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  1. Thats not fair. The dog didn't get to keep the arm.
  2. Complete load of horseshit. Actually had to take a 4 hr course on this hooey at work. Spent the last 3.5 hrs staring at the ceiling. Somehow my friend and I are complete opposites and have to "work at it" to get along.
  3. Try "Sills Act 1966" https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/when-did-new-jersey-become-so-anti-gun-the-background.636782
  4. As long as it is not loaded AND accessable to a minor, store it how you like. Put it on your coffee table if it floats your boat. NJ 2C:58-15 https://codes.findlaw.com/nj/title-2c-the-new-jersey-code-of-criminal-justice/nj-st-sect-2c-58-15.html I personally would not put a firearm anywhere that can be seen from outside. A firearm visible is a great target for a theif.
  5. Now you are just being a moron. http://gs2ac.com/agoodguywithagun/2012/12/oregon-mall-shooting-stopped-by-man-carrying-a-concealed-firearm/ Never happened. Right?
  6. Didn't something like this happen a few years ago? I think it may have been LE. Something like the LT, came on site in the middle of an exercise and used his normal firearm instead of a simunition gun. Edit: Found it, it was a training officer. https://www.wbaltv.com/article/2-police-trainees-injured-1-gravely-in-baltimore-co-exercise/7078980
  7. The indoor range is just that, a simple range open 24/7. There are 8, 25yd shooting lanes(IIRC). There are no automated target holders etc. You wait till a cease fire, if there are more than 1 shooter (often the range is yours alone) Set your target stands (you can set them closer than 25 yds, but targets need to be set at the proper height so that bullets hit the backstop), come back to the firing line and shoot till your hearts content. No, it does not have all the latest wiz bangs, but a 24/7 access, clean range, where you know the people around you are not a bunch of dopes that have no idea what safety is, is a great thing. I primarily use the outdoor range as IMO there is nothing like outdoor fresh air range. But when the hankering to shoot comes up, on a day with lousy weather the Indoor is the place to go, As an FYI the Indoor range is NOT rated for all handgun calibers and most rifles are a no go. A list of approved calibers at the Indoor range Here is a video from one of the indoor matches, Not mine.
  8. Weekends are tough from 9-4 at the outdoor range. There is usually at least 1 match going on, on any given weekend day. Check the link below for the range calendar. http://obrpc.org/calMonthBlock.html But if you go later, or during the week you can usually get a pit with no wait for as long as you'd like. Edited to add a better calendar link.
  9. Ted Cruz to debate Alyssa "What happened to my career" Milano. On Gun Control. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/09/05/ted-cruz-alyssa-milano-to-host-civil-debate-on-gun-control/
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