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  1. Guns, and some ammo, can be found if money is no object..
  2. To make a standard configuration M4 AR N.J. compliant it would need a pinned and welded muzzle brake in place of the A2 flash hider, bayonet lug removed, the collapsible stock pinned into a fixed position (or replaced with a fixed stock) and 10 rd. magazine.
  3. Yeah, but the way PSA's policy seems to read they don't ship complete receivers (upper or lower) to N.J. Anyway, by time he pieced together a complete rifle the price will approaching a factory built item, plus the labor, no warranty and limited resale value.
  4. PSA doesn't seem to ship complete AR receivers to N.J. (or complete AR/AR rifles) that kit includes a complete upper receiver. https://palmettostatearmory.com/help-center/terms-and-conditions.html#warranty-policy Other vendors will not ship any AR parts to N.J. IMO for starters I'd get a complete M4 16" AR rifle. S&W M&P sports don't have a chrome lined barrel. Their carry handle models do and are closer to Mil-spec. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/889598666 Or just bite the bullet and go with a new Colt CR6920 since everything is crazy expensive now and it has decent resale value. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/889572171 Oh, and don't forget standard AR's will need to be made N.J. compliant before your FFL can transfer it to you. http://www.monmoutharms.com/gun-smith-services/
  5. Let me know when they do a 10-20 mag, 10 round capacity in a 30 round size magazine makes no sense.
  6. Those numbers probably would have been 50% higher if it weren't for the arduous N.J. FID/PP application process. Lets see if Murphy, up for re-election, tries to give a big F-U to all those new and soon to be firearm owners.
  7. I've only ordered from Academy (when they shipped to NJ) and Palmetto State Armory. Both were shipped in plain brown wrappers. I wouldn't have been too happy if they arrived otherwise. Best to call the seller and confirm how they pack if not living in a single family dwelling
  8. The online orders I've made via standard shipping showed up in plain cardboard boxes and were left on my door step. Some giveaways might be the weight if ordering in bulk or if someone wanted to get nosey they could read the shipping label. In any case, I'd advise getting your in order in soon as possible.
  9. N.J. unemployment taxes are going up, they've already said that. Should be interesting to see if Murphy will try to push through massive tax hikes being up for re-election. But obviously Dems have figured out deal with elections from now on; just cheat, problem solved.. The Rubicon has been crossed.
  10. Purchase online. Some sellers want a copy of the FID, others don't. Others won't ship to N.J. at all. Try https://gun.deals or https://www.gunbroker.com/Ammunition/search This gunbroker seller is pretty good, ships to N.J. and no FID hassles: https://www.gunbroker.com/Pistol-Ammunition/search?Sort=13&IncludeSellers=350199&PageSize=96 Prices are crazy high everywhere now but at least they have ammo in stock and ready to ship.
  11. Have you changed the address on your drivers license? If so that will be problem as FID and DL need to match. Off hand, I'd suggest waiting for the FID to be approved, make your purchases, then apply for a FID change of address with the PD in your current location.
  12. Steve at Monmouth Arms. First class service. Not Bergen county but well worth the drive.
  13. Probably cheaper to buy a ten round version of the handgun he wants then purchase extra ten round mags if needed. Including the transfer fees it likely will cost the same or less than buying local with modified mags. For example, a 10 rd California compliant Smith and Wesson SD9 is also N.J. compliant. Lots of 10 round SD9 models currently on gunboker.com now. Good entry level pistol at a reasonable price. https://www.gunbroker.com/Guns-Firearms/search?Keywords=sd9&Sort=4&PageSize=96
  14. Steve at Monmouth Arms get $25 per magazine. That said I wouldn't trust a modified mag for SD use. 10 round factory mags can be found for most common pistols in the $30-35 range these days and will have better resale value. Or just pay a little extra and buy a 10 round mag version of the handgun he's looking for.
  15. Interesting. So in theory with a FID pickup truck gun racks, rifle scabbards on motorcycles, and a slung AR while walking the dog are technically GTG within N.J. ?
  16. Frank Pisano is in Montville. I don't think you'll need to make any other calls. He was excellent when I used him for an expungement after a FID denial, (not strong armed robbery mind you) just penny ante stuff that I thought had been dismissed when I was 18 but enough to get rejected.
  17. A denied FID application is another black mark on your record that you don't want to let stand. Nowhere near the same as a convicted felon however. As mentioned, you really should call Frank Pisano, get this all cleaned up now and go ahead with the expungement if necessary, it will be money well spent. I'm not sure how it works with juvenile offenses but these days with the internet its very easy to run background checks on people. You don't know how this may affect you negatively in the future.
  18. Yeah, you screwed up a little bit. Now you may end up with FID denial on your record as well if not corrected, plus the time lost. Calling the chief of police to plead your case isn't going accomplish anything and might make you appear slightly nutty. So frustrating when people come here for advice after they submitted a questionable FID application. Anyway, if denied be prepared to hire an honest lawyer to handle the expungement request, in fact I would go forward with that the regardless of how the FID application plays out. You need to get that off your record ASAP. Afterward, if successful you'll have to reapply for the FID. I highly recommend Frank Pisano. http://frankpisanolaw.com Don't know what the going rate is these days, probably around $1200-1500.
  19. https://gun.deals/search/apachesolr_search/Canik TP9SFX https://www.gunbroker.com/Guns-Firearms/search?Keywords=Canik TP9SFX&Sort=13&PageSize=96 (Keep in mind you need to find a 10 rd. mag model, or purchase 10 rd mags separately at $35+ each).
  20. Getting quality AR rifles into the market is never a mistake. The mistake was shutting Expanse production down right before the biggest panic buying of all time and then stopping civilian sales of Colt rifles soon after and months before an election year. Ranks up there with Remington closing down Bushmaster/DPMS around the same time.
  21. Yeah, you're right. Upper receiver is C marked Colt, the barrel is the heavier profile Expanse version with M4 feed ramps.
  22. Mine is very late production and has the 6920 upper. Only gripe I have is the barrel is slightly nose heavy. CL lined would have been a nice option. Otherwise no complaints.. Zero play between the upper and lower, excellent trigger, smooth action, F marked FSB, finish is perfect.
  23. It has a 1/7 twist barrel BTW. S&W M&P15 is non-chromed lined as well and they sell boat loads of them, which was my original point, not that the Expanse was the equivalent of the 6920.
  24. I'm well aware of how and where they were built.
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