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  1. The Code is everything. The blink pattern tells you what is wrong. Could be not enough draft, a bad inducer, or sensor, etc. That type of igniter does not spark. It's a heat element. Resistance should be high.
  2. Reloading is not difficult. You just need to be focused and methodical, double and triple check everything. If your mind is on something else, do something else. Poorly made ammo can kill you. Read everything, watch videos (Ultimate Reloader is a good video maker). Dont slimp on quality. Get a good press, can't go wrong with a Dillon, hornady or RCBS press, this will help minimize issues. You will also need a good scale for measuring/verifying powders. A caliper is also very useful for measuring cartridge length.
  3. No it wouldn't. It's not the offenders money, it's tax payers money. Now if the offenders were held personally liable, that would stop this crap in a second.
  4. This would be why. "Post your guns and gun-related accessories for sale here. No WTB threads! Only Premier Members may start new posts."
  5. There was one sitting on the flag pole at the car wash place next to GFH, ~2 weeks ago. Coming out of Jersey Johnnies and looked up, double take for sure. Definitely an odd sight for NJ.
  6. The requirement is from the good idea fairies at the insurance companies. The insurance companies forced ranges to accept this policy or be dropped. This is their method of trying to combat range suicides (ie payouts). Single males most likely to commit suicide, no gun for you. I first saw this ~10 years ago in Az. During a business trip, I figured I'd spend an evening at the range. No go. Guy explained why they had changed their policy.
  7. Its an insurance requirement.
  8. Because they are now legal? https://gunforhire.com/blog/2017/10/08/gun-hire-radio-broadcast-episode-332/ Listen starting at 40 minutes
  9. You sure it is wasn't this guy?
  10. Shoot brass cased factory rounds and pickup the cases. If you want to just buy brass, many of the reloading houses (wideners, natchez, etc) sell them. If you are willing to pay a little more, starline makes quality cases.
  11. RTSP is the backing? Is this the range planned for the old Petsmart, behind Harbor Freight? I guess that they will have similair rules and fees then.
  12. Thats your generator output. You are not getting the full 8.5kw at your panel. Your gen output is limited to 30 amp through the 240v connector. (~7.2kw) Not saying your gen cant handle 5400w, but you will probably need to turn everything else off, or you'll blow the generator breaker.
  13. Just make sure its INCH POUNDS. Most of the sears/hd stuff is auto repair for torque in ft lbs.
  14. https://m.harborfreight.com/8-ft-x-10-ft-mesh-all-purposeweather-resistant-tarp-60577.html?utm_referrer=direct%2Fnot provided You're welcome.
  15. IANAL, Do you own the business? Yes, gun okay. No? Handgun no go. Unloaded rifle okay with FPID. But kindof useless for self defense.