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  1. Oh its getting good. Even the liberal loons in the 9th Circus found a nut. The court found that the district court did not abuse its discretion in granting the injunction or by concluding that magazines fall within the scope of the Second Amendment. "The district court concluded that a ban on ammunition magazines is not a presumptively lawful regulation and that the prohibition did not have a 'historical pedigree. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/07/20/liberal-9th-circuit-surprises-with-pro-2nd-amendment-decision-blocking-california-ammo-ban.html
  2. As stated, same process, same forms. Fingerprinting is at discretion of PD. Being your initial application wasn't too long ago, you probably won't need to go through being printed again.
  3. Take him for a walk. My dog squats in the backyard but lifts his leg when we go for walks. He was snipped at 1 year.
  4. Or just quickly poll the baliffs, state police or marshalls in the courtroom about how many rounds their sidearms hold.
  5. http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/07/10/womens-march-mocked-releasing-statement-opposing-scotus-nominee-xx And mockery becomes the truth.
  6. Yep. Still not caring which of these belly flopping teams "wins"
  7. Caught that on a follow on read of your comment. Im a little slow today.
  8. Why? I was required to learn how to type, cook, sew, patch drywall, and do woodworking to get out of 8th grade. How would learning how to safely approach a fire arm be a problem? How likely are blue training guns to go off and injure someone. You dont need to fire a gun to understand how to be safe around one. Once safety is instilled all else can be learned on your own. By this I mean voluntarily seek training when you can.
  9. It should cost an individual nothing. It should be part of a public school education. Is there anyone that could not benefit from knowing how to safely deal with a firearm? I'm talking Eddy Eagle, not Urban Operator.
  10. So most states do something unconstitutional, that makes it constitutional? You don't see anything wrong with that? Heres a hint, once there is a license, there is no right, only a privledge. Maybe there should be a license before a person can procreate. Poor parenting is tje leading cause of Americas woes afterall.
  11. Have you looked into renting a powered stair climbing dolley?
  12. After its loss to Croatia the Nigerian soccer team was so ashamed they were going to refund the ticket price to all their fans that bought tickets. They are just waiting for their fans bank account numbers so they can credit the cost.
  13. Looks like it will be a while. Seeing how long GFH is taking for the addition, this is at least a year away.
  14. Don't forget the ammo. Brought my 45's, a sig p239 and a sw 686 to the range today. Left the .45 ammo on my bench at home. DOH.