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  1. Has she croaked (officially) yet?
  2. So when someone breaks into your house and punches your kid, you brain him with a cast iron skillet. Do you wish the offender best of luck and a speedy recoverery? Or do you drag his ass out the door and slam it? The old bat has made it her lifes work to make a mockery of what she swore to uphold. I think a tin of pepper would make a great get well gift.
  3. Nevermind the SOTU address, she fell asleep during a hearing. That was 12 years ago. Shes been weekend at Bernies for years, and more or less incompetent for much longer.
  4. I agree, unless proven incapable of exercising your rights properly, you need to be assumed Not prohibited. The problem is, how do you know if a person is prohibited, without the check? Do we go with the assumption of if your on the streets, all is well? I'm not sure of how I feel on the "served your time, all is forgiven" for convicts, and there are many funtioning people with mental issues that should not have a firearm. (again this needs to proven before being held against someone). As to Njs law. 100% illegal. All firearms possesion is illegal. That is an outright ban of a right, PERIOD. Obviously you need to pay the state fees and go thru checks before you can exercise your right to free speech or to practice a religion. How many times has a Poll tax been declared unconstutional? Paying for and needing permisison for something makes it a priviledge not a right. Lets not forget showing a free state issued Id to vote has been ruled a burden on the right to vote. Even though constutionally you need to be citizen and 18 to vote.
  5. Macdonald was enough to invalidate NJs gun laws because it invalidates the premise that "possesion of a firearm is illegal except". Unfortuneately, it left the overall question of Carry open. I agree that another SCOTUS decision that "and bear" means carry is legal everywhere except where prohibited with cause. Ie carrying in a prision is prohibited. As to background check, i don't have a problem with free,instant, does this person have a criminal or mental record, check Thats it, no need to know if buying one or 1000. And by instant, i mean just that. Fbi gets 1 minute to prove prohibited, otherwise assumed Not Prohibited. The whole innocent till proven guity concept.
  6. So NJ's "all firearm possesion is illegal except.... " is a direct contradiction to Scotus's the right to keep and bear arms is a personal right. Unless you think that NJ has the authority to outlaw a right. Free Ids to vote is burdensome but >$100 to jump through the fingerprinting, background checks, FPID and permit fees, is okay. Lets not forget that NICS is free, but NJs check cost money. Since NJ doesn't have the power to overide US constution, and NJ's entire gun law is based on the "illegal except" premise. NJ's entire law as written is unconstitional. But yet it stll stands. Why?
  7. You missed my point. MacDonald affirmed that the right to keep and bear arms is a personal right and was incorporated against the states. That means states MUST adhere to this. But yet we still have to ask permission, get permits, pay not insignificant fees to exercise that right. NJ refuses to follow the law. So what makes you think a new SCOTUS decision will have any affect?
  8. And even then nothing will change. Been almost 9 years now and we still legally need to pay for the priviledge and ask permission to exercise a constituionally protected right.
  9. Blah, Blah, Blah. A bunch of money wasted on what should have been non starters. Feel free to look up the last Paladin replacement the "Defender", Billions spent shit canned. How about that Future Combat Systems, billions spent, shit canned. Or maybe that super stealthy helicopter the Comanche? Yeah you know, it Billions spent, shit canned. Or how abouts the OICW program for a replacement battle rifle? Yep 100's of million spent. Shit canned. Anyone see a trend? The Tacms, Atacms and other artillery missile rounds have >100km range already, they are spending much less money to expand an already existing weapons platform with new missiles to increase that range. Theres a reason artillery doesn't fire at extra long ranges, TUBE WEAR. at those pressures they will be replacing tubes quickly, Can you say logistics nightmare?
  10. "I meant to do that"
  11. You rarely (never) need to trim pistol brass. You need to resize every time. A bullet will slide right in (and out) of a fired piece of brass. 1. Tumble / Inspect 2. Size and deprime 3. Prime Edit: (thanks heavyopp i forgot a step) 3a. Slightly expand mouth 4. Charge 5. Seat 6. Crimp 5 and 6 can be combined depending on your needs
  12. You look like you are running short on ammo. I suggest you stock up