass.
  2. So in reality I don't even have an issue with mag dumps as long as they are safe... and preferably outside. Indoors there is just too much concussion if using a proper brake. 22lr mag dump? By all means... as long as they are all hitting the back berm. Private property or separate range with no one else there? By all means.
  3. Who said anything about inspections? Besides it really does not matter because you will have to take it out of the range bag to shoot anyway. Yes, I firmly believe gun range owners have the right to require safety checkouts of new shooters. Besides, this is standard protocol at most private clubs in NJ anyway and at many public ranges outside of NJ. This is of course not about preventing negligent discharged... but rather preventing much bigger incidents as a result of them. Personally I recall 4 NDs for myself. Very first one was with a Walther or a beretta when I was brand new, about 15 years ago. I dropped the mag thinking I was done, by memory I always point it down range and go click... well that time it went bang. My first time shooting a 44... double tapped it from the recoil.... and the last two were actually just in the past two months... first was shooting a friends competition shotgun, new to me... very very light trigger and it broke a bit earlier than I thought it would. The last time was actually two days ago. Was shooting one of the precision guns I am working on a video of. It has a 2lb single stage trigger.... yes the gun was on target but in my mind I am still pulling it looking for the two stage wall before breaking it. Instead it broke cleanly and hit the bullseye as it was a single stage trigger. In my mind, it is still a negligent discharge despite hitting the target. Everyone will have negligent discharged, the difference is with experienced and safety minded shooters the gun will be pointed down range in a safe direction... with newbies it will generally not be. The most WTF one from my NJ public range experience is a shooter testing out his 500 Nitro Express gun before going on safari? Dumbass loads both chambers leans the rifle against the wall and then walks away. Gun drops and both barrels go off. Someone got hurt from the multiple ricochets. ND was a problem but not the biggest problems.... it was leaving a loaded gun propped against the wall and of course shooting a freaking 500 Nitro Express at a 25 yard indoor range. And yes... the round did go through those bullet proof barriers in between. this is why I am such a proponent of shooting sports like idpa, uspsa, 3gun and steel matches.... yes there are Nds regularly, especially with some newer shooters but no one is going to get hurt h less you break multiple rules, i.e breaking the 180, AND the RO failed to stop you. At public ranges you generally don’t have 1 RO per every shooter. This is why I would rather shoot at matches with brand new shooters where there is one shooter at a time with an RO plus most of the squad watching them than at a public indoor range on a busy night with semi-experienced shooters. You don’t need bag inspections to provide safety... you need sufficient oversight. Again I have Zero issues with new gun owners or even new gun owners wanting to shoot a SW500 their first time... BUT they are going to do it under careful supervision the first time they shoot it and especially if it is not their gun. Lol and as far as new guns... this is why I will only load one round the first time I shoot it if I am unfamiliar with it and that is after numerous dry fires.
  4. Lol yes, not Sam Jackson Lawrence Fis
  5. Didn't realize today was JW3 opening.... rushed out to see it. Huge fan of 1 and 2, a bit more 2 so was really excited to see 3. Not going to spoil the story but can talk about it. The good... They tied the story really well and the trailers are all explained, i.e. Winston, Sam Jackson's character, Halle Berry. We also get a better history on where JW comes from and if he actually is a Slav! Well done fight scenes. If you are a fan if Halle Berry, you will not be dissapointed. Yes, she looks older than she did in Bond, but did her part. Great acting, good fight scenes and very well with the dogs. Speaking of which, if you are a fan of dogs... you will really like JW3. We also see more of Winston and the Concierge which is nice... A Russian guy that actually speaks Russian! The Neutral Observations... Seems like JW switched to NY Safe mags... at least in the scenes in NY... he kept reloading like every 7 to 8 rounds! On standard capacity 2011 9mm magazines which should easily hold 20! Gun of the movie is certainly not the STI 2011 but rather Glocks... Glock 17, 19, 34, both with and without slide mounted optics. Every bad guy carried a Glock... or a sword. The Bad... What I believe made JW1 and 2 great is that they made those movies and did not know how succesful they were going to be. They were dark, real, solid stories, quite a bit of mystique. JW3... they knew it was a license to print money and it showed. While the plot answered questions... it really did seem like a straight up 2 hours worth of fighting... which got old. I really wish they spent more time developing the plot rather than take what made JW1 and 2 great.... and simply focus on those things.... because then what you have is a forced masterpiece which just does not work as well. I.e... lots of forced stupid jokes, bad guys who die and then immediate get up, start talking and making jokes, a really strange bromance with some bad guys, etc. Another one is repeating "cool" fight moves that are now just annoying. I.e. in previous movies we saw JW stab someone and then smack it sword/knife, whatever in all the way with the other hand... in this movie... that is seemingly ALL he does. You also have some sloppy editing.... one character looses a small body part.... in some shots... you saw the lazy editing and it was there in a few frames then gone the next.... a wtf also when one of the dogs is shot and we think they are dead then in another scene they are suddenly there again. Tactical stupidity... They go shopping for guns for final fight scene in Winston's safe room... they see the bad guys are wearing full "upgraded" armor and all have select fire MP5s with cans on them.... they go for handguns... (this is where JW straps on his STI 2011) YET there are racks of perfectly better rifles on the wall... ffs. Corny winston humor around the same time... TOOOOOOOO much swords/knives.... I think more guys were killed in the movie by swords than knives... No more focus on cars (charger, mustang, etc) So yeah.... Still good movie and worth seeing it in theaters... but absolutely felt like they knew it would be a hit and this really is about making as much money as possible with the least effort, focusing on the strongest parts of JW BUT they forgot the balance. Actually reminded me... it's like applying the Fast and Furious model to the movies. And yes oh yes, there will be at least 2 or 3 more movies...
