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  1. Define what you want to shoot up to 300yds. A 1" dot? A man sized silhouette? 8" pie plate? It matters.
  2. Agreed - To put things in prospective... They are domestically made and too a price point. Just like the 870 Express. They work, are a little rough but cheap and made in The States.
  3. Yep, mine was before bows and arrows. Issued for a flint tipped spear. Hey Puppy, I hope you wise up and get out of "The Garbage State" sooner than the 60 years that it took me. BTW funny thing. A family member saw Christie in and elevator the other day and Chubby offered his hand to shake. Family member says no sorry I can't I live in NJ
  4. Still have my HP from the 70's and it still is a working gun in service. I do have polymer wonders too but the HP still has a place. A bit heavy by todays standards and my G19 has replaced it for a go to gun. I carried it for years when I was told to get a serious gun. It always fed hollow points well back in the day and never hiccupped. It now resides in a desk draw and I'm as secure with it as I ever was. Big mistake discontinuing.
  5. Ok Mr. Social Media - What is IG?
  6. Yep, Drop him a line and tell him to hustle out to Vegas because he's one lucky SOB. A potato gun is viable as well but not preferred. Let's talk consistency.
  7. Wow am I grumpy in the morning. Serotonin or something... I'm not apologizing, just saying... Rob and Chris - You guys are building a lamp. Just get out and shoot. If you are shooting over 300yds 6mm is considered the minimum caliber. As far as a "learning tool" ? Jump in with both feet and shoot a rifle that other successful shooters shoot so you have a yardstick to measure yourself against. Read what Brian Litz says about reading wind.... You want to try to eliminate the effect of wind not learn to read it perfectly. Yes consider it but don't give away other factors that will minimize it's effect. Shoot the highest BC and velocity. And don't continue that .224 90gr high BC diatribe. That is good of course but you NEED velocity as well. If the reason for a precision .223 is training / practice? I use a 22lr Anschutz at 100yds. And I'm not the only one that does this Rant off !!! and more coffee !!!
  8. I totally understand that BUT...The three cartridges being discussed here were specifically designed for the AR platform. I think the real question is what are you going to do with the rifle? Plink at long range? 223 is fine and fun. Cheap to shoot but not necessarily good at long range. The other two are a more expensive to shoot (expensive = time and money) and there are better cartridges to chamber in a bolt rifle. If I was to build a 223 not a 5.56 I'd build a cute little rifle on the smallest action I could find 24" barrel, good trigger, 1:7 barrel, and limit it to 300-600yds with 69gr SMKs. You get so, so velocity. SMKs are good bullets with decent numbers. Load data is out there and well developed. Not exotic and fancy but a good shooter with real capabilities. You guys (Rob and Chris) know I'm not a Diamond Jim Brady kind of guy. I just like to put bullets down range and make little holes in whatever I choose to.
  9. Never loose sight of the fact that the 5.56 NATO is an intermediated cartridge. If I get 3350 out of a 22 Nosler 62gr with a 20" barrel I'll be happy. If I was to shoot a 90 gr bullet (Yes high BC and SD) I'd have to exceed mag length and single load. Where as with the Valkyre I could mag feed with a 90gr bullet but give away velocity. So it's a pick your poison deal. I shoot my 6mm AR single shot anyway so single loading is not an issue. I just like velocity and flat shooting. If I can get close to 22-250 velocities in an AR platform I'm happy. I'll chrono some 5.56 NATO 62gr out of a 20" barrel and see what it does. I doubt it will push 3150fps Yes 250-300fps (agree that's wishful) matters and the only change is a barrel and mag. And you may not even need a new barrel. Don't ask...
  10. You guys are killing me. The Valkyrie has a nice long case neck but is down on case capacity as is the 223. Only way I would build a precision a 223 is for F/tr where you are restricted to that caliber. I'm getting just short of 3300fps w/ a 62gr bullet with the 22 Nosler out of a 20" barrel. I'll get 3300+ when I change powders.
  11. Yep I was a junior in high school and who would have though this would have a significant impact on my life.
  12. This Day in U.S. Military History 50 years ago today the Tet Offensive took place, the turning point of the Vietnam War! The Tet Offensive was a coordinated series of North Vietnamese attacks on more than 100 cities and outposts in South Vietnam. The offensive was an attempt to foment rebellion among the South Vietnamese population and encourage the United States to scale back its involvement in the Vietnam War. Though U.S. and South Vietnamese forces managed to hold off the attacks, news coverage of the massive offensive shocked the American public and eroded support for the war effort. Despite heavy casualties, North Vietnam achieved a strategic victory with the Tet Offensive, as the attacks marked a turning point in the Vietnam War and the beginning of the slow, painful American withdrawal from the region.
  13. I'm in Vegas now and will be at the show till Friday. If anybody wants to hook up give me a PM. OS
  14. Well Raymond - that's a pretty strong statement. What is wrong with an Anderson? I've built some mega accurate and hard shooting rifles on them. Finish? Aye, not slick but function is fine. Dimensions are fine, good as any other. And anyway what does a lower do? Holds FC parts. Now if you were talking about LPK's yes, you get what you pay for.
  15. Not judging you but I can see other's concerns. Prices are so dirt cheap now that buying at a private sale makes little sense. With politics being what they are your post could be construed as trying to avoid a 4473. You state you don't want to pay "store prices" which is about $60-75 +tax for a non-Anderson. Shop around. I think you can get one from an FFL at a reasonable cost. Good luck and understand where these other folks are coming from.