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  1. The politicians need to be held personally liable under US code 18 242. http://classmom3352.blogspot.com/2011/09/violation-warning-denial-of-rights.html?m=1
  2. This morning I heard something on the radio that made perfect sense. NJ is predicting 60million tax revenues. Guess what they are going to do? Borrow money against that predicted income stream. And "spend" it on their pet graft. So what when that tax never happens. (Yeah the aveage stoner is gonna pony up an extra 20%). Just more debt for everyone. I can't wait for lawsuits about being denied a job because of weed use, or the new laws that will make drug testing illegal.
  3. So which jackass wrote this? "Lots of them. Never had an electric motor fail under normal use. Belts, chucks, control units, impellers, bearings? Yep. The motor. Nope. " Step away from the koolaid, fan boy, it is affecting your mind. What does it tell you when you are the ONLY one in this thread, that thinks this car is ready?
  4. Wow can you go more around and around? You claim electric motors don't or rarely die, Many people show you by examplem that you are wrong. Now you claim you knew it all along. OKAY. So when you lose all control of software controlled features in your car (in a Tesla is pretty much everything) it is bad. But since you know exactly what happens its not a problem? OKAY. Tesla is dying just like Delorean. Analogy look it up. Both over priced toys, honcho'd by an arrogant SOB that thought he could get around the rules. Druggy - Delorean Yes, Musk Yes, SEC violations for Musk, FBI Investigation /busts for Delorean I am not so amazed at your arrogance and ignorance. Last one spoken like a PT Barnum special. Getting pissed on and told its a warm tropical mist.
  5. So we have electric motors fail. Check You have no idea what happens when the computer in your car fails or resets. Check. You make a statement and when proven wrong by example, you claim thats not what you said. Check Delorean a car that was not ready for prime time and died. But still loved by fan boys. Just like a Tesla. Check.
  6. Well that was your response to me saying the computer would be likely to be the first thing that fails. My response about HDs was in reference to your quote that electric motors hardly fail. So I gave an instance of a motor that does fail fairly regularly. So I am uninformed? What does happen when all of your computer controlled features fail? Such as battery draw, motor control, braking steering etc? Keep changing the discussion. First it was batteries than it was motors, then it was wear and tear and repairs, now we are on charging. Enjoy your delorean while it lasts.
  7. I know exactly what MTBF means. Do you? You think a solid state drive is a computer? Please check the fail rates on iphones. Make sure to do your reset to get it working again. That will work real nice when you are doing 70. The caravan had to be reprogrammed in 2001. A whole year before that computer/software bit the dust. My work? You are the one that claims the batteries dont fail, the motors dont fail etc so what is the weak link, ah i see the computer controlled everything. Keep telling yourself your toy is the greatest thing since slice bread a few years from now it will be the next Delorean.
  8. You actually think you can get 1.5 million hours from an ssd? REALLY? Yeah solid state drives have a large mtbf, great. Hows about the processors, memory, gate arrays, relays, switches etc etc etc. The more pieces you have the lower the overall the gets. Want to know what the fix for a rear wiper failure on a 2000 grand caravan was? Reprogram the computer. Now take almost every function of the car and make it computer controled. Yeah good plan for failure. If it wasnt ready for prime time you wouldn't have it? Tell that to the beta max owners, the laser disc owners, and hd-dvd. Just because you buy in early doesn't mean its ready.
  9. Wow 5 whole years. Thats like an eternity. Please do tell how the car alerts you that something is going wrong when the computer is the most likely thing to fail? Lets see how long does a computer hard drive typically last? It has an electric motor? Washing machine? Dishwasher? I other words MANY. Its obvious you are a fan boy. You want to enjoy your toy? Knock yourself out. But at least try to the technology is not ready for prime time.
  10. Any guesses why? Minimal # cars? Almost no time since deployment? Ever been to a gas station with no line? Every been to one with 20 people in front of you? Lets see how well those charging stations work after a few years exposure to winters, and massive current loads. Electric cars are a toy in their current state. Electronics will crap out. Yeah so will a gas car, but almost any shade tree mechanic can get them going again. When you need to diagnose software, hardware and firmware it is a complete nightmare.
  11. Statistics say what the statistician wants them to say. Ie There are ~31k motor vehicle deaths a year. There are ~10k motor vehicle deaths due to alcohol impairment. Since only 33% of deaths are related to alcohol, and 67% aren't. Sober drivers are the leading cause of MVDs.
  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/StG_44
  13. 3 bucks a month get you premeir membership. Then you can post a for sale. Works very well.
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