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  1. yes. this entirely. i expected them to make a trilogy and round out the story now, and if it was successful enough they could keep going by following a loose thread here or there to keep the franchise going. kinda like pirates of the caribbean tried doing. and going from 2 to 3 i thought for sure hes gonna have to go after the high table and either wipe them out or take out enough of them that the rest decide to back off and leave him be. and it STILL really feels like thats the actual THIRD chapter of the overall story. but now thats apparently going to the 4th movie. thats why i swear the story we saw was more along the lines of chapter 2.5 edit: also it looks like a lot more are up on here now tho im not sure if it ALL made it there yet or not http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/John_Wick:_Chapter_3_-_Parabellum
  2. sam jackson huh? you cant get him and morpheus mixed up when neo is on the screen with him! lol its supposed to bring back memories but largely I agree, it was still worth seeing but it was not as impressive as the first two. it started out pretty good, i felt like the fighting early on was pretty creative. and when the dogs were introduced that felt pretty unique except they kind of only have that one trick. so i think that fight scene sort of overstayed its welcome. and about that dog scene you mention im pretty sure it took it to the vest, you can see her brush the bullet off when they zoom in. the tactical stupidity, though the concierge did warn him of armor upgrades he seemed to not expect the degree of that. when they came back for upgrades he even looked at him and said "armor upgrades huh?" like "wtf you didnt say they were straight up bullet proof" but meh. the winston humor though, that was great. when they came back and JW says "im gonna need more firepower" and winston just shrugs and looks at the walls i thought that was great. I think what brought it down the most for me was the story. While saying as little as I can here, they DID flesh out the lore a bit more, and yet by the end of the movie I felt like we have not gone very far at all from the beginning. It felt a lot like a side story they squeezed in the middle of two books that already existed, being careful to not change or ruin the story that already exists around it. It was more like Chapter 2.5 imo. Theres another thing that I think made the story not feel so exciting, but that would cross into spoiler territory so if I bring that up itll be after people have had time to go see it.
  3. the starbucks mascot itself takes the throne. the cup in ep 4 wasnt a mistake, it was foreshadowing. she has been pulling the strings all along. i google'd it and it's no coincidence these pictures already exist:
  4. from GRRM himself yesterday about the other shows:
  5. i think youre forgetting why they had to land on tatooine in ep 1 instead of taking the queen straight to coruscant
  6. honestly, this is supposed to be the daily humor thread, not the politics thread but that ship sailed a long time ago sadly.
  7. The AWM because of Counter-Strike and ever since crickett came out with their .22 single shot look alike I've been real tempted to get it. I don't care if it's marketed for kids. The Steyr AUG partly because of Counter-Strike but more because of Die Hard. Speaking of Die Hard I guess I have to include the MP5. I don't love it as much as I used to, but it is one that really drew me into the hobby. One of the first firearms i started to recognize and point out by name. I learned about how good looking the Five-seveN was in Counter-Strike, and after getting a bit more interested in firearms I learned about its unique cartridge. Yes, there is a never ending debate on whether it is the most badass gun ever created or the biggest pile of crap, without any opinion in between. But I don't care if its super effective on black ops missions or not, I just love that its sexy and unique. Definitely the H&K USP. Again I got familiar with it in Counter-Strike, but it was Jack Bauer that made me love it and want one. Yes. I played http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Counter-Strike a lot. And lastly, the first one that wasn't featured in Counter-Strike, and also the one that I first looked up the price of and finally looked up the process to buying a firearm in NJ (and subsequently found you people) was the Walther PPK. Although I referred to it as the Bond gun and I guess? that was my inspiration for liking it so much... he always used a black one and I really wanted a stainless one. And which was I able to get? Not a single one. MP5 and AUG are banned by name in NJ, AWM is what $2,000 at least? five seven is also out of my league. The only affordable ones on the list were the PPK but when I was buying my first handgun I wanted a full size 9mm, and the USP but it was almost twice the price of the Ruger SR9 that I picked out instead.
  8. movie finally has a page on here but its far from filled out yet. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/John_Wick:_Chapter_3_-_Parabellum In time though it should fill up. Here's the pages for the first two movies: http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/John_Wick http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/John_wick_2
  9. "I know he messed up, but you gotta hand it to Alshon. Literally, you have to. He'll drop it." - comment I stole from Reddit
  10. https://www.newegg.com/ and amazon both usually have very comparable prices to Microcenter. Microcenter's open box discounts are great, and they usually have a nice $30-$50 discount for buying a CPU/motherboard combo. but even still my most recent build i still got my video card from amazon cause it was cheaper. To overheat before its finished booting with an SSD? Completely without a cooler? I google'd it and some people say 10 seconds other say 2-3 minutes. Some say they do it and it lasts long enough to boot into BIOS and check settings. What else to consider though, is if it was loose and it did cause overheating especially multiple times then it might have done some damage. I mean shutting down is its fail safe to prevent damage, but if you push its limits... I had a similar experience but my problem was my SSD. My pc shut off for seemingly no reason a few times and I would turn it back on until i got a missing boot device error. Then I opened my SSD and saw some ugly burn marks that probably weren't there yet the first time it shut down on me...
  11. i can take or leave volbeat. saw them twice so far and theyre pretty good live for those who like them a7x i used to love back in 04 when i saw them at warped tour. at rock allegiance in PA last year they didnt do much for me. after city of evil i feel like they lost whatever made them special and everything after sounds average and mediocre. and last year they played maybe 3-4 songs i actually knew. so meh i can enjoy seeing them but not thrilled like i would have been some years back. and speaking of missing that special something hardwired just doesnt feel like a metallica album. it has some balls here and there but its just not got that metallica magic to it. but hey its still decent plus im sure the legends will be playing tons of other songs i know and love. id go depending on price. ticketmaster says 60-160 not including their BS "we have a monopoly so we charge you 15 bucks for doing absolutely nothing" fees. and since we kind of swore off cheaping out and not getting floor tickets anymore cause everytime we have to sit in the stands we regret it the whole time it means im probably looking at 160+. way way way more important to me is getting to see Sabaton in NYC on April 21st. They're my favorite and I've yet to see them live. I've gotta find someone who will go or I may well go myself. I don't want to miss them at all, but especially now that they are actually headlining.
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