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  1. Because they are now legal? https://gunforhire.com/blog/2017/10/08/gun-hire-radio-broadcast-episode-332/ Listen starting at 40 minutes
  2. You sure it is wasn't this guy?
  3. Shoot brass cased factory rounds and pickup the cases. If you want to just buy brass, many of the reloading houses (wideners, natchez, etc) sell them. If you are willing to pay a little more, starline makes quality cases.
  4. RTSP is the backing? Is this the range planned for the old Petsmart, behind Harbor Freight? I guess that they will have similair rules and fees then.
  5. Thats your generator output. You are not getting the full 8.5kw at your panel. Your gen output is limited to 30 amp through the 240v connector. (~7.2kw) Not saying your gen cant handle 5400w, but you will probably need to turn everything else off, or you'll blow the generator breaker.
  6. Just make sure its INCH POUNDS. Most of the sears/hd stuff is auto repair for torque in ft lbs.
  7. https://m.harborfreight.com/8-ft-x-10-ft-mesh-all-purposeweather-resistant-tarp-60577.html?utm_referrer=direct%2Fnot provided You're welcome.
  8. IANAL, Do you own the business? Yes, gun okay. No? Handgun no go. Unloaded rifle okay with FPID. But kindof useless for self defense.
  9. You are correct. It must be shipped TO an FFL. Trick is some FFLs will not accept firearms from a non FFL.
  10. I use a leatherwood 1x4 CMR red dot. At 1x it behaves just like any red dot. 2 eyes open. At 4x 1 eye. Adjust is just 1 lever. I would be concerned about damaging a swing out magnifier.
  11. Yeah because it explicity does apply. But you say so therefore it dosnt. Spoken like the arrogant prick you are. Oh so you trained your dogs, is that it? Dogs will never be dogs and do something they shouldn't? So when they dart into traffic, your training means what? Do you have even the slighest clue. How about a heavy rope, or a heavy wire rope, or a husky with a haircut. They are all covered also right? So all 20 or so million combinarions of situations must be spelled out because the generic "owner fails to provide the care" which is already law., in your opinion is not enough. Why not do a little research on unintended consequences of laws. Have a nice life.
  12. Coworkers dad bought a case of 357 sig. Didn't fit in the revolver
  13. So if the dog is in an unfenced yard? How do you keep the dog in the yard? Its better to have him chained than running lose. Chained with water and the ability to get some shade, how is that the least bit cruel? Do dogs require AC now? Seems they did fine without it for 1000s of years.
  14. Oh so if it just saves 1 animal? Where have I heard that before Mr Holier than thou. "I've put more time into the care and Welfare of other people's animals than you have ever put into your own animals." Not to arrogant. As to what law why not start with 4:22-26 4&5 "4:22-26. Acts constituting cruelty in general; penalty A person who shall: a. (1) Overdrive, overload, drive when overloaded, overwork, abuse, or needlessly kill a living animal or creature, or cause or procure, by any direct or indirect means, including but not limited to through the use of another living animal or creature, any such acts to be done; (2) Torment, torture, maim, hang, poison, unnecessarily or cruelly beat, cruelly abuse, or needlessly mutilate a living animal or creature, or cause or procure, by any direct or indirect means, including but not limited to through the use of another living animal or creature, any such acts to be done; (3) Cause the death of, or serious bodily injury to, a living animal or creature from commission of any act described in paragraph (2), (4), (5), or (6) of this subsection, by any direct or indirect means, including but not limited to through the use of another living animal or creature, or otherwise cause or procure any such acts to be done; (4) Fail, as the owner or a person otherwise charged with the care of a living animal or creature, to provide the living animal or creature with necessary care, or otherwise cause or procure such an act to be done; or (5) Cause bodily injury to a living animal or creature from commission of the act described in paragraph (4) of this subsection;" Who says you get to decide what is good for someone elses dog? Oh and dont forget to use completely subjective terms like heavy (chain) and short hair? What is a heavy chain? A heavy chain to a terrier is a safety hazard to the neighborhood for a rottweiler. And is the rotty a shorthair? Or maybe a lab? Or maybe "it depends"? Like i said its all about the bucks. "I think its cruel so it is, prove it isn't in court" Loopholes my ass. Busy body revenue agents is more like it.
  15. Ah now I see where you are coming from. You are one of the people making money off this crap. Please explain to me how my dog is being mistreated in either of the situations I described. But now all it takes is a "concerned " phone call about the dog being neglected, and here you come to butt in where its not needed. In 50 years I've had 4 dogs, 2 died of old age and 1 of cancer and 4 cats, all died of old age. So you can keep you're holier than thou attitude. I know very well how to care for my animals