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  1. Looking for a G19 for a family member. Permit and cash in hand. Prefer Gen 3 or 4. Must be mechanically stock. Contact me personally for details. Thanks, Old School
  2. Need a set of 38Spl dies cheap. Must have decapping sizing in one die. Must be willing to ship. THX - OS
  3. Price on a competition gun should not be the first consideration, granted you can afford it, I have a G34 gen3 with a bunch of rounds through it. It has been through many configurations and different barrels. Parts availability is good, loads of options for personal tailoring and different types of competition. Just my two cents.
  4. Thanks Bry - I though "Dealer Samples" were ok. Thanks for the clarification And you're welcome to visit me in SC and shoot my Class 3 stuff.
  5. I heard the same story. Gasoline was a common degreaser for WW2 GI's
  6. Let me check I may be able to help you. Just checked my records and looks like I have 4 consecutive #;s but that's on paper, I'll check. Now check with Paul because mine won't be any more of a deal because I'm an out of state resident and you'll have to go through an FFL anyways and it involves shipping.
  7. A very impressive place. Owned by one of our own. (with partners of course) IIRC a few class 3 rentals as well. (don't quote me)
  8. F()ck Starbucks! BRCC for me. Cheap compared to that green cup commie coffee.
  9. Hey Bubba, You're a little over 3hrs away. Drive up to our 800yd range.
  10. So Pizza BOB - What's my 19-2 4" with original box and papers worth?
  11. "White Privilege" is such BS. Just one example of proof. Get a white boy into college. Enough said. White males are one of the most, if not the most, groups discriminated against. The Progressives want you to feel guilty about being a white male. Maybe Ray is a "Progressive" Feel guilty about being white Ray?
  12. Raymond- Give it a BREAK !!! It had nothing to do with her race. Loose that "White Privilege" crap. She was just a obnoxious democratic piece of shit.
  13. That's why every funeral parlor should have at least one stripper pole.