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  1. Here's a vid let's see if it works auto_pistol_john.MOV
  2. You got it Ray...
  3. Well I can be a Jackass too !! Well I seriously compete in F-Class and take it pretty seriously I like to finish at the top and work at it. Now all the precision I put on the side today and built an 8.5" BO pistol, suppressed, with a Binary Trigger and a brace. OM F'ing G...It's just like a machine pistol. Mag dumps... Holy sh!t...and at 25ft it's very controllable 8 out of 10 in a 4" circle.. Yep, I only load 10 at a time. Why? There's not enough time in the day to keep this fed. No pics yet. I'm going try and take a video. God love SC. Pricey but fun.
  4. Please explain this...Doesn't quite make sense to me.
  5. OP - Looking for a canned or free range hunt. Canned somewhat expensive and Very high success rate better quality animal.. Free range high success rate, Lesser quality of animal and bring your snake boots. You'll be in the swamp.
  6. I can't post a pic because I bulled the bullet and reloaded in a good case. When in the gage the Makarov case head was 1mm below the height of the gage
  7. Raymond - Reloading just adds another dimension to shooting. You get the experience of being totally involved in the pursuit.
  8. You're saying it may not be safe because you want it all...LOL
  9. Ain't gonna work. That's not what they're looking for. Again, look at Oregon.
  10. Bad, Bad, Bad !!! Like Oregon. Can't lend your buddy, son, daughter a shotgun to go hunting with. Require a NICS to give them the gun and a NICS to get it back.
  11. Golf - Don't be afraid to touch the lands if it's single shot provided you have full support of the bullet in the case neck. Then back off 5-10 thousands at a time. Shoot for group at each increment. My 243Win shoots best at the "Jam" only problem is once you have one in the chamber you have to pull the trigger.
  12. Are you loading magazine length? Or, single shot? I don't understand Im at 2.875 oal with backing off .30 for my headspace.
  13. Well I was cranking out 9mm on my 550B and caught an OOPS!!! I take "Range Brass", tumble it Hot Shot lube it and load it. Standard load 5grs W231 and 115gr fmj Then check loaded rounds with an EWG chamber gage. Well one came up short in the gage. Upon closer inspection the head stamp was marked 9mmM. 9mm Makarov? Maybe? It was probably 9X18 not 9X19 It ran and primed and charged and seated just fine. Could have been a BIG problem.
  14. No team for me...I'll be at a christening.