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  1. PeteF

    cordless impact

    If its just a battery issue, you can get the battery pack rebuilt for about 80 bucks for an 18v pack. Its just a matter of opening the pack and replacing the "c cells" 12 in an 18v pack.
  2. PeteF

    Finding Powder/Primers in NJ

    Ramsey outdoor in the Roxbury Mall used to have reliading supplies. Not the best price, but they had them. Ask at the gun counter.
  3. I have an older pair of Randolph Engineering shooting glasses. The frame is in great shape. Over the years my prescription has changed enough that i need new lenses. Has anyone ever "relensed" a shooting glass frame?
  4. Or try this one, https://www.garysinisefoundation.org/donate/?utm_source=bing?utm_medium=cpc?utm_campaign=garysinise Some of what the foundation does: https://www.ausa.org/news/gary-sinise-receive-ausas-highest-award https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/gary-sinises-foundation-sends-hundreds-of-gold-star-families-to-disney-world PS: Not saying there is anything wrong with OPs charity, just that the one I linked does good work.
  5. Fuck them, and the buck toothed jackass they road in on.
  6. No chance. Actual criminals will plead that away. Same way an armed robber gets 2 years time served. Where a otherwise law abiding person gets 7 years. They will catch a few unknowing sporting "criminals". And then the real "fun" begins.
  7. And who answers surveys truthfully?
  8. Its amazing how many idiots and mathmatically challenged jackasses reside in this country. House passes a bill, senate rejects it, no law. House passes a bill, senate passes bill, president vetos, no law. They actually think having control of 1 house of legislature, means they can make any law they want. Maybe more than the crazy bitch from NY should be forced to watch Schoolhouse Rock.
  9. PeteF


    People just have no idea how to drive in snow. 1. Stop on hill, get stuck. 2. Leave traction control on while stuck, watch wheels spin as you go nowhere. 3. 4 wheel drives can do anything. NOT. Watched a jeep wrangler stuck at a intersection for 20 minutes. As many 2wd cars drove past him.
  10. PeteF


    Sounds about right. 4 hours for 18miles. Almost ran out of gas, and killed my battery.
  11. I agree, unless proven incapable of exercising your rights properly, you need to be assumed Not prohibited. The problem is, how do you know if a person is prohibited, without the check? Do we go with the assumption of if your on the streets, all is well? I'm not sure of how I feel on the "served your time, all is forgiven" for convicts, and there are many funtioning people with mental issues that should not have a firearm. (again this needs to proven before being held against someone). As to Njs law. 100% illegal. All firearms possesion is illegal. That is an outright ban of a right, PERIOD. Obviously you need to pay the state fees and go thru checks before you can exercise your right to free speech or to practice a religion. How many times has a Poll tax been declared unconstutional? Paying for and needing permisison for something makes it a priviledge not a right. Lets not forget showing a free state issued Id to vote has been ruled a burden on the right to vote. Even though constutionally you need to be citizen and 18 to vote.
  12. Macdonald was enough to invalidate NJs gun laws because it invalidates the premise that "possesion of a firearm is illegal except". Unfortuneately, it left the overall question of Carry open. I agree that another SCOTUS decision that "and bear" means carry is legal everywhere except where prohibited with cause. Ie carrying in a prision is prohibited. As to background check, i don't have a problem with free,instant, does this person have a criminal or mental record, check Thats it, no need to know if buying one or 1000. And by instant, i mean just that. Fbi gets 1 minute to prove prohibited, otherwise assumed Not Prohibited. The whole innocent till proven guity concept.

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