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  1. I'd be more than happy to send you a blank copy of my trust but they are state specific and useless to you.. I highly recommend forming a trust. If for no other reason than the right of survivorship, Survivorship meaning your inability to possess restricted devices for any reason.
  2. All true but the person in question would have to be removed by resolution or language of the trust if a person becomes ineligible. Hey what do I know?
  3. Depends on how your trust is written and if you will be restricted from access to the said devices. BTW no beer for you. Not while you're in the yard shooting suppressed.
  4. The logistics could be complicated. Where would the stamped item reside when not in use? At "Casa Maksim"? Would you need an appointment to check it out? Just sayin' Now @PK90 - I own a couple of cans and have a trust. Do you need to notify BATF when you cross state lines with a can like you do with a "full auto"?
  5. So the rules seem a little vague. BUT>>> I'd give it a try.
  6. Forget that cannelure.. Neck tension baby. Sure you want to check you're not getting set back. But don't worry about it. BTW trim you case to spec. The more neck the more neck tension
  7. PM me and I'll give you a pet load that pushes a 55gr FMJ about 2800fps fully cycles and is good for plinking. Under 1 MOA too. @Maksim BTW where are you moving to after PA puts in all their new firearms restrictions?
  8. CFE 223 measures very well out of my Dillon + - .1gr out of Ideal 55 as well.
  9. Just my 2 cents - Velocity and pressure with different powders are not a direct correlation.
  10. In the process of watching OK watched it. Yes he states perfectly clear motorization would be an NFA violation. But he's certainly given it some thought mentioning not hooking up your cordless drill to it. Of course a 12v windshield wiper motor would be a better way to go to jail...
  11. Could it be legally motorized?
  12. Ms Bossy B - I set up a table at a gun show and do voter registration. Does that work for ya? Our gun club has a "legistrative liason", Does that work for ya? My SMSgt Is VP of "Engagetheright.com". How does that work for ya? - NEVER AGAIN-
  13. Macs you can find as low as 6500 but they're kind of trash. M2 is a consideration or an AC556 if ya gonna blow the wad.
  14. I'm out of the Peoples Republic of NJ for almost 5 years now. One big downside. You can spend too much on guns. Yeah I bought cans, but now I want a sub-gun. Jeez...Can't buy much for $10k. Please keep the anti-gun libitards up there.
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