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  1. Thank you so much. Would this be a better choice? http://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-mid-length-5-56-nato-1-7-stainless-13-5-m-lok-moe-freedom-rifle-kit.html
  2. Hi All, wondering if anyone has seen or bought this upper. Bud's seems to be the only place that has it, so I'm a little wary... I'm looking for a sub -$500 upper and would order this today if I had some point of reference on its quality. https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/411555895/Emperor+Firearms+5.56+NATO+AR-15+Upper Thank you in advance! va_bank
  3. Twice a week in my neighborhood in the summer.
  4. +1 For them. Bought 1 gun, sent my father to get one, now my buddy from Texas will be ordering from them (no guns left there). I try to go to range during the off hours, like take my lunch at 2 o clock. Hopefully won't have to do that once they build some more lanes.
  5. Everyone who didn't stock up on pressure cookers before this is an idiot and should have seen this coming.
  6. I did not understand any of the above. Who keeps ammo at the gun store? How are Texas laws shitty?
  7. Over the weekend, went to visit friends in Austin. Of course I wanted to see what gun shops in America were like. In NJ, we may have the strictest gun laws, but we are doing great in terms of availability, COMPARED to Texas. We even have ARs on the shelves now, and handgun stock is OK. They have NOTHING. Overpriced sporterized SKSs is the closest thing I saw to an "assault" rifle. Only used old handguns. Ammo limits are *1* box per customer and you have to be there by 7AM for a chance to get it. I will be visiting 3 local shops this week, calling my Texas friends from there to see if we have guns they were looking for (pretty sure we have them). There's really no point to this story, other than to provide some perspective. Even the most lenient gun laws are of no use if there is nothing to buy. As for the current gun situation - I now consider ourselves better off than the Texans. For now.
  8. va_bank

    NICS checks

    Damn, that's actually a good point.
  9. Welcome from the other side of Rt 15. It took 4 months for me from JTPD. See you at RTSP range!
  10. I am simply unable to comprehend how Anheuser Busch can call their products "beer". Their current strategic focus clearly places priority on making TV commercials while disregarding the needs of people who actually drink beer.
  11. Look into Rossi, my wife loves it. Even with 20 inch barrel - there's no kick whatsoever when shooting 38
  12. I don't think this one will be used for anti-gun agenda. Too obvious. If Feinstein hasn't said anything by now, I doubt anyone will.
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