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  1. Hey guys, a few folks have not yet, I believe the vast majority have. Will go through the list and see who has not yet and make sure you do.
  2. Awesome! Would be awesome. Let me know or can include you on PM. Thanks Jack!
  3. I sent an email and had a phone convo with my contact at PSA... Will have follow up on this soon.
  4. Sig has their own media day. did play with the gun however. Fairly nice, looking to get one for demo. Duh, sorry. Usually I get them but this year was filled with appointments, never made it out there. Will email to see if can get any. They are not 50% off anymore, I think right now only 35% or 40%.
  5. dumbfounded. I have only been asked for ID once, and that was years ago... And this was way before forum, youtube etc. I suppose depends on how you "look" the employees may be a tad conservative. I do know a few FFLs want to save their time and don't want to bother showing you a gun if you can't buy it (mostly during the Obama days), however have not seen that be an issue. Or just come to PA and play with all the guns you want without being treated like a criminal. While in NJ, the best case, make relationships with FFLs and once they know you, they don't ask you for ID.
  6. Let's meet up, there is a group of about 13 people from the forum or forum related. I honestly did not remember that at the moment of writing the post... but am shocked that @10X instally knows you were going to AVN.
  7. Gearing up and getting ready for Shot Show next week. We already know most of the big announcements however I am sure there will be more new stuff from other companies. I have already asked this on my personal Facebook profile, in our NJGF page/group, and on my YouTube channel. What do you want to see or get covered? My schedule is already booked solid Monday through Thursday, with a few spaces avail still on Friday. There is a good group of us going from the forum, including members, and FFLs. NJGF Crew - @Krdshrk @Lakota @weekend_junkie.are going for sure. Three others I have not confirmed. Also part of our crew are three great friends and FFLs, 2 of which are vendors. @tj462nj @FreedomSportsLLC and @swatfirearms. A few of their friends and/or employees are attending, so close to 15 of us. =P The goal is to have at least a few videos per day from the show and will have an editor on site. If anyone still wants to make it... let me know... POSSIBLE we may be able to make it work. Videos will be on the youtube channel, www.youtube.com/slavguns
  8. haha, no sir. other things popped up as I am sure you know.
  9. Elite Ammo is sending me out some of their defensive 5.7x28 rounds... look interesting to say the least...
  10. Both solid guns. Budget? There are plenty of semi-custom guns out there. Then you have to ask yourself how true to the 1911 you want to stay. I really like Dan Wesson 1911s, but somehow always thought they were asking a tad too much. I really appreciate how clean they look though. Les Baer builds a nice 1911 no doubt. @Bully is spot on with his comments on it and so are my impressions when I played with them. If you are going that custom route, Ed Brown, Nighthawk, etc. Slightly below, I am a huge fan of the Smith & Wesson Pro and Performance Series guns. Springfield has a few too. The newest one that I played with and LOVE is the Ruger custom shop Doug Koenig edition. Shot it out to 100 yards, really nice gun, thought some may find a tad gaudy.
  11. Will be there tonight, around 6 or 6:30, depending on traffic.
  12. What's the price on it? Website is not loading... But pretty much everyone is 7075 forged or billet... personally I think billet looks nicer, even though not as strong. A5 is necessary because of unpinned flash hider and an 11.5" barrel. This should be in the same price as most of the other "Others"... like $1,300 or so. Otherwise, the same basic cheap Magpul sights and furniture, basic flash hider. And yes... brake works... they can put a linear comp on it if you are worried about people next to you, again though, not an issue at outdoor ranges, and if you are shooting this indoors... well... that is on you as the shooter. =)
  13. what's the price on it? So looks like they are using the A5 buffer in order to make up for the 11.5" barrel... not a fan of regular flash hider, should include a brake. Otherwise, honestly looks fairly basic... wonder whose brand of barrel they are using.
