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  1. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    ??? Actually we do have a propane fireplace that was never used. No clue how to hook it up, need an outside tank for it too.
  2. Maksim

    Ouch !!

    Thanks, that answered that. I did not know the OAL was shorter. That explains it 100%... bullet essentially sits near the top of the chamber... empty space when the primer goes off, KABOOM. I have not really spent much time with 300 bo, but assumed it was about the same OAL... That is kinda stupid that it is shorter.
  3. Maksim

    Freezer size? Need Advice!

    Actually shopping for freezers... why not a chest?
  4. Maksim

    Ouch !!

    In Jersey, unless you are going to supress it in the future, it just does not make sense. If you want .308 caliber bullet, just go 7.62x39 in a cheap package. Was also surprised that the 300 chambers... are those barrels that loose? Will have to take a look at the dimensions. FYI, this is also why you do not shoot ammo you find on the ground out of your stock guns, especially after matches. Too often a 9mm round at the range after a USPSA match is actually loaded to 9mm Major specs, designed to be run in compted guns. Shoot it in your stock Glock 19 and Kaboom. Just dumbfounded someone can confuse a 22 caliber bullet for a 7.62
  5. Maksim

    TTC 40 yard contest

    Congrats! Yep, VERY doable especially with a CZ75. Interesting, I thought it was just 1 shot. hehe, 8... should be very doable. How many others did?
  6. One of the perks of PA... raw milk... buy at the local farm 3 miles down the road.
  7. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Which one? Just changed the oil on my John Deere, after lunch and a few small things going to go drop the mower deck and put on the snowblower attachment
  8. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    If she can go out the door.
  9. PFT.... you people are so diluted. Everyone knows the only bread that matters is undiluted, uncut... natural, whole grain... Dont give up your bread rights! There will be NO COMPROMISE. Whole Loafs Only!
  10. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    So moving to rural America, there is no natural gas here. Pretty much every house for heat is other using forced electric hot air or oil. A few have pellet burning system. Our house is all electric.... so first thing moving here... bought a generator.
  11. Maksim

    Hollow Point Bullets

    Honestly, I never let the potential of hollow point bullet add on charge to get in the way of health and cleaner holes in paper. I completely get using fmj or emfj for home defense gun, but for a target ar or a bolt gun, why? Beauty of HP is that there is no exposed lead base, cleaner gun and cleaner lungs. And when shooting paper, much cleaner holes! i do have some 55gr plated bullets if you want to try. And no... that would be an EFMJ type Bullet at that point.
  12. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Actually did not lose power during sandy for more than 2 hours. Lol but no, do have a generator now, but it is still in box.
  13. Maksim

    Daily humor thread

    Figured why not... people need to have some laughs. Rules... nothing not safe for work, nothing not in good taste.
  14. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    I am more concerned about downed trees, powerlines, etc.
  15. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Except the issue will be the ice apparently. Especially when it freezes Sunday night.
  16. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Time to stop complaining?
  17. I don't think in ANY of the suicides at the public ranges in the last 10 years did they ever want to take anyone elses life.
  18. Was just looking at @SCArms facebook page. Some of his guns could of surely fit in John Wick 2/3. I guess my peeve is that those guns are too over the top boy racer....
  19. Yikes... where did you find that? Shot in foot? Humn... wonder if drawing from holster or someone pointed gun where they were not supposed to.
  20. I knew Taran before all of the fame. He was just a decent gun guy who made some accessories.... and THEN John Wick. eh. In reality... there are plenty of other and perhaps better gunsmiths out there. What would be really cool is Keanu using some Johny Lim's Limcat guns! hehe OR perfectly in line with "John Wick" would be SVI guns.
  21. Too bad you are not in America.... There is an 80 acre plot of land for sale here.
  22. The good thing is though, many of the indoor ranges have the option of putting in bullet proof barriers in between stalls. I do wonder how many of them take that option though. Action Target certainly pushes it at the shows.
  23. Maksim

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    We are at around 800 ft here. Not quite the poconos BUT certainly not the bottom of the valley.

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