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  1. watch here http://judiciary.edg...ime09132011.wvx
  2. The thing is that he DOES not live here. His future mother-in-law told him to park there just to piss me off some.. Regarding the dumpster, I'm the one who is paying for it, and it is scheduled to be picked up tomorrow.
  3. Well for now all is quiet..but it's that really awkward feeling going around. Landlord is trying to figure out the best way to handle this..?? I am on very good terms with them. He is not on the lease, it's the daughters boyfriend. For now, I'm not saying another word to any of them, unless they approach me and my family. I have my phone now set to record. And to be all spiteful, this prick is now is the driveway, we'll see what happens tomorrow when I need to get the dumpster out and his car is still there.....unbelievable.
  4. Ok, havent been online here for awhile now. Been busy with work, kids etc etc. I live and rent in a 3 family house. My neighbor upstairs, her daughters boyfriend (wanna be rapper/thug life) has started living up there part time now, and apparently another two individuals. My wife and the upstairs neighbor share the parking here. Wife has the garage, and the neighbor parks in the back of the house. During the day I park in the garage because I work nights. A couple of weeks ago, I was doing 12 hour shifts at the plant. Being that I was going early to work that night, my car was in the driveway. When I went to back out of it, the upstairs "thug" had his new camaro halfway parked in the driveway and I could not back out(mind you the ENTIRE block was empty). I go upstairs the daughter answered and I said to her "Is it really necessary for him to park like that, can you ask him to move his car" went about my business and eventually he came down and moved it. On my way to work, I get a text from the daughters mother (neighbor upstairs) telling me "why did I have to be so nasty about it" So from then we were not speaking up until a few days ago (we had a joint understanding pertaining to the basement being flooded and doing our clean up of our stuff) Keep in mind here, the mother believes her daughter does NO wrong. I went to try and record this stuff but didn't have it on video...duh So today, the "thug" was seriously arguing with the daughter, slamming doors, cursing etc etc. Someone had called the police and he was yelling back and forth with them (I don't know the whole story behind that) The police did nothing to him. During this "altercation" I had asked this "thug" "Can you please stop slamming the door like that". I guess that triggered him off, so he started cursing at me, telling me that he is going to "F*$K my car up, I don't give a S@#t who you are" etc etc... For me I don't speak thug, so I just smiled at him. He kept on ranting going to his car, so I took a walk over to the detective and ask him what am I to do about the threats he just made. Was told, get a name and file a restraining order...I replied to the detective.."How am I going to get his name, it's not like he's going to give it to me. Is there another way about doing this" He couldn't give me an answer. What concerns me the most is my two children and my wife here. My son's bedroom is up front where this a$ is slamming the door, has now made those threats to me. I'm not the kind of person that take threats to lightly...To be honest I'm like a "reformed thug" myself ever since my children where born. I know who talks the talk and who walks it...and this POS is speaking loud to me. I do not wish to take the chance of him trying something with my wife and kids when I am not at home which I know in time is going to happen. I've contacted my landlord so I'm waiting to see what she is going to say or do. What other options do I have here.
  5. Put it this way, we had that tropical depression hit us last year, the waves were coming over the dock...lol I'll see if I can video it this time around. It does get REALLY nasty there... What sux about that entire area, it all floods.. every part of it. And I'm talking an easy 2-3ft with a regular downpour..
  6. I'll be hunkering down at my facility(damn I hate working weekends) we are first responders. Need to stay and make sure those emergency vehicles get fueled yah know.. http://maps.google.c...013937&t=h&z=17 just to give you and idea where we're located at. Going to be a fun night
  7. My cousin repairs car and boat upholstery. It's his business. PM if you would like his tel#
  8. I was moving my suv out of the garage, going down the driveway the truck was shaking. Said to myself "I didn't think the driveway was THAT bad" lol
  9. yep, no prob for me. using firefox
  10. Certified Zombie Hunter NJ patch This guy has a bunch of other ones, referring with different firearms.
  11. Got mine, and it is VERY nice looking in black. Thanks Mak!
  12. Nice, glad I picked the black. When are they shipping out?
  13. Hey no prob, (late reply here) just been busy at the plant this winter. When is the next one?
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