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  1. Nick - Describe or send a pic of the staking on the gas key. I'm interested.
  2. I'm so pleased to see this kind of stuff. Hand work can provide some excellent results.
  3. Chris - All honesty, the rifle came out beautifully. Congrats! Now for a public announcement. Folks, Chis does have an open invitation to come down here and shoot the distance. Room and board included. And, he can even concealed carry here to protect that piece of art.
  4. I'd just like to comment on the concept of "Buying at local brick and mortar" I've priced online tires numerous times. The price savings after shipping, mounting, balance, disposal fees. is insignificant. Compounded by the fact that when I buy tires local I get free rotation for life and a free road hazard package. And... In many cases I'm getting an alignment too. Support your local brick and mortar or when you need them they may be gone. Nobody tries to save a buck more than I do. But this is the way I look at it.
  5. I load with a Rock Chucker and am pleased. The co-ax is excellent. But pricey. Now it's all about alignment. Most solid single stage presses are made to exacting standards. Never loose sight of one thing..."It's not the arrow, It's the Indian"
  6. Yep 22lr cans get very carboned and leaded. Have to try all kinds of stuff for cleaning. Techron works well on AR bolts but not the best for the cans.
  7. I keep Techron fuel injector cleaner in the gun room for dissolving carbon on my suppressor. Recently I used it for removing carbon build up on my AR bolt (it was a mess) It worked very well. Does anyone else use this?
  8. Uni-Throater is a hand reamer that allows you to precisely adjust the diameter and length of throat.
  9. Are you using a "Uni-Throater" for the throating reamer?
  10. I have a Glock 19 package for sale. Bluelabel glock 19 everything pictured

    1. Old School

      Old School

      bought a Gen 4 already

  11. And never loose sight of the fact...I now live in the Bible Belt
  12. Jeremiah 4:30 What are you doing, you devastated one? Why dress yourself in scarlet and put on jewels of gold? Why highlight your eyes with makeup? You adorn yourself in vain. Your lovers despise you; they want to kill you
  13. Hey Handsome --- Did you make the jig the barrel is held in?
  14. I looked and didn't see where it said you could carry one chambered. But any way the two handed thing is a deal breaker in a CQC situation which may occur.