  6. No issues. Plenty of people have mags that are marked LEO... IIRC that stems back from the Clinton AWB. (assault weapons ban)
  7. Rhetorical question? Answer is it depends on what the range wants. I know a few ranges I visited, if you have never shot there and are renting, they send out an RO with you who "checks you out" to make sure you can safely operate it. I would simply ask... "Have you shot this gun in this caliber before?" If not, I would send an RO there with them. Keep in mind.. this is someone coming in to shoot YOUR gun... You should at least want to know they are not a moron. So there are really a few issues here.... 1. Gun rights... where I don't think there should be any restrictions, if you can buy it $$$, you should be able to own it...50 bmg, hand cannons, full auto.... "destructive devices" should at least be a tax stamp. 2. Shooting it in public... "your rights end where my nose begins." If you are shooting at a private range... you are following their rules and the insurance company's rules. If they only allow shooting weak handed between 3pm and 5:30pm every 4th Wed on a Leap Year... that is their right. If you are on your own property, do whatever you want. 3. If I was a range owner.. I welcome new people but unless I have seen you shoot, or you can show me an IDPA/USPSA/NRA class card or something similar, you are getting an RSO to check you out... and every new shooter with a renter gets an RSO babysitting them. I welcome new shooters to the sport but until you can safely recognize when a gun is not doing what it is supposed to, or are not iritated wondering what would possess someone to shoot a centerfire rifle indoors at 10 to 15 yards... you are inexperienced. Nothing wrong with that... it is just that at that stage most people are concerned about hitting the target more than they are with being safe and courteous to others. And I will say, I am quite hypocritical as a number of years ago I was crazy with some ranges that had too many RSOs. Right now it would be overbearing RSOs who are not focusing on renters/brand new gun owners.
  8. Quite a few threads on this topic even from the last few months... no issues.
  9. Been a bit and I am fuzzy on this, but isn't AR-15 banned by name? Or was it Colt?
  10. welcome to the community!
  11. What's it say on the other side? That makes more difference. I.e. the model number? AR-15 or LMT-15 or something like that.
  12. I think there is a difference though. Should any gun owner be able to buy anything they want? ABSOLUTELY! As a private range owner, do I want people to shoot any gun they want indoors, in public with others around? Especially if they are new? HELL NO! Much like letting a 16 year old buy a Dodge Hellcat for their first car... they should be able to but it is irresponsible. Gun ranges that let brand new people rent guns that folks should not be shooting indoors (high powered rifles, etc) or obviously out of their comfort zone (44 mag revolvers, 50 AE/500 s&w) is both silly and irresponsible. Plus... I am fairly certain it turns off many experienced gun owners... Do I enjoy going to public indoor ranges where a gun owner thinks it is really fun to rapid fire their at a target 5 yards away to impress their friends/gf/wife? No... no I don't. At the same time, when you are trying to teach someone new and someone is shooting a 12 gauge in a port next to you? The one solution and I applaud the newer ranges for doing it is having multiple areas or ranges.... one for handguns, another for rifles, and others for just machine gun rentals.
  13. I agree but this is why I don’t seem many ranges renting a 50 Bmg. 50 ae or 500 sw I don’t care about. The question was about buying though. This is where I meant. range will be happy to sell it to you but does not mean you should shoot it there.
