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  1. This is definitely one place you do not want to skimp. Don't get a "Lock box" type of storage to hold firearms. By this I mean the sheet metal and 10 dollar lock type. The price of a good safe is nothing compared with the piece of mind that your guns will not get into the wrong hands. In my case the wrong hands are my child's. I am more worried about my daughter getting near them unsupervised, than I am of them being stolen. I do the 2 safe method. The large hold everything is in one place in my house and another smaller safe with my HD gun in my bedroom. Also put the safe someplace out of sight. If they don't know it's there they won't wonder whats in it.
  2. Maks did you really need to post that :doh: I spent entirely too much time Wave 83 37030 Point
  3. Try using the firearms request on this site. I have gotten very good pricing from forum Vendors. (Thanks Vinny) Recently, I have gotten the same or less cost than the online guys from the local guy.
  4. Congrats, Now if you can just figure out how to get some sleep for the next 3 months.
  5. I shoot 9 and 40 on a regular basis. I use a LNL progressive press. While switching between the 2 calibers is not a big deal, it does take some time to get everything checked out after change over. SO my question is how many rounds do you guys run at a time. I am finding that my breakpoint is ~200 a time.
  6. I picked up a couple of boxes of 9mm (limit 3 :shifty: ) at the Rockaway location. After taking my info, they just handed them to me and said have a nice day. Brought them to the register and paid. Wow it almost felt like I wasn't a criminal for buying ammo.
  7. Real lucky that second round went up. If her finger was even slightly slower it would have made for a very bad day.
  8. Was there a couple of weeks ago. Minimal primers and powder. No bullets. No presses. Minimal selection of dies and other accesories.
  9. Don't force the progreesion throught the calibers. If the "noob" is not comfortable moving to a larger caliber, let them shoot the one they are comfortable with. Once they get comfortable with what they are shooting is the time to move up. Nothing worse then having an unexpected large recoil putting them off from the start.
  10. I found this site to be helpful. http://www.guntalk-online.com/fsprocedures.htm The first time I stripped my mkiii, it was a disaster. Took about 3 hours to strip and reassemble. A few tips to make things easier. 1. A rubber mallet and a 1/4 inch wooden dowel get the mainspring assemble out real quick 2. A smack of the rubber mallet on the frame gets the barrel off quick 3. Getting the mainspring assembly reinstalled is easy once the 2 holes in the barrel line up with the hole in the frame. I use a 5/16" drill bit from the top of the barrel to line the holes up. Just press it in with your hand and wiggle the barrel until it drops into the frame. Once the holes are lined up its just a matter of gravity to get the dongle to drop into the mainspring housing and then close it. The gun loosens up the more you shoot it and clean it. I've probably put around 1500 rounds through mine and cleaned 5-6 times. I can get it take apart and put back together in under 5 minutes.
  11. Well I finally got my press setup. I did a run of 100, 180 gr Montana gold .40, with winchester primers, and 6.4 grains HS-6. Took them to the range today and they all worked fine. No FTF, no FTE, they all hit the target, and most importantly no KABOOM. I plan on using this setup for shooting paper targets @ up to 25yds. Does anyone see a reason to try and fine tune things or is good, good enough. Any Thoughts?
  12. They had 40 SW 20 -30 boxes Federal $15 3 or 4 boxes of WWB 45 $34 No 9mm Plenty of 22 federal bricks $19 I think they had 44 magnum
  13. For those of you who are in north west jersey. Made my bi-weekly trip out to the East Stroudsburg Pa Walmart to pick up some ammo. While I was out there, I figured I'd stop at Dunkleburgers. They have a pretty good stock of primers. Small and large rifle, magnum and large pistol. They had > 10K of each out when I was there, now a little less Prices were decent $34 / 1k Large pistol.
  14. Simpson Strongtie has plans for a workbench on their website. They make corner brackets (RTC24) that make putting a bench together easy. For less than 100 bucks I was able to make a VERY sturdy bench. It was also fairly easy. My 8 year old daughter helped me and it made for a very nice Saturday project.
  15. I have not had any trouble in East Stroudsburg. They have never asked for any ID at all. It may just be based on how old you look. Legally they can't sell handgun ammo to anyone under 21. If you look close to that age they might just be covering there butts.
  16. Nope, I guess the owner (who I talked to) was in a pissy mood and just didn't want to deal with me. 100 + Nics + ($100 + $18 + $1034) * 7% = $1233
  17. The author clown is just a schill trying to sell books. Did you catch when the line "What WE would like to see..."? Does he have a mouse in his pocket or is he just fronting for an Anti group? Amazing how he makes all these blanket statements without any proof. By this pinheads logic, restricting the sale of legal cars would cut down on the trafficing in stolen cars.
  18. I purchased my first gun from them and had a good experience. Salesman was knowlegable and took the time to show and explain the features on the gun I was looking at. Second time not so good. I was looking for a Sig 226 Elite. They did not have it, and could not get one. I asked the owner, if I got one on line how much the FFL paperwork would be. "100+ NICS+ 7% tax on the full price of the gun". This would have wound up adding ~$200 more to transfer it in I'll let my dollars do the talking and shop elsewhere.
  19. Was on The high road, Asked an NJ question. Dark Knight suggested I come here. Signed up right away
  20. I looked at them BUT I read this: http://www.precisiondeltasales.com/deli ... tions.html Shipping Policy for Sales to Individuals Limitations on sales of ammunition to individuals apply in certain states, as follows: California No sales delivered to Los Angeles, San Fransisco or all of Orange County Illinois No sales delivered to Cooke County, including Chicago. All other IL residents must fax a copy of your IL FOID before shipment can be made. Massachusetts No sales of ammunition or ammunition components delivered to MA New Jersey No sales delivered to New Jersey New York No sales delivered to NY City Washington, DC No sales of ammunition delivered to Washington, DC How did you pull it off? Ship to an out of state address?
  21. Its from a M242 chain gun. Its used in the main armament for a Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:M2Bradley-M242.jpg
  22. I looking to purchase a Hornady LNL reloading press. I would like to get it from a NJ store, instead of over the internet. Does anyone know of a shop that sells them? TIA Pete
  23. I did just that. Downloaded the form and typed in my info. Printed out 2 copies. When I went to the PD to turn it in I caught a bunch of grief from the clerk about how it's not the right form, and where did I get it? After a very short "From the state police's website" All I got was an "Oh". It's amazing how the attitudes of the clerks vary. My town has 2 clerks working the PD desk. One is very friendly and helpful, even going so far as to point out little gotchas that could delay the permitting process. The other makes it seem like you are and evil person for even bothering to follow the law.
  24. And federal prosecutors should more aggressively prosecute people who fail the background check, the study says. In 2005, the FBI referred 67,713 cases to the ATF, but federal prosecutors pursued only 135 of those cases. What does passing a background check have to do with anything criminal? /Sarcasm On Of course we know there never has been a denial because of an error on the NICS side. All of the stories about denials because of a guy with a similar name has a problem with the law don't really happen. /Sarcasm Off These mayors are really starting to piss me off. :x
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