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  1. Common sense, amazing how people need the government to tell them what to do. Almost like we aren't adults and need to be treated like 8 year olds.
  2. If you are sucking fumes, the exhaust is designed wrong. It is supposed to be blown from behind you downrange where it is filtered and exhausted. How is a place that is filtering and venting air worse than say going to the super market where there is ZERO airflow? I often go to my range and am the only one in there. Not touching face (unless you like the taste of lead). Hand washing at end of session yep. Sounds like the safest place on earth,
  3. Can anyone explain to me how drawing this out to maximize the number of people exposed and re-exposed and re-exposed again, is for the benefit of the many? How many times will you need to self quarantine because someone where you work, shop, exercise etc now has a case? Please do tell what is the exit plan? How those that are "at risk" eventually go shopping again? See their grand-kids? etc etc etc. Making people introverted, people interaction fearing hermits. Yeah that's a proven winner. Anyone have a number of people that died because they did not have a respirator? No I didn't think so. How about Cuomo's stockpile of unused respirators? FOLLOW THE MONEY.
  4. https://deadline.com/2018/11/cnn-sues-donald-trump-white-house-jim-acosta-pulled-credentials-1202500924/ Any similarities?
  5. This should get interesting. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/03/28/ttrump-admin-names-gun-makers-retailers-essential-businesses-nationwide/ Feel free to ignore Governor Dipshit.
  6. I doubt there will be any MORE pissed off people. The rest will be "What if we didn't shut down, see it worked". Good thing I just installed Neon Red Elephant repellent at my house imagine how bad it would be if I didn't.
  7. Funny (no not really) how those that lose the most get the least back.
  8. You only qualify to pay for everyone elses.
  9. You mean like the guy that died from corona, because he had 2 heart attacks while being treated? Or the 85 yo with emphasyma . Yep another corona death.
  10. Painting my daughters room. Next item on the agenda reload, reload reload.
  11. https://www.njsp.org/firearms/firearms-faqs.shtml #3 There is an exemption that excludes members of an immediate family. So you should be good to go if your brother has a FPID.
  12. They actually call "to verify employment". At least last time I got permits while employed. Which makes absolutely no sense since unemployed people / Self employed still get permits. Last company had a dedicated line for employment verification, all it would say is yes/no that you worked there, no further information. So it couldn't be used to harass you.
  13. How is that going to keep you sane? It will just be there taunting you.
  14. Silly me. I thought all ranges were closed by EO. Walk outside my back door this evening and guess what I hear. The Union county police range is going full bore. I guess only peons are not allowed to practice.
  15. I dont know about the 10/22, but I had a similar issue with my Mk3 and Remingtons. The feed ramp on the Mk3 is for lack of a better term "sharp". The bullets were hitting the edge of the feed ramp and shaving small slivers off, till the point where it just jammed. When I took the gun apart there was a large amount of lead built up on the feed ramp. I have not had this issue with any other brand of ammo. The federal bulk packs (both round nose and HP) have been pretty close to 100% for me.
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