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  1. Any FFL recommendation in NJ that would do something like this? I think that would be a far easier option than trying to get a MP5 "other" with what is currently available. Also came across the TMP receivers from Tommy Built which could potentially be used to make an "Other". Been toying around that idea as well. I've seen from Instagram comments he is willing to work with people to put them in other firearm configurations, but I guess it comes down to finding a FFL willing to transfer.
  2. I picked up a few last time he had them in stock. Quick shipping and excellent price for lower that isn't a blemish. http://shop.doasales.net/AERO-PRECISION-MULTICAL-LOWER-RECEIVER-X15.htm
  3. I've run 800 rounds of Brown Bear steel cased through my Stag Model 2 with no malfunctions.
  4. Trijicon SRS http://www.trijicon.com/na_en/products/product2.php?id=SRS&mid=1x38
  5. Jsko


    I might be biased, but I like the URX 3.1. I recently picked up the 13.5" rail for my 14.5" build for $269 which was the same price I bought an DD Omega rail for. I agree with Vlad on the point that the tool is expensive just to install the rail, but since I need to get the muzzle break pinned, I'll pay them another $55.00 to have them mount the URX too. I like the overall feel of the 13.5" URX, its well balanced and has rail where needed for accessories. If you need more rail space I'd look elsewhere as the additional rail panels are only plastic and feel flimsily. The is the one thing I was disappointed about when I got mine. I am very interested in the BCM KM13. I'd love to try a LW midlength build with that system. I prefer the 1913 rails for now, but I'll end up giving a keymod a try sooner or later.
  6. Jsko

    I want a Luger

    Sounds like you need to find a Russian capture Luger. They aren't around much anymore like the P38's now a days, but I am sure they pop up for reasonable prices if you are looking online. Good shooters, mis-matched numbers, and most likely peened (no nazi marks). Keep an eye for auctions as well. I picked up a decent Luger at a local auction for $500, everything matched except the magazine, and bolt hold open latch. They are out there!
  7. Sent you a PM. Basically I saw a few on arfcom that were cerakoted and had to have one as well. Well worth the money for the components you are getting. The rifle is very well balanced and feels extremely light compared to my previous Stags. It is only 6.6lbs without the acog.
  8. Thanks. Actually the place I got it from offered the cerakote finish, so I choose Magpul FDE over the standard cerakote FDE. He also pinned the brake for me and everything was reasonably priced.
  9. My SR-15 E3 Carbine Mod 1 w/ ACOG TA31F, MOE K2 Pistol Grip, and Battlecomp.muzzle brake.
  10. Wish I saw this sooner, would go great with my Cerakoted SR-15.
  11. I have the first 2 in this series and it was hard to put them down.
  12. I think I recently got one in the mail, but I am already in the office. Maybe I can use it on a second order if it is still available later on this evening.
  13. See my edit. The coupon says not valid on ammo, but it did remove $14.95 so I'll roll with it.
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