  14. Because you would be a total moron to shoot a 50 cal at an indoor 25 yard range. Just because you could does not mean you should.
  15. Free Hazmat on $150+... CCI primers at $28.99 per k, Federal GM is $34.99. Link Promo Code FH190516
  16. Classic arms just got in some Chinese SKS for $399
  17. This. it also very much depends on the gun you are shooting it out of And the point of it all... 50 to 100 yard plinking? Or a 1.000 yard precision built gun? in a few guns, bimetallic cases did not seal as well but QC is generally good and.no issues with it. berdan primed cases suck if you plan on reloading. there have been millions of rounds of both domestic and foreign steel cased ammo shot. If there were major issues we would have heard about them in the past decade.
  18. Correct, this is why I am scratching my head... WTF would a Florida NICS check have to do with a NJ background check unless they ran it through NJ? FL can run their own checks like they do at any time for rifles, etc. Really weird.
  19. @Ray Ray I don't think you are pissing off to many people with that statement. I would even go to say further, it's stupid to shoot an AR, AK, Mosins, or any other rifle at a 25 yard indoor range. (22's excluded). One exception being you are trying to sight in gun, test something, etc. As far as renting, I personally agree with you, but as a 2A believer, I believe as long as people are being safe or not in a position to hurt others, they can do as they please. When it comes to renting... this is why I think renters should have an RSO who is watching them like a hawk, especially if it is their first few times at the range or in NJ, don't have an FID or not there with an experienced shooter or someone you know. But this is also why I generally don't shoot at public indoor ranges... once you are muzzle swept a few times you just call it a day. lol. But then the question is... who is more likely to be irresponsible, the guy coming in to rent a gun, OR the semi-newish gun owner who is bringing his wife/gf/friends to come shoot and wants to impress them with a bigger gun? It's quite funny, about 10 years ago when I was a newish gun owner, shot a Desert Eagle 44... was getting late, some hotter loads... I double tapped it by accident. A few weeks ago shot the same gun and was expecting that same massive recoil still in my head.... nope, not even close. The difference being about 100,000 rounds fired from the first time I shot a 44 Deagle and now. I think it is especially worse for people who are not naturally bigger and can displace the recoil throughout the body. For smaller people, having proper grip, and for long guns, having it tight in the pocket is the difference between a good shot and a dislocated shoulder or the muzzle hitting you in the forehead. This is why I had so much respect for my friend who is a newer gun owner, despite being a fairly big guy, 6'3" 240, when he passed up on shooting a 50 BMG when offered because he was not comfortable yet. So here is a question for everyone... "If you were a gun store owner, do you put a max on the caliber you rent to new or non-gun owners?" Sad part... that is not a joke. A few years ago we actually had a topic about this regarding a number of members who do wear armor going to a public range.
  20. Welcome! Was going to ask which "Monroe" but then noticed your local range.
  21. I don't know, if we have enough hunters and shot gun guys asking for it. We do have state game lands... and Democrats LOVE getting money from Federal Government... this has legs.
  22. Wow, a 1990's Corvette and turd gen Fbodies are now "classics". Getting too old for this shit... lol. =P Bob, glad your vette survived. Crazy. Am sure insurance will pay out, and in most cases likely more than what those cars were worth. hehe. Proud former owner of a 93 Z28... hard top, none of those leaking t-tops but the panel gaps were yuge... (Although Teslas' are not much better), rearward visibility was optional and the dashboard was made of cheaper material than toys.
  23. Thanks. Yes, another one of those brain farts. =P Have a Mark 5 HD that I shot out to 2,300 and really like it. Will check Burris but looks like have a Nikon Black FFP coming in. The grip am playing around with, getting used to it. Was not a fan of the one on Howa, even still, was down to half MOA. Yes on the off to the side. noticed that. That footage was mostly towards end of a few boxes with frustrating experience with the LRR... (more on that later)... and hte brake realllly makes the difference. My main goal there that day was to scout out the range (first time there), take a look at the Sightmark and chrono some loads to get a baseline. I do know I have a tendency to crush the trigger if I am not paying attention or "shooting for score" but apparently that did not make an impact until around 1400 yards while at FTW. Come out with me next time. =P Always appreciate the feedback. Tough to check out of hte mental game of "shoot as fast as you can without missing" to "take your time, work on your house, pay attention to trigger, etc" Although they were surprised when I crushed the target transition drills of the mock "sandbox city" with targets from 350 to 800. Was fixed time, shoot as many as you can in 30 seconds. Got 10 on 10 shots.
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