  14. Site will be offline at around 11:00 PM for about 15 to 20 minutes for some security related updates. Thanks!
  15. To buy or review included? If I was to buy one... Ruger 57... for sure. What I would really like to get hands on... interestingly... the Kimber Rapide black ice in 10mm. Also... the Zev/Brown 1911.
  16. Ah ok. So this will depend on the company... and if they have any presence there. There are many American gun companies who contract out to China and then they get complaints... which should not be surprising considering they never went to China or did much QC... what they do is send the specs and contract with a factory to make the item... The smart ones will partner up with a local Chinese company to oversee production and do actual on site QC. And if they don't do on site QC... would anyone be shocked if the manufacturer changes things out as long as item looks/feels the same? Styrka chinese optics being good is not a surprise, considering Styrka's parent company is Celestron, who has the expertise in optics... With other optics companies? Many just go to the same factories and assume they will get the same quality as say a Vortex, Bushnell, etc... without actually testing them. And do the American companies care? Well, in the case of Vortex when they first launched the Chinese stuff at least... the higher return rate was more than offset by the cost savings of having it produced in China... And let's be honest... what percentage of gun owners are actually going to run their guns hard? Or even know there is a big issue?
  17. Glad we are on the same page. And this is what I meant by... real world at dealers and live auctions, there was not that much of a jump... but do see that some folks were asking more than $3k which is nuts. $2k to $2.5k is where most I saw transact at... and most were really nice shape. Also interesting... the ones you linked, not original boxes... though the Colt blue box is worth about $100, the original cardboard boxes is where it's at. Personally, between the Nickle and Blued... Royal Blue is what I want...
  18. Heh? Maybe my coffee did not kick in yet... not sure I understand?
  19. Oh, not a problem... again, I am focusing on live auctions and retail... I do not watch Gunbroker prices... So even if 85% were going for $3k on GB... I call them idiots... when you can get those guns for $2k elsewhere.
  20. hehe... I have prime to watch "Stargate" on prime video vs Netflix... But yeah, we have Amazon crap coming almost every day... will say it is more convenient now than driving 30 mins to the store... the perks of living in the boonies. Fantastic. I am sure it is a great value for the price. =) But yes, was pleasantly surprised myself. A lot of Chinesium stuff is very hit or miss, even if it looks the same. Now with the YT channel, I am getting almost daily requests from sellers and companies to review their stuff. Some is crap, a lot of average, and some stuff that is really quite impressive. I have since started a pretty good relationship with two companies in China and regular contact with their owners. Most interesting was discussing with one of them is the notion that Chinese manufacturing can give you EXACTLY what you want. Do you want Cheap? They can do that. Do you want high quality? They can also do that as well. Many american companies go to China to just have something produced to as cheap as they can get, as long as it meets their specs. What seems to be critical, is to go down there for on site QC... to inspect before taking them into inventory and paying for them. I recently had an expensive scope by a German company, but made in China, arrive dead on arrival... was interesting to find out that they do not inspect every scope, despite them costing more than $1k each. On the flip side, Styrka just sent me their new S7... it is an $800 scope that is REALLY nice... was shocked to find it was made in China. For these Binos, the owner of the company just sent me a picture of him visiting the factory doing QC on a new pair of binos they have coming out, a little nicer than the ones we have now. So... certainly interesting.
  21. see below... I think once you get past 10 guns or so... you will have guns that you buy and don't really shoot. What I mean is that you buy them, shoot them once or twice, then they go in the safe and just get looked at. I.e. buying an original Python for a regular range toy is kinda silly... buy a new one for that. For me, the look and feel of the original Pythons is where its at. A year ago you had some stupid high prices that maybe some would pay... The Blued gun is gorgeous and $2k is a steal for it... The first one, would not be $3k... unless you know someone who would pay $3k for a gun that has pitting on the front barrel... those guns at real life auctions, in that condition were $2k tops. The second one, is just blah... wow... Even $2k may be high for it... anyone who was paying $2.7k for that is just speculating and an idiot. That is the worst condition Python I have seen come up for market lately.
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