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  1. Looks like construction is starting. Some parking lot work is in progress, and there was a large mobile generator on site 3/3/18
  2. Went out at 4:45, back at 7:00. Ku8dos to the repair crews Adding: Predicted restoration time 11pm. In the it figures department. Just got the generator gassed and running. Sump pump plugged in. 2 minutes later. Power.
  3. Glad to hear hes just a finicky eater. Sounds like you found something he likes.
  4. I attended. Very informative class. Definitely some eye openers from my Boy Scouts first aid dos and don'ts.
  5. I would first try to determine if the dog is being finicky or if there is a real problem. No healthy dog will turn down boiled hamburger and rice. If he eats this without any issues (make sure he is defecating) . It's just a matter of attitude adjustment. A little beef broth on dry food goes a long way. Otherwise a full vet check is in order.
  6. Important safety tip. DON'T SNOWBLOW INTO THE WIND That is all.
  7. Looks like they are back in stock.
  8. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/federal-premium-champion-22-lr-36-grain-rimfire-ammunition#repChildCatid=543065 OOS
  9. Are those the technical names?
  10. The labradoodles and golden doodles can get very large. A relative has a goldendoodle that is 130lbs and is not fat.
  11. I don't think anyone has mentioned it so I will. Get extra primer tubes. Refilling a primer tube really breaks the "flow" when making more than 100 rounds at a time. I usually will do 5-600 rounds at a time. Also https://www.amazon.com/Frankford-Arsenal-Automatic-Primer-Filler/dp/B00BQ6A3Y0
  12. I used brake cleaner to clean all the metal parts and then used a dry spray lube. I would avoid grease. Grease and powder flakes don't mix.
  13. The Code is everything. The blink pattern tells you what is wrong. Could be not enough draft, a bad inducer, or sensor, etc. That type of igniter does not spark. It's a heat element. Resistance should be high.
  14. Reloading is not difficult. You just need to be focused and methodical, double and triple check everything. If your mind is on something else, do something else. Poorly made ammo can kill you. Read everything, watch videos (Ultimate Reloader is a good video maker). Dont slimp on quality. Get a good press, can't go wrong with a Dillon, hornady or RCBS press, this will help minimize issues. You will also need a good scale for measuring/verifying powders. A caliper is also very useful for measuring cartridge length.
  15. No it wouldn't. It's not the offenders money, it's tax payers money. Now if the offenders were held personally liable, that would stop this crap in a second.