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  1. Yes, before the major update, there was the "quick reply" and the full editor/reply. Since then, the full editor was integrated into the quick reply. If you are the original poster, and you need to edit the "title"... it is a bit different and you do need to hit the edit. Let me know if you are squared away. =)
  2. @Truthsayer We often forget, well, newer folks, even though this is an annonomus forum if you want it to, this is also a regional community where hundreds if not thousands of members and gun owners have met each other in real life through events at ranges, fun shoots, training classes or even buying and selling. So very often, when we see posts, we don't look at it as simply a username, but rather a face and a person. As such, your original post really comes off as a rant that you would generally not say to someone else in real life like that. If there are legitamite issues, we do have an opportunity to take it up with the ranges or stores and have them respond, much like 2A organizations do with townships. Whenever there is a big complaint voiced about an FFL or a range here, I do make it a point to reach out to the owners and let them know, to get their side of the story and to see if there were service let downs and things that can be fixed. As such, we are all interested in hearing your complaints, but would want to do something about it and as such, asking for more details and your role (direct, heard from a friend, etc.)
  3. In places where you can... it is right there.. "edit"
  4. You can have a difference of opinion and this site is all about that... but you are making unfounded allegations without backing any of them up. While I have not looked at the NRA Rangemaster course... let's be honest... we are all adults here, when your range is everyone behind a common firing line and you have range officers and a bullet proof divider... the range master is not going to do much if anything. But realistically, this is why experienced gun owners don't go to public ranges. I am not worried about the range master, I am worried about other gun owners at the range. Have you witnessed anything unsafe as a direct result of an experienced range master? Where does a Rangemaster mean a lot? Sanctioned shooting matches... and mostly in regards to target placement safety, equipment calibration and knowing the rules of the game inside and out. For a public range... I think everything can be summed up as "Don't be a dumbass." On the Veteran issue... what does being a veteran have anything to do with being fired over txt? If you are fired over txt, it does not matter whether you are a veteran or not, it human decency... (unless I suppose there was a heated discussion already going over txt, etc.) Again, we don't know the story, and if you do, please share it. Again, if you have an axe to grind... disclose it and people will give you the time of day, i.e. , are you the employee that was let go? Are you friends with that employee? How do you know the owner is not NRA certified?
  5. lol. believe me, when the site started, was docsed... Since then, private registrations and site is hosted in Michigan and domain is registered overseas. To answer the OP's question... company policy. Realistically though, if you are at Heritage at Easton, stop wasting your money and go 1/4 mile and visit 507 Outfitters. Far better prices and warm and friendly, and knowledgeable staff. www.507outfitters.com The question I would have is... "Why the hell do they need your DL to buy a magazine?" There is one store in Allentown area that does require a DL, but that is because officially, they need to be a membership store.. I don't believe Heritage has that issue.
  6. Nah, he is just wanting to make sure he is not the only one in the Sig P320 fanclub.... I mean, you drop a gun once and you get scared for life... you want others to be scared with. =)
  7. Welcome... Not sure on the others but You can be the range master, as long as they do not say NRA Rangemaster? Not that it really matters though... if you own it, you own it. I do agree terminating employees via txt is not the best way, but I have no clue what you are talking about? Assuming they were terminated for some other reason? Terminated for being a Vet? Doubt it... Range 129 is not a vendor and I have no vested interest in it, but seems like you have an axe to grind with them so I would hope you share a complete story rather than unfounded allegations. If you have a personal experience, leave a review for them...
  8. Listed as a dealer here? News to me...?
  9. Just posted here a few days ago. @JT Custom Guns said he had one in stock... and Sportsman's Warehouse has them in stock. $199. Ship it to local FFL. https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/handguns/ruger-wrangler-22-long-rifle-462in-black-revolver-6-rounds/p/1531488
  10. awesome! I am glad you had a good time! "Practical" shooting adds and reinvents what shooting with a firearm can be for most gun owners, especially since for the vast majority, the "gun experience" is standing there in a port with others lined up and blasting paper. IDPA, USPSA and other fun shoots add moving to the equation which completely changes the challenge. At least for me, you are changing the equation from "How many rounds am I going to go through?" to "How do I best achieve the challenge by being the most accurate I can be versus the time." IDPA is a great place to start as generally there is one way to shoot a course of fire. The next challenge after that is USPSA where it is up to you to solve the course of fire and where accuracy becomes just one part of the total equation. Moving and planning out your course of fire are equally as important. The round counts are also higher. But... I am really glad you had a good time. This is how the vast majority of the matches are. You just hit the lottery with your first one and ran into a clicky group. Unfortunately there are clubs out there that run various matches that are for the boys in the club. Vast majority of IDPA and USPSA matches are not.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/c/SlavGuns/live
  12. Anyone giddy for the fight? Streaming or bought the PPV? Will be watching on Russian TV, may stream it if folks interested. Chat guns and boxing.
  13. haha, I wish... right now it is paying the fairly large technology costs. =P
  14. If you are looking for a black one, Sportsman's warehouse has a few in stock. Ship to your FFL. $199.99 https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/handguns/ruger-wrangler-22-long-rifle-462in-black-revolver-6-rounds/p/1531488
  15. Was going to ask if there was any progress or updates? Do want to go up there shortly.
  16. Yes... I meant the gun staying flatter. =) Less muzzle rise as you have a full length steel frame and solid guiderod in the slide.
  17. Build quality is a lot better nowadays from Turkish manufacturers. Only downsides are 1. Turkish... (are you okay buying Turkish?) and 2. Will they be there in 5 years to stand behind the guns? Part of what why you are paying less for it is that it is not a Ruger, Smith & Wesson or Glock... companies that have been there and will take care of you, even if you are not the original owner of the gun.
  18. I am not a huge Glock fan, but yes, I really like it, and enough to shoot USPSA Production with it over my CZ. Much flatter shooting than typical 17, etc. Keep in mind, it does not work well, currently, with OEM 10 round Glock mags, so use the 10 round magpul mags. No issues with standard capacity mags. Have about 1,000 rounds through the gun, a lot of which with a suppressor. Have not cleaned yet, mostly reliable... a few quirks but that was largely due to suppressor use and getting the gun really really dirty. Basically, the frame will work with any Gen 3 glock slide. I have videos of shooting it but not a complete review yet...
  19. I have a complete OZ9 if you want to play with. What's the question?
  20. Ugh, they are going to make us wait another year? And wow, Ed Harris got reallly old looking... hopefully they did not make him look older than he is.
  21. Wanted to be the first to say "Hello and Welcome" to the latest NJGF community member, Ed @Dark Storm Industries. While many of you may already be familiar, for those that are not, DSI is a leader in the compliant rifle space, making the best out of a mediocre situation. One of the most recent firearms is the new Non-NFA firearm that was blessed for NJ and for which there is a specific NJSP letter. If you have not done so already, check out the dedicated NJ web page, https://www.dark-storm.com/new-jersey/ to see a copy of the letter and all of the NJ compliant models. I am looking forward to thoroughly testing one of the rifles in the immediate future! Welcome Ed and thank you for supporting the community. Make sure to take a look at DSI rifles at your local dealer and make sure to ask them to carry DSI guns if they are not doing so already